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The Episode starts with Mannu coming out of the dargah. Raj sees him and says he has come here. Mannu’s gulel falls and Raj says I will give him, I will not make him my friend. Jagan and Amba are on the way. Suraiyya comes and prays. Raj looks for Mannu. Raavi asks Bebe to see jewelry. Bebe asks Simran did she like anything. Simran says its all fine. Bebe asks why are you worried, whats in your heart. Simran says nothing, I wanted to see laak jewelry. Bebe asks Raman to show laak jewelry, don’t you know your work. Raman thinks whats laak, why is Simran troubling me. Simran thinks why did I ask, he got stuck, I m foolish, boys don’t know this.

Mannu prays that Simran’s marriage stops. Jagan’s friend catches him and takes him along. Raj looks for Mannu and thinks where did Mannu go. He sees

Mannu’s bag there and says why did Mannu leave this bag here, whats going on. He sees a man taking Mannu in blanket and doubts.

Bebe asks Raman to show laak necklace. Simran chooses one. Raman asks for water. His moustache starts falling. Simran signs Raman. Raman does not understand. Suraiyya talks to Amrit and says even you need to come here, I did not know. Amrit looks for Raj and shouts. Suraiyya asks what happened. She says I lost my son. Suraiyya says don’t worry, he will be around, come, I will find him. Mannu shouts for help. Raj follows the man. The man ties Mannu. Raj says if Mannu is in problem then. The man says I will see you. Raj comes there and the man gets shocked.

Jagan asks Amba to ask there. Amba goes and asks about Mannu. Jagan calls his friend to ask. Amrit asks about Raj. Simran signs Raman and tells Bebe that Sukhi was happy about his moustache. Raman understands what Simran means to say and fixes his moustache. Raman shows a necklace to Simran and says you will like this, if I was getting married, I would have given this to my wife. He signs Simran to take it. Raavi says show me and takes box. Simran gets a letter.

Jagan says how will I take Amba there, she will doubt on me, else my friend will kill Mannu, Bebe got me trapped, I will do something. He acts to get call and asks is this right news, thanks. He tells Amba that a man told me Mannu went to dargah, don’t worry, we will get Mannu.

The man runs after Raj and asks how did you come here. He catches Raj, and throws him. Raj hits goon by the walking stick. The man ties Raj too. He says I will ask Jagan once, what to do of Raj. Amrit and Suraiyya ask him about Raj. The man says I did not see anyone. The man calls Jagan and call does not connect. He goes to kill Mannu and Raj. Raj uses Mannu’s gulel. The goon gets hit and falls. Mannu and Raj fight with the man. Raj shouts for help. Suraiyya comes there and says Shah ji…. He scolds the man for kidnapping two boys. She beats the man. The man runs away. Raj gives his hand to Mannu.

Mannu says you are not my friend and does not like me, why did you come to save me. Raj says I also want some friend, and gives his gulel. Mannu smiles and hugs him. Raj asks why was that man catching you. Mannu says don’t know, I did not see him before. He takes Raj outside. Jagan thinks everything will end if my friend kills Mannu. Amrit asks for Raj. Jagan calls his friend and phone is fallen there. Mannu gets Raj outside. Suraiyya smiles seeing them and thinks Bajwa’s son and Amba’s daughter are friends, not enemies. She says Lord knows their fate.

Chandar takes Simran out and tries to get close to her. Bebe says I will call Chandar and tell him Mannu has come home, get Simran back. Amba asks is Simran with Chandar and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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