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The Episode starts with Amba angering Jagan. She says I did not get proud of signing authority, now I know the value, I was mad to stop you at home when Bebe was making you leave from the house, I did not wish to break this house, I forgot I can hope from humans, not snakes. Jagan shouts yes, I m poisonous snake, not weak like Charan, I will become Shah, then you see, I will throw you out of my life. Mannu says I won’t let that day come, I m Amba’s strength, we don’t know Bajwas help to win over you. Amba asks Jagan to go and cry for his failure. Jagan angrily goes.

Swaroop goes to Harjeet and says you should be in sorrow, you are celebrating, its our bad days. Harjeet says no one can win, I fooled you and sent you with Raman, I broke Pavaniyas. She asks why did you cheat and send me, are

you afraid of me or Raman, this mark is one which Jagan gave me, you supported Jagan, did you remember or forgot, this stain was on Bajwas’ face. Harjeet says women can’t understand anything, I broke that family, now they will keep fighting, I m seeing drama, I took your revenge. She says Amba was not my culprit. He says you won’t understand, leave.

She calls him foolish and says now Jagan will become head of the family, he will become powerful, he was weak till Amba was there, now Jagan will rule, you made him powerful, one day you will be ashamed of yourself, remember what I said. She drinks wine and leaves. Harjeet throws glass angrily.

Nekiram comes to Jagan and asks him to get Amba’s sign on papers. Jagan drinks and asks Amba to sign on papers. She asks him to move off her way, as he is drunk. He asks why don’t you move off my way, you blocked my way. She reads papers and says Charan and Lala ji fought together to stop this factory, as the industrial waste will ruin fields, you and Harjeet are putting tender for this, I will not sign, if you think you will scare me, it won’t happen.

Jagan laughs and says Charan was a stain on Shah’s name, he was weak, I have courage to become Shah. She says no, you are not a Shah, your dream did not get fulfilled, my Mannu is Shah. He asks her to sign. She scolds him. He forces her to sign.

Mannu comes there and gets shocked. He shouts mummy. Amba pushes Jagan and runs to kitchen. She burns all her fingers and screams. Jagan gets shocked. Mannu angrily pushes Jagan. Everyone come and look on. Mannu tells Sushila to see, what did Jagan do, Amba’s hand burnt because of her. They all get shocked.

Sushila says apply ointment to Amba. Mannu takes Amba. Jagan says we will win, but nothing happened by Amrit’s statement. Mannu asks Amba why did she do this. Amba says Jagan was forcing me to sign, I m scared whats going on in his mind. Jagan comes to them, and throws all of them outside the house.

Sushila asks where will Amba go, did you get mad. Amba asks Jagan to stop this. Jagan shouts Amba shut up, else I will kill your children infront of your eyes. Amba gets shocked. Sushila asks will you make them leave, where will Amba go. Jagan says I don’t know, and threatens Amba. Mannu says we won’t go, this is our house also. Amba says no, we are going. They all are leaving. Sushila asks Jagan to let them stay in godown and signs him. Jagan allows them. Amba thanks Sushila and cries. Sushila says I will try that everything gets fine. Amba sees Bebe’s room. Amba ad her children leave from the house. Sushila smiles.

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