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The Episodes starts with Charan getting Lala ji to his family. Lala ji wishes happy baisakhi to Bebe. Bebe says you can celebrate such 10 baisakhi, my baisakhi will happen that day when I see your family dead, I will dance that day, sit here, but remember I did not forget anything. Amrit asks Amba how is she, how is baby, he would be kicking, it will be a boy. Amba smiles. Amrit says I got three sons, I wish you also get a son by my fate this time. Jagan’s wife says its some less now, Bebe will make Jagan the Shah, as Amba can’t give a son. Amba says yes, its matter of some time, the one who dreams with open eyes are fools.

Amba asks Amrit about her sister in law Swaroop, she did not come in Baisakhi, I heard she dances well. Jagan’s wife says with whom will Swaroop dance, I will dance with Jagan.

Amba takes Lala ji’s blessings. Bebe scolds her. Charan asks them to sit. Jagan gets angry. Lala ji says its deep wounds Charan, it will take many years to heal.

Everyone clap for the kabaddi match. Harjeet is the captain of Bajwa’s team. Jagan gets angry. Amba says this is the time to use anger right way, play as a game and win as a Shah. Jagan goes. Jagan goes as captain of Pavaniya’s team. Everyone clap.

Jagan scolds Harjeet for catching Charan in the fields, see how I make you run here, you will beg to lose. Harjeet taunts him and says I will win. The match begins. Jagan is caught by Bajwa’s team. He tries his best to win. Harjeet says I told you Jagan, I m spitting here, lick it once, then you will know, you will have respect in your people. Harjeet spits there. Everyone get shocked. Jagan gets angry. Harjeet asks Jagan to lick it. Jagan tries best and crawls. He puts his hand on the line. Jagan outs Bajwa’s team. Harjeet gets shocked. Everyone clap for Jagan. Just Harjeet is left in Bajwa’s team. Harjeet goes to play. Jagan’s team catches him. Jagan asks them to leave Harjeet and stops Harjeet alone, asking him to show his power. He pushes Harjeet and does not let him go to his side. He asks Harjeet to say who will spit and who will lick. Harjeet loses the game. Pavaniya’s team wins the game. Everyone clap. Harjeet fumes. Everyone lift Jagan.

Bebe says amazing my son. Charan hugs Jagan and says you played great. Everyone start dancing. Charan tells Amba that I want both families to celebrate happiness together and there is always peace, but for that, our son is very imp, give me a son Amba. She nods.

Jagan changes clothes and comes. He dances with his wife. A man tells something to Jagan. Jagan gets angry and shouts Charan….. Everyone stop dancing. Jagan says they have burnt our fields. Everyone get shocked. Jagan says beat them. The fight between both families begin. The women and children are sent away. Lala ji and Charan try to stop the fight. Jagan beats the men. Bebe asks what fire. Charan says nothing, you go home. He calls Nekiram and asks him to take everyone home. Amba asks Charan did our fields catch fire. Charan says yes, I will go with Jagan and manage everything. He asks Jagan not to go alone. Amba tells Charan that she will come along. Charan takes her. The people throw water to blow off the fire. Jagan, Charan and Amba reach there and get angry. Jagan goes to save harvest and calls Charan to come fast. Charan keeps his Pagdi there and says I won’t let my harvest get burnt. Amba looks on and cries.

Jagan says I will kill Bajwas. Lala ji slaps Harjeet and asks did you fire Pavaniya’s fields. Charan stops Jagan and says I won’t let you do wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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