Waaris 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandar plans to steal jewelry

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The Episode starts with Raj getting beaten up. Some girl hides. Guard sees the door open. Mannu sees Raj in a beaten up state and takes him. She does aid to him. She scolds him with love. He asks her why is she getting angry. She asks him to use senses sometimes. He asks how would you care if I die, why do you worry for me. She says I was thinking if mummy sees you, she would be worried. He says you don’t worry for me, till when will you lie to me, why don’t you say you love me a lot, we are like cloud and thundering, if I die, I will whistle and tease you. She smiles. He thinks I have heard what your eyes said, you will celebrate Diwali with me this time. She asks him to become Pramila.

He says you have to help me, who else will help, a woman can help another woman. She helps him. She asks

about the thief. He gives some beads. She says it looks mangalsutra beads. He says yes, a man was threatening a girl, Amba caught me and that man disappeared, he told her that theft should happen till morning, we should go and check mangalsutra to find thief.

Mannu asks Raj what will he tell Amba about wounds. Raj says I will lie to her. Mannu gets Raj home. Amba asks how did you get hurt. Mannu and Raj lie to her. Rohan asks Raj is he fine. Raj says yes. Mannu says goons got after Pramila, they were misbehaving with her, and all this happened. Mannu takes Raj to rest. Amba asks her to call doctor. Mannu makes excuses. The ladies ask Raj did anything wrong happen. Raj says no. Mannu asks them to help and do aid. Raj looks at her. Mannu says after all a woman can help another woman, right. Amba asks them to take him to Jagan’s room. She asks Mannu to take rest.

Chandar tells his plan to his man. He says Amba will lose the jewelry, her dream will be just a dream, it will get into ashes. He laughs. Mannu says Priyanka is not alone, someone else is also thief here. She shows the evidence to Gunjan and asks her to find out who has less beads mangalsutra. Gunjan says I will help you. She goes. Raj says we will find the thief, Gunjan will come in some time. Mannu says we have to find out before tomorrow. Gunjan comes and says the mangalsutra are not matching anyone, I have seen it well, maybe you both got a misunderstanding. She goes. Mannu cries and thanks her. Raj says we lost this chance also, don’t know who is the thief.

Raj asks her not to lose courage. Mannu says I got to know the thief, its Gunjan. Raj gets shocked. Mannu cries. Mannu recalls Gunjan’s words. She says I have seen the mark on Gunjan’s neck, when that man pulled her mangalsutra, she would have got that mark. Raj asks her to think again. Mannu says Gunjan didn’t had the right box, see this. Raj says its same box. Mannu asks him to check. She shows the box and says I gave this by mistake, she has lied to me, why, think because she is the thief.

Gunjan talks to Chandar. Mannu comes there and hears some sound. Gunjan worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What?!! Why?!!!! ???? OMG !!!
    What’s the twist with Gunjan here? She wouldn’t really? I neeed answers ASAP!
    She’s happily married living a comfortable life…

  2. omg, its gunjan, can not believe …

    i think chandar must have kidnapped her husband or might have threaten her for something bad to her family.

    well she will deffo reveal truth to preet n preet will save all


    1. I am not at all surprised with this truth as I was 100% sure since track started that it will be gunjan who is behind all this.. as her backcome was just unnecessary addition and her behaviour had sudden change from last time when her marriage had happened..

    2. Precap- Gunjan doing something in her room and Preet knock the door and hear sound


    Sorry i didn’t see that today precap was updated

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