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The Episode starts with Mannu running after Chandar’s car. Amrit is talking Raj to a good Peerbaba who can cure him. He says doctors said I can’t walk. She says one day my son will run. They leave. Mannu thinks that’s Chandar’s car and runs. He follows Raj’s car. Raman is with his friends at the corn stall. Chandar drops the girl and says you are mad, I got bangles and earrings for you. She says I know, you are spending so that I get happy, you will become Pavaniya’s son in law now. Raman hears them and gets shocked. He thinks so Simran is marrying this guy. His friend say I have to send designs to Pavaniyas. Raman asks are you going to Pavaniyas today. His friend nods.

Mannu reaches dargah and sees the black car. He asks driver about Chandar. The driver says its our car, there is no

Chandar here. Mannu says I think I followed another car, I did big mistake. A man asks Mannu to take flowers, Peerbaba will fulfill your wish. Mannu asks it means my wish will be fulfilled. The man says yes, that’s why many people come here. Mannu smiles happily and says I don’t have money to buy flowers. He gets inside dargah. A man sees him and calls Jagan saying Mannu is alone at dargah. Jagan says great, just follow him, do your work when he comes out, you will get prize, no one should know.

Raavi says I think we will get good news. Jagan says yes, everything will be fine, Mannu has gone very far, I told my men to kill Mannu. Bebe comes and says Jagan, its good you are at home, Mannu did not reach school, Amba has gone to give tiffin, Amba did not get him, she is going alone to find Mannu, take car and go with her, where will be Mannu. Raavi asks her not to worry.

Jagan and Amba leave to find Mannu. Mannu prays at the dargah. Amrit and Raj also pray. Jagan’s friend looks at Mannu. Mannu prays and ties the holy thread. The man tells Amrit that her wish will be fulfilled. Mannu says I don’t want anything for myself, but my sister is very upset, do something to stop Simran’s marriage. Jagan’s friend says now Mannu is going to die, and calls Jagan.

Amba worries for Mannu. Jagan thinks why is his friend calling, I can’t even answer. Amba says stop car, we will ask about Mannu. Jagan thinks now Mannu won’t come to Amba. Amba asks people about Mannu. Bansal calls Jagan and says I got papers of all lands around Bajwas. Jagan says its great news, congrats, I m stuck in work, I will come to you, then we will sign papers and party too, you don’t know you gave me news at right time. Bansal says yes, papers are ready, but we will sign deal papers on marriage day, no problem should happen in marriage, else I won’t sign any deal, just manage everything. Jagan says yes, sure. He ends call and says Mannu has to die, but marriage will stop, I won’t get my papers signed.

Amba comes back and says I did not find about Mannu. Jagan says don’t worry, I m with you, we will find him. He thinks I will lose good chance to kill Mannu, but this deal is more important to me, till this marriage happens, nothing should happen to Mannu, I have to stop my friend. He stops the car and says I think something happened to tyre. He checks tyre. He calls his friend to stop him.

Bebe says Mannu fell in problem, why did Amba not stay there and get Mannu back. Raavi asks Bebe to sit. Bebe says don’t know how is Mannu. Raavi says don’t worry, Jagan will find Mannu. Bebe asks Simran to choose jewelry for herself. Raman comes in disguise of the jeweler. Simran gets shocked. Raavi asks him to come inside. Raman gets inside the house. Jagan could not contact his friend, and leaves with Amba.

Mannu prays. Jagan thinks how to tell him not to kill Mannu. Amba says if anything happens to Mannu, many attacks happen on him, if he dies, you will get benefit, you can become Shah. Jagan says my fate will make me Shah, maybe you won’t trust, but I care for Mannu too, I want him to be fine. Jagan’s friend waits for Mannu to come out.

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