Waaris 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Amba gets trapped

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The Episode starts with Mannu praying that good wins over evil. Raavi says sometimes we like to stay happy but is scared. Sukhi says you are thinking of Jagan, he got tension. Babli says he always scolds me. Raavi says he would have done something good so he got out of jail, maybe he changed. She wishes Jagan stands with family this time. Sukhi asks her not to cry on diwali, else they will also cry. Amba does aarti. Everyone pray. Amba asks Simran to keep jewelry in Mata’s feet to get blessings. Simran slips. Rohan holds her.

Amba prays for success. She says its big day today, nothing should go wrong. Mannu prays for Amba’s win, Aman and Raj’s safety. Amba says its time to go bank, come. They all leave. Jagan looks on. Raj follows a goon to police station. At the bank, the men scold Amba and

ask for their real jewelry. Amba says I didn’t swap jewelry.

The man says its fake jewelry, we want real ones. Amba says they want their jewelry back, they want their wives to become bandhua. The man goes to hit Amba. Jagan stops him. He scolds the men. He says Amba is Devi, you all should worship her, she is thinking about your bahus and daughters, have some shame, I was also wrong, she can’t be wrong. The man asks her to prove it. Jagan asks Gunjan to show bag. Mannu signs Gunjan. They show the jewelry bag. Mannu thinks what is Jagan planning, he is praising Amba and asking to show jewelry. He asks manager to check bag. The lady says we trust Amba, we will check it inside. Mannu checks jewelry and thinks its color is getting off, it means its fake jewelry.

Raj tells inspector that goons got after her. Inspector says I will see them, I m with you. Raj asks what. Inspector says I mean law is with you. Raj thanks him. Raj looks for Chandar. Raj makes water fall on him and makes excuse to check for Chandar. Mannu asks Gunjan about the jewelry. Gunjan says I didn’t change jewelry on your saying. Mannu gets shocked. Gunjan cries. Mannu asks what did you do, Amba’s respect will be ruined, we can’t save Aman, Raj’s life is in risk.

Raj throws clothes out and asks constables to go and dry her clothes. Raj looks out. Mannu scolds Gunjan. She asks what shall I do of this fake jewelry. Amba asks fake jewelry. Jagan comes and asks what happened. He checks jewelry and asks is this fake, how did this happen. He says Amba’s name and respect will be ruined, its a disaster. He scares them of Chandar. Amba gets shocked.

She asks did you know all this, you showed your colors again. Jagan says my colors were such since always. Amba says you are with Chandar right. He says he is my friend, if I m here because of him, he got me out of jail.

Jagan says I will go and tell them. Raj falls in trouble. Chandar says I have sent Jagan to threaten Gunjan and get real jewelry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I am hating Gunjan, as she doesn’t have faith on her own sister, and she use to have blind faith on mannu when she use to act as mannu (boy)…. ?????????????

  2. Frosties

    What’s wrong with Gunjan?!!! She should have known Preeti will not put her or anyone in danger! Now because of her weakness everyone is especially with Jagan around. I think Rohan will be the hero to save them!
    Comical scene of Pramika at the station even though I can clearly see he’s a bloke?
    Nice episode though…

  3. Gunjan do not have love for her sister n for her mother she put them them in trouble only for her husband-:(
    She is selfish character

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