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The Episode starts with Mohini seeing Nihaal drunk. She throws water on him and wakes him up. She says I will not let Amrit and Mannu take my rights, we have to be alert. Its morning, Raj wakes up and comes out. He falls down and sees Mannu sleeping. He recalls her. He moves her hair. Mannu wakes up and says you fell again, you are much fallen. She gives her hand and helps him. She asks him how will she get entry in room. He asks her to pack bags and leave.

She says fine, can I go to washroom. He says yes, but not here, you can go to servant’s bathroom, that’s your real place. He shuts door. Mannu says you can’t make me away. Mannu switches off the water to trouble Raj. Raj takes bath and applies soap. Water stops. Raj shouts and asks for help. Mannu hears him. She comes to him and gives water

bucket. She asks him to thank her first.

He does not thank her. Mohini says someone mad has switched off knob and opens the water connection. He scolds Mannu for cheap doings. She teases him. She says its just one day left now. Jagan says Amba is smart, she kept name Manpreet well, Mannu got guy and Preet for girl. The man tells him that Amba gets money every month, don’t know for what thing. Jagan thinks why did she need money.

Mohini comes to Raj and says Amrit left home because of me, anyone would have hatred for me. Raj asks what does she want. She says we both don’t want Preet to be here, why don’t we help each other to make her out. She gives him tea. He says I have done planning alone when I ruined Pavaniya’s respect, I left taking support. He scolds her. He says you are not a part of my family. She gets angry. He asks her not to do anything, else she will be caught. He goes.

He gives leave to servants and asks them to rest. Harjeet looks on. He asks why is he giving leave to servants. Raj says Mannu will do all work here. He asks her to finish all the work soon. Harjeet and Mohini smile. Mannu does all the work. Mohini thinks Mannu has become maid here, it will be fun. Amrit comes and sees Mannu cleaning floor. She asks Raj will he make Mannu work. Raj says she won’t get food for free here. Mannu says I should thank Raj, he accepted me as part of family, I m bahu of this house, it feels good. Raj asks her to think anything to be happy.

Raj asks Amrit not to do any rituals, there is no groom and bride here. Harjeet smiles and goes. Mannu challenges Raj. Raj says I like playing games which has something to bet. She says I m not afraid of bet. He says if you lose this challenge, you will silently go from here, do you agree or…. Mannu asks what if you lose…. Raj says then I will do whatever you say. She says fine, if you lose, you will take me to your room, by lifting me in arms, then it will be our room. Raj agrees. Mannu says fine, I also agree.

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  1. Amazing epi.I really loved it.cute romance of rajpreet.Farnaz u r doing grt job as Preet.waaris rockzz.

  2. If one views this serial rationally Harjeet is right about Mohini having more rights. Did Amrit ever get any respect from Harjeet? Amrit left him at her own will. Children always want to see their parents together. Raj should just focus on exposing evil deeds of Mohini and then give his mother status which she can draw from her son being shah! Amrit left Harjeet as she couldn’t share her suhaag not because of his abuses. Can Maria’s character evolve where she rejects Harjeet even after Mohini exits?

  3. Read Maria as Amrit. These auto corrector ??

  4. wow…..fantastic.loved d epi
    …..go preet make him loos.

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