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The Episode starts with Charan and Jagan trying to save harvest. The people try to blow off fire. Amba stops Charan. Charan says leave me, my harvest is calling me. Amba says I m with you, and lifts heavy water bucket. She screams. He worries and goes to hold her. She says I m with you. He sees the harvest burning. He cries and says everything got over. She says you can’t lose courage, else everyone will lose courage. Charan asks Jagan to come, there is nothing saved now. Jagan says leave me…. Charan says its all over. Jagan looks on shocked. He says everything is burnt. Bebe and Jagan’s wife come there. Bebe asks what did this happen. Charan and Jagan go to Bebe and hug her. They cry. Jagan gets angry and says its clear, I will not leave them, those coward stab on back, I will kill Bajwaos.


says you won’t go anywhere, I m with you, we will not leave Bajwaos. Harjeet drinks and dances. Lala ji slaps him and says you have burnt Pavaniya’s fields, tell me did you do this, you are celebrating here, why, answer me. Amrit looks on. Lala ji scolds Harjeet. Harjeet says calm down, and asks the man to play dhol. He says yes, I have burnt the fields, so what, Pavaniyas are not our well wishers, why should we get sorrowful. Lala ji says harvest is like our Maa, you are a farmer, how did you burn the harvest. Harjeet says its enemies’ harvest, let it burn. Lala ji says you have got mad and blind in enmity’s fire, I will not leave you.

Harjeet says you did not see how Jagan insulted me infront of everyone. Amrit begs Lala ji not to beat Harjeet. Harjeet says I got this enmity from ancestors. Lala ji says don’t let him go out of home, Pavaniya will not sit quiet. Charan says come with me, we will go police station, we will get Bajwas arrested. Jagan says no, we will take revenge by burning Bajwaos’ house. Charan says you won’t kill them. Jagan asks are you afraid to die, leave me, else come with me. Amba says Charan is your elder brother, agree to him Jagan. She cries and says its not time to do this. Amba asks Jagan’s wife to stop Jagan. She goes to slap Jagan and Charan stops Amba. Amba asks Jagan what happened to you, Charan will not wish wrong for you, everything will get wrong.

Charan asks Amba not to come in between. He asks the men not to go anywhere, even I get angry, if I don’t stop my anger, then people will die, both families people will die, all fields will be burnt, I m Pavaniya’s Shah, I have to think about everyone, their families, I promise you Jagan, the one who did this will get punished, we will take revenge by law. Bebe cries seeing the wheat flowing in the water. She puts the wheat in her dupatta. Charan and Jagan get sad seeing her.

Bebe gets in shock and goes from there. Jagan’s wife runs after Bebe. Amba cries. Jagan asks Charan to see this, its good house did not get burnt, you like to wear your wife’s jewelry and do mujra. Amba asks him to understand. Jagan asks Charan to do anything, and he will do what he wants, if they have burnt our field, I will burnt their fields. He leaves.

Charan says I wanted to raise my son in peace and happiness, it was all fine till evening, don’t know what happened. Amba hugs him and cries. Jagan goes with his men and asks them to do anything, but find Harjeet. He says I will take revenge by burning his house. Charan and Amba go to police station. Charan tells inspector that he trusts law and wants justice. Inspector says you are Shah of village and know everything, no one comes to give statement. Amba says enmity will never end then. Inspector says yes, forgive them and end enmity, I know you won’t forgive them, as you have to answer your people, I will say what happened in nearby village, your men kidnapped some villagers, you know who is doing this, Jagan Pavaniya. Charan and Amba get shocked.

Inspector says Jagan is your brother, how can we help you…. Amrit asks Harjeet not to go out. Harjeet asks her to let her leave. She pushes him on the ground. He falls asleep as he is overdrunk. Charan and Amba come home. The men say we will take revenge from Bajwas. Charan goes inside the house. Amba says give some time to Charan, he will talk to you all.

Amba’s daughter tells her to give her food, as Jagan’s wife did not give food saying Papa has got all the harvest burnt. Jagan’s wife looks on and goes to feed her son Sukhi. Amba asks her daughters to go to room, and she will get food for them. Charan sees Bebe annoyed and asks him to say something. She asks did you beg to police, did you get justice, you would have got peace, I went to them when Lala killed your dad, he called your dad to make him tie Rakhi to his wife, he backstabbed him, did you not see your dad dying, Jagan was very young that time, just Charan and I have seen that. She says Charan does not get revenge for father’s death, Bajwas burn your fields and you go to police.

She scolds Charan and says you ruined Pavaniya’s name. she asks him not to call her Bebe, he does not deserve to be called Pavaniya, you have joined hands with Lala and insulted your father’s death. She shows their harvest, which Bajwas made the dirty mud to put on our face. She applies the dirty mud on her face and asks him to see now.

Jagan threatens Amba. He aims the gun at Charan and shouts…. Charan gets shocked.

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