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The Episode starts with man announcing the competition to check mental and physical fitness. He tells the first round to find the coin from the water box, in which soil and bottle lids are put. He says kids will be blindfolded and have to find the coin. Yuvraaj, Mannu, Rohan and others go for first round. Yuvraaj thinks Sushila giving him magnet to find coin. Harjeet smiles and thinks how he gave coin to Rohan and asked him to act of finding coin. Amba prays for Mannu. They al start finding the coin. Rohan’s coin falls in the tub and he worries. Yuvraaj uses magnet. The man says Mannu did not start finding coin, did he lose, I think Yuvraaj or Rohan will win.

Simran thinks why is Mannu not doing anything. Mannu thinks soil will deposit in water in some time. Mannu puts hand on water tub and

finds coin first. Amba claps. Man announces Mannu as the winner. Yuvraaj and Rohan fail.

Harjeet says I don’t believe this, is this a joke, Mannu cheated, all kids were working hard and he just found it, how. Mannu says I was standing, but this was my game, I knew coin can’t be found like that, bottle lids will float, but coin will be heavy and sit down, its not cheating, its science. Everyone clap. Bebe looks on.

The man says its physical test now. The carts have to be driven by hand. The man says the three kids have to drive this and reach the line, that kid will be winner. Harjeet asks whats new in this, why don’t kids make their mum sit and then drive the cart. Harjeet thinks Rohan will win now, Pavaniyas will fight as two kids and one mum. Yuvraaj says I don’t have mum. Bebe says Yuvraaj is not illegitimate, I m like his mum, I will sit in his cart. Amba worries and says its tough, but you have to have courage, you know we will get a lot across that line. Mannu says trust me. Bebe, Amrit and Amba sit in the carts. Mannu, Yuvraaj and Rohan get ready.

Sushila signs the man. The man makes Mannu step back and makes the cart fall in pit. He asks them to be ready. The race begins. Mannu fails to pull the cart as wheel is stuck in pit. Amba sees the pit. Mannu says wheel got stuck. Amba says I will help you. Yuvraaj and Rohan go ahead. The man asks Amba not to get down, else he will be disqualified. Amba asks Mannu to pull the wheel, they have gone much ahead. Mannu asks her not to get down, else he will be out of race. Mannu gets encouraged and pulls cart out of the pit. Mannu starts running. Amba asks him to run faster.

Amba says Mannu you will win, run faster. Rohan got behind, just Yuvraaj is there. Sushila tells her plan to Jagan and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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