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The Episode starts with Mannu seeing Bheeru and recalling Sukhi’s words. Bheeru talks to him. Amba asks Mannu what iss he thinking. Bheeru makes him sleep. Mannu prays that Bheeru does not go to school with him. its morning. Bheeru makes Mannu wear shoes and asks him to come out fast. Sukhi teases Mannu and laughs. Amba tells Sukhi that he is saying wrong. Raavi comes and asks Sukhi what is he saying. Sukhi says but you asked me to…. Raavi stops him from saying anything. Mannu leaves with Bheeru. Sukhi says I won’t play like this. Raavi thinks this time Mannu will die.

Bheeru and Mannu reach school. Mannu sees the peon and shows to Bheeru, saying he has told me that you called me and took me to that gate. Bheeru recalls peon’s lie and sends Mannu to school. Bheeru catches the peon and confronts

him for fooling Mannu. Peon lies that I got confused as there are many kids in this school. Bheeru says that boy is Pavaniya’s Shah, you will get punished by Pavaniya and police. Peon apologizes to him and goes. Bheeru says now this peon won’t do anything, but I will inform Amba so that she stays alert.

In lunch break, the kids make Raj fall down and laugh. Mannu gets angry seeing this. Mannu helps him and makes that kid fall. The kids jokes on Mannu and goes. Raj thanks Mannu. Mannu sees Raj’s tiffin fallen and offers his food. Raj smiles.

Raman goes to Simran and forwards his hand. He says I m Raman, I told you. She leaves. He says that flower was for you, not that girl. She asks what flower. He says the one which fell from your book. She says you should have given that when I returned your bag, don’t run after you, you look strange. he asks why is she being rude to him if she is poetic, as she keeps flower. He says shayari…. She says I dried flower for botany purpose, not shayari. She goes. He says I can’t think this ever and asks her to say her name. She says I told you in class. He says then I will keeo your new name, don’t feel bad then. He falls down and guys hold him.

He makes her Sahiba. She looks at him and leaves. Raj asks Mannu why did he not come to school before. Mannu says don’t know, I pleased mummy by climbing on tree and tying flag, so she agreed to send me to school, I got an idea, I will win race and ask her not to send Bheeru with me, she will agree, I run very fast. He goes to Sukhi.

After school, Mannu tells Bheeru that he has to exercise and win in school race. Bheeru says fine, come, we will go home and exercise. Bheeru makes Mannu exercise. Mannu tells Amba about school race and says when I win, you will get happy and agree to what I ask. She says so this is the thing, you are going school now, what do you want. He says I want something, will you give me. She says yes, go and do homework. Mannu goes.

Bheeru tries to tell Amba about peon. She says I m feeling scared thinking this time I won’t be able to give Mannu what he wants, what were you saying. He thinks she will get more scared and changes mind. He says nothing, peon said Mannu runs well and he will win.

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    Wonder till when would mannu be saved. Also 2 groips whose elders t enemies n their children r freinds.

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