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The Episode starts with Jai stopping the man and beating him. The man gets much beaten up. Mannu and Gunjan count the money to pay him for many punches. Mannu says he is greedy, he is getting many punches, he is not running away. The man comes and says I m not greedy, I got bit late.Amba sees Mannu and Gunjan there. They run. She asks them to stop. The goon runs away. Mannu’s hired man tries to tease Amba. She slaps him. The man says you said Jai will beat, now she is also beating. Amba asks what’s happening Mannu.

Jai says I will say, they have hired him to trouble you, else it can’t be coincidence that Gunjan calls you and me at same place. Amba asks Mannu why did he do this. Mannu says we just wanted Jai to become our Papa, so we did this drama that you fall in trouble and Jai saves you,

so that you know he also likes you. Amba scolds Mannu and goes.

Mohini hears them and says so this is cooking, I will see Mannu later, none can come between me and Amba. She follows Amba and thinks to kill her. Harjeet and Swaroop come there. Harjeet asks Amba about Raman. She says how will I know about him. Swaroop says Raman has run from city, we thought he came to you. Harjeet says he likes to help Pavaniyas, he would have come to meet you. Amba says its your children, you should control your children, don’t waste my time. Harjeet says time will get bad when I know you have hidden Raman, I m warning you.

Swaroop says we want to know if Jagan behind this. Amba says truth is this enmity can never end because of Harjeet and Jagan. Harjeet says Raman is my son, my blood, if anything happens to him, remember you have three children. Harjeet and Swaroop leave. Mohini heard them and smiles.

Mannu comes home and meets Jai. Jai asks what do you want to do. Mannu says I know you also like Amba, we all want you to marry Amba. Jai asks do you think its a joke, you know my truth, we have hidden Bheeru’s hospital truth from Amba, relations are not made on lies, Amba will not forgive me. She will hate me the most, I request you, stop this, and let me leave from here. Mannu says that was an accident. Jai says I m responsible for Bheeru’s state.

Mannu says why don’t you tell this to Amba, I love Bheeru a lot, now you are also mine, Amba will understand as I did, she will know you did not do that intentionally.

Mohini dresses as nurse and goes to Bheeru. She says love is bad, someone falls in love and other pays. She removes his oxygen mask. Bheeru falls short of breath. She smiles. The machine displays flat lines. She says I will ruin Amba’s world and gets leaving. She hides seeing a nurse and leaves silently. Nurse sees Bheeru’s condition and checks him. She runs to call doctor.

Mannu gets Amba, Jai, Simran and Gunjan to hospital. Amba asks why did we come here. Mohini sees them and thinks how did they come here. She hides. Mannu says Bheeru met with an accident, he is admitted here. Amba gets shocked. Jai says we got you here to make you meet Bheeru. The ward boy scolds Jai and says you left him in wounded state, he is fighting with death. Jai gets angry and says nothing will happen to him. Mohini looks on. Ward boy says pray nothing happens to him, else you will go jail. Amba gets shocked and runs to see Bheeru.

Doctor checks Bheeru. Amba goes and asks what happened, is he fine, I m his sister, tell me. Doctor says sorry, Bheeru is no more. Amba gets shocked. They all cry. They ask Bheeru to get up, as he said he will come back. Jai asks how can Lord shut all doors when I m going to say truth. Amba and family cries for Bheeru. Jai thinks I m responsible for Amba’s sorrow.

Jai says trust me. Amba slaps Jai and scolds him for killing her only brother.

Update Credit to: Amena

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