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The Episode starts with Jagan scolding Raavi for not killing Mannu. She says I did all arrangements, that Swaroop….. He says stop it, I will kill Mannu, as the blame will be on Bajwas. Amrit stops Harjeet. He loads the gun and says Swaroop was your responsibility, I will shoot you too. He goes to kill Swaroop first for ruining their name. Biji asks him to kill her first, what brother are you, you take revenge for her insult from those enemies. Harjeet says why did Swaroop go there, I will kill her. Swaroop moves Biji and stands infront of the gun aim. She asks Harjeet to kill her. He asks him to promise to kill Pavaniyas first. Lala ji comes there and shouts no. he holds his heart. Everyone get shocked seeing Lala ji getting a heart attack. Lala ji falls down.

Nekiram tells Jagan that Bheeru has

dropped Swaroop to her home. Raavi says Bheeru is supporting enemies, I will tell Amba. Jagan says I will play a game, go and beat Bheeru so much, that it seems Bajwas have beaten up, he should come home in wounded state, and I will tell Raavi what to do. Nekiram gets Bheeru beaten. Doctor checks Lala ji, and says he had heart attack, he is strong. He asks him not to take any tension. Swaroop looks on from far. Doctor asks Lala ji why is he worried, he has a brave son, lovely daughter and good bahu, three grandsons, others should worry seeing you. Amba thinks of the cat dying by eating kheer. Bheeru comes home wounded.

Raavi informs Amba about wounded Bheeru. Amba and Bebe rush to see Bheeru. Bebe says maybe Bajwas have beaten him. Amba keeps Mannu in cradle and worries for Bheeru. She takes Bheeru to room. The goons shut Simran’s mouth and kidnap Mannu. Simran shouts Mannu, after they leave. Amba and Bebe get shocked seeing Mannu gone. Jagan comes. Amba asks Jagan to save Mannu. Jagan says don’t worry, I will get Mannu. He asks Bebe to manage Amba and rushes. Amba cries. Bebe consoles Amba. Raavi smiles.

Jagan goes to the goons and asks for the baby. He throws money and takes Mannu. He says I have Shah ji in my hands. Doctor asks Harjeet to get medicines. Harjeet talks to doctor and goes to drop him. Harjeet asks the man what was he telling Swaroop. The man says she was asking about Jagan. Harjeet asks him not to tell anything to Swaroop. Jagan is on the way with Mannu and laughs. Raavi acts to pretend, and consoles Amba that Jagan will get Mannu. Bebe asks the men to get Mannu. They all go to find Mannu.

Harjeet stops Jagan on the way. Jagan drives the car reverse and Mannu flies in the air, falling down and hanging to the tree. Jagan hides from Harjeet. Harjeet aims gun and looks for him. Lala ji wants to go to stop Harjeet. Amrit asks him to stop. Swaroop says Harjeet has gone after Jagan. Lala ji cries and tells Swaroop that he kept her away for her to change, but he was wrong, she has ashamed him today, if anything happens to Harjeet and him today, just she will be responsible. He goes. Amrit asks Swaroop why did she tell him everything. Harjeet asks Jagan to come out, show your manhood today, I will kill you. Jagan kicks him and the gun falls. They fight. Harjeet gets his gun and runs after Jagan. Jagan hears Mannu crying. Harjeet loads the gun ti shoot Jagan.

Jagan starts acting and says Harjeet, see there, Mannu, do anything with me, not don’t do anything to Mannu, leave him. Harjeet gets shocked seeing Mannu and aims at him. Jagan smiles and leaves. Harjeet aims at Mannu. Jagan looks on from far and says Harjeet, you will kill Mannu today. Mannu cries.

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  1. How can real chacha be so bad just for money n position ??? he wants to kill innocent child.

    1. Shai

      there are such people in real life….trust me..

  2. hey guys lemme say that i m not being rude but when mannu will grow up and become pregnant than what ?

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