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The Episode starts with Bebe scolding Charan and Amba. She asks Charan to kill Bajwas if he wants her. She says when you burn their funerals and tell me that you did great work, I will be proud to say you are my son, I will hug you, if you don’t do this, then its better to be childless. Charan looks on shocked. Bebe goes. Amba consoles him and says Bebe just said that in anger. They cry.

Jagan beats the men and ask about Harjeet. Charan asks his daughters are they hungry. They say no. He asks Amba what wrong did I do, that I lost my mum’s love, what fight I m living. Amba says you are Shah ji, you can’t do wrong, I trust my husband, I understood what you said, but this enmity is a wound, it can to end from root, we understood this, we have to explain this to everyone, people who have this dirt

in their heart needs to be cleaned, you have to do this, then peace will come back. He nods. She says your people are waiting for you outside. She encourages him. She ties his Pagdi and makes him ready. Jagan tortures some men. Charan goes and stops them.

The man says I don’t know about Harjeet. He asks his men to free that man. Charan asks the man to become witness for the police. The man agrees. Jagan says Shah ji has come to do Bajwa’s aarti. Charan says what happened is wrong, what you are doing to go is also wrong, two wrongs can’t be right. He says I know it happened wrong, I know harvest matters to a farmers, Bajwas will be punished by law and police, I know you got loss, I promise I will pay for your loss. Jagan gets shocked.

His villager asks don’t you want to do anything. Charan asks what do you want to do, you want to kill this man, his family will cry then, then our men will be killed by Bajwas, what will happen then, its my responsibility that your family do not sleep hungry. The villagers agree and cheer for him. Jagan gets angry. Charan smiles seeing Amba. The man runs away. Charan gets shocked. Jagan says see, he has run away, he was going to give statement to police, are you not ashamed to stand here, do you want compensation or not, come with me, we will ruin Bajwa’s harvest, then I will see, Harjeet and his father will come. Charan says no one will do anything.

Jagan says I told you to do anything, and I will do what I want. Amba tells Jagan that Charan is Shah and his elder brother. Jagan says Charan does not have much time, when Amba gets a daughter, then no one can stop me from becoming Shah, then you see, things will get ruined. He tells everyone that he will ruin fields and kill people. He asks them to come. He tells Amba not to be mistaken that she has heir of Pavaniya in her womb, once I become Shah, I will show how to run rule. He fumes anger and threatens Charan too. He leaves. Charan asks him to listen. Amba asks Charan not to go. Charan says I promise, I will make things fine and come back, take care. He runs after Jagan. Amba says I will give the heir. Charan asks Jagan to stop. Amba asks Bebe to come and stop them. She asks Raavi to stop Jagan. Bebe and Raavi do not answer.

The man runs to Bajwa’s and asks the men to catch him now. Charan asks Jagan not to ruin the fields. Jagan asks the men to hold Charan. Charan asks Jagan not to do this. Jagan rotates the dam tap and leaves the dam water to Bajwa’s fields. The man runs to Harjeet and informs everything. Harjeet gets angry and gets his gun. Amba cries and asks her baby to come fast, Charan needs him.

Harjeet’s men come there. Jagan says beat them. Charan goes to shut the tap and pushes Jagan. Jagan takes out the gun and asks Charan to stop, else he will shoot. Charan looks on shocked and fearless. He says you got blind in revenge that you want to kill me, fine I m ready to die, shoot me.

Charan’s daughter Simmi wakes up from a bad dream and calls out Amba. Amba hugs her and says nothing happened to Papa, he is fine. Harjeet comes there and aims the gun asking Jagan to shut the tap. Charan and Jagan look at him. Charan stops Harjeet and says its enough now, lower the gun, you started it, you burnt our fields, I don’t have intention to ruin your harvest, we will solve it. Jagan gets angry and asks Harjeet to shoot him. He throws Harjeet’s gun and they both fight. Charan goes to shut the dam tap. Jagan asks Charan to move. Charan says listen to me. Charan shuts the tap, and Jagan opens the dam tap. Amba sits praying. The fight between both parties go on. Charan gets shot….. Jagan and everyone get shocked. Charan falls down.

Charan’s dead body is brought home. Amba shouts seeing him and falls down. Raavi tells Jagan that I think it will be a girl, you will become Shah ji. Jagan smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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