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The Episode starts with Simran seeing Raman and getting angry. She recalls Amba’s words. She goes to Raman. His friend goes. Raman asks what do you want to say. She beats him and cries. He asks what happened, tell me, we are friends. She says we are not friends, I was right, you all backstab, your mummy have wrong statement and today my mummy….. Mannu tells Amba that he got fruits and asks her to eat. Amba asks them to eat. Gunjan comes running. Mannu says Gunjan has come. Mannu asks Gunjan to have fruits. Gunjan lies to them.

Simran sees food stain on Gunjan’s clothes. She asks did you eat anything and come. Gunjan cries. Amba asks her to say. Gunjan says yes, I had food with Sushila, I wanted to get food for you, Jagan and Raavi came and I had to run. Simran slaps her and says we all are

hungry, why did you go there, could you not say hungry. Gunjan says why will I stay hungry, will this Prasad fill our stomach, I had food as I was hungry, I m hungry as mummy did not agree to Jagan, what would happen if mummy signed, this always happens, you and Mannu also fight with Jagan, why shall I bear if I did not bear anything. Simran shouts.

Amba stops Simran and says Gunjan is kid, leave her. She asks them to have food. Mannu says I had food, you all have it, I will come. He goes and gets hiccups. He holds his stomach. He sees a cloth and ties to his stomach. Amba comes and cries seeing him. She says you did not eat anything, you lied to me. He says no, I had food. He gets hiccups. She says you stayed hungry for us, forgive me, I can’t get food for my children. She feeds him food. Sushila sees them. Mannu says we are each other’s strength, we will lose if we break. They hug. Sushila says I have to break their unity.

Its morning, Amba cries seeing empty tiffin. Simran says I won’t go school, I will find work, I m elder and work with you, I know you are worried. Amba says you will study, nothing else, it was your Papa’s dream, we can’t let this dream break. Mannu asks Simran to go, I will be with mummy, I will work. Simran says but Mannu you are a girl. Mannu sees Gunjan and says trust your brother, I will make things fine. Simran hugs Mannu. Gunjan says no one loves me and goes out. Simran asks her to wait. Mannu asks Amba to do something. Amba says I know how to rectify my mistake.

Amba calls to university and asks for Bheeru. He says I can’t know him by just name. He gives her address of university. She thanks him and ends call. She says I don’t know what Bheeru studies, if I was literate, I would have not gone through this. Simran sees girls eating food. She gets dizzy. Raman runs to her. A girl holds her and asks why are you getting dizzy, where is your lunch. Simran says I can’t take your tiffin, I m fine. Raman looks on.

Amba says there is no food, money and help. She asks Mannu to write. Mannu says yes. Amna makes him write letter to Bheeru. Mannu puts letter in envelope. Amba says I will put Bhai dooj thread also. She reads letter which Mannu wrote. Mannu writes everything is fine, give exams well, our best wishes. She asks what is this. Mannu says what would happen if I wrote that. Amba says he would come and help us. Mannu says his exam will spoil, he has to get good marks. She cries realizing that.

Mannu says you said education is imp, you used to get sad when I got less marks. Amba cries and asks when did you grow up, you are world’s best daughter. Waaris…….plays……….. Raman packs tiffin for Simran. Amrit comes to kitchen and sees him. Raman says its my day to take food for friends. Mannu tells Sushila that everything will get fine, we are with mummy. She says yes, Amba has son like you, good, did Amba’s hand get better. He says yes. She says I made Gunjan eat food and wanted to send food for you all, but I could not, as Jagan came, I got something for you, have this ointment for Amba’s burn. She acts sweet. He says thanks, you are really good and hugs her. She thinks when your mum’s hand get fine, Jagan will take her sign and become Shah.

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