Waaris 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amba getting place in the godown, by Sushila requesting Jagan. Amba cries and tells her children that she could not give them good life. She apologizes. Mannu says this is nice home, we will make things fine, we will talk to Sushila, she is very nice and help us. Sushila asks Jagan did you not understand my Leela, have the lemon water, then you will understand. She tells Jagan that she will fight with Amba and Mannu by mind, not anger, if Mannu tells everyone that you made Bebe fall, what will you do, I will not let this happen, and for this, I have to do something my way. Raavi agrees. Jagan says don’t give me Gyaan, tell me what to do.

Sushila says now do what I say, then see my Leela. Raavi praises her. Mannu says whatever happens, I will not let Jagan win. Gunjan says

I m hungry and not getting sleep. Simran asks her to sleep. Gunjan asks but how. Amba gets worried and sings a lullaby to make them sleep. Mannu, Gunjan and Simran sleep.

Amba recalls Mannu’s words to defend her and cries. Gunjan wakes up and feels hungry. Simran says its not morning yet and makes her sleep. Amba worries and says take care of them, I will just come. Mannu asks where did mummy go.

Sushila tells Jagan that Amba will come here to ask for food, she has spent night at godown, but she has to come here, start count down now. Jagan works out. Sushila counts down. Jagan looks at the door. Amba knocks door and comes there. Sushila smiles and asks Jagan to see.

Jagan opens the door. He asks what happened, did you come to sign, no your hands are burnt, how will you sign, you are useless. She stops him from shutting the door and says tell anything to me, but I m a mother, its fight of your and my ethics, don’t get children in between, my children are hungry since night, I m outsider, they are your own blood, your brother’s children, even if you don’t give food, let me take milk for them.

Jagan says don’t say about children, you did not let us have rights on them, Mannu did not become my nephew and Bebe’s grandson ever, now you are saying this, about the milk, come. He calls Sukhi and Raavi. He asks Raavi to get four glass milk for Sukhi. Raavi gets the milk. Jagan asks Sukhi to drink it. Sukhi says I can’t drink all this at once. Jagan says you have to drink, else you won’t get milk all your life. Sukhi drinks and milk falls over. Amba cries.

Raavi says Sukhi will get unwell. Jagan says great, drink more. Amba looks on. Sukhi drinks. Raavi asks him is he fine. She takes Sukhi and says you will get fine. Jagan claps. He asks Amba to see, there is milk for our house. Mannu comes there and asks Amba to come. Jagan says your son has come to save you. Amba says you won’t be happy Jagan. Mannu takes her. Jagan says if your hand gets fine, come to sign. Sushila looks on.

Amba says I can’t get milk for my children. Mannu says so what, if we don’t drink milk. Simran says yes. Amba says I m helpless, don’t know what to do. She cries. Mannu asks can’t we keep fast for you for one day ad consoles Amba.

Harjeet makes fun of Jagan and provokes him. Jagan goes to scold Mannu for helping enemy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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