Waaris 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mannu confronts Gunjan

Waaris 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mannu and Raj getting relieved on finding jewelry safe. Raj says if jewelry is here, where is Gunjan. They look for Gunjan. Mannu steps on the floor and checks. Raj asks what happened. They hear some sound. They check the trunk and get shocked seeing a secret passage. The people get angry and plan to insult Amba. The man informs Chandar that his plan to swap the real jewelry with fake one is great. Gunjan passes in the secret passage. She gets shocked seeing Mannu and Raj. Mannu asks why….. why did you do this with family, such a big cheat.

She asks Gunjan to answer. She scolds her and says police will make you say truth now. Gunjan says yes, give me to police, maybe police can tell me where is Aman. Mannu asks what happened to Aman, who is making you do all this. Gunjan

says Chandar. They get shocked. Mannu says he is in jail. Gunjan says yes, he is playing games, he will do anything, but he won’t let Amba become Shahni.

Gunjan asks what will we do. Raj asks her not to worry. Gunjan says Chandar will kill Aman. Mannu sees Chandar’s man’s call. Gunjan says he will come to take jewelry, what to do. Mannu says nothing will happen, tell him you are getting jewelry. Gunjan tells the man that she is coming, she got the real jewelry. Mannu says we have to make Chandar assured that everything is happening as per his plan, we have to save Aman, you will take fake jewelry.

Raj asks Gunjan to trust Mannu. He makes her say the same. Gunjan says I trust my Mannu. Raj asks her to keep fake jewelry. Mannu says I know Chandar is mean, he kept Aman with him. Mannu says Chandar is playing games from jail, it means he is keeping a watch on Aman. Raj says I will free Aman. She says no, I can’t risk your life. He looks at her. She says its Pavaniya’s matter, so .. He says no, I won’t ask you why you worry for me, I will make a request, I gave you many sorrows, I can’t meet my eyes, I can’t sleep at night, fate gave me another chance to repent, if you loved me, don’t snatch this chance.

He asks do you trust me. She nods. They cry. Gunjan comes. Raj asks her not to worry. Gunjan gives bag to the man and asks him to leave Aman. He says Chandar will decide. She scolds him. The man laughs and tells Chandar’s reach. He goes. Raj assures Gunjan that he will get Aman back. Simran misses Raman and wishes he was with her. Mannu hugs her sisters and prays Simran and Rohan unite, and help Raj in exposing Chandar.

Mannu asks Gunjan about the jewelry. Gunjan says I didn’t change the jewelry. Mannu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Preet and Raj are trying to help Gunjan but she is useless and worthless to be trusted.. ???????

    2. I wish before anything wrong happens with amba and family, all thing should get find..????

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