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The Episode starts with Bebe scolding Amba for overprotecting Mannu, that’s why, he has lost today, he has come last, he is Pavaniya’s Shah and now we lost our respect. Raavi tells Bebe that Amba has hidden Mannu and kept him at home, he should be raised by some man. Amba and Bebe leave. Mannu cries and talks to Amba. She recalls Bebe’s words. Mannu hugs her. He asks Lord what did he wish, he wanted to win the race. He says I won’t talk to you. Jagan provokes Bebe against Amba.

Jagan says I will take Mannu and Sukhi’s class, they are boys, we have to prepare them as boys, till when will they be with their mothers. Raavi sits with Bebe and says Amba is not ready to believe that her son is getting raised the wrong way, explain Amba your way. Jagan smiles.

Its night, Bheeru goes to

Amba and says I got hot samosas, where is Mannu. Amba says much wrong happened, Mannu made us lose respect, what is people talking. He asks what do you mean. She says Bebe pointed on my upbringing, my seven year hardwork, Mannu came last in race, he is Pavaniya’s Shah, he can’t come back. Bheeru asks did you talk to Mannu and explain him with love, he also wanted to win, but that race had boys. She says I know. He says the truth is Mannu is a girl, she is weaker than boys, how can he win when he competed with boys, if Mannu lost today, we lost instead him, why should we blame him, we should not put him in such situation, Mannu will not face the boys, he climbed the tree as he worked for two years, race is different, think what is Mannu going through, he needs you now. Amba cries and says my son.

Mannu cries and thinks how he lost in race, and Bebe scolded Amba. Bebe stops Amba and says I have taken a decision, you want to raise Mannu now, Mannu needs a man to raise him and make him a man, so I decided Jagan will raise Mannu from tomorrow. Jagan smiles.

Amba says Mannu does not have father, I know I m taking care of him, but Sukhi has his father, why is Jagan not raising him well, Mannu worked hard and tried a lot, but Sukhi did not try, Jagan did not try to show him right path, I m not saying bad about Sukhi, Sukhi is little and innocent, Mannu tied the flag, not Sukhi, its because of Jagan’s ego, if Jagan focuses on Sukhi, Sukhi will also get ahead, how shall I give Mannu to such man, Mannu lost and I m responsible, I know what to do and ensure he never loses ahead, he will never lose now. Jagan gets angry hearing her. Amba leaves.

Amba sees Mannu crying. He asks why did I lose, I have seen all boys, they are like me, but they won and I lost.

She thinks of Bheeru’s words and tells him hare and tortoise story. She says how tortoise won, while everyone was laughing on him, but tortoise believed himself and won. She asks him to work harder, Bheeru, you and I have to work hard, we should not lose, that person wins who always keeps trying and does not lose. He asks are you not angry with me. She says no, and cries. She asks what was his wish if he won. He says that you don’t send Mama with me to school. She looks at him. He says everyone makes fun of me, that I m always with my Mama. He leaves. She gets worried and asks Lord whats this test, if Mannu won today, how would I give him what he wants, and how can I see him losing, this is not right, don’t test me.

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