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The Episode starts with Bheeru asking Amba not to feel hurt, I know how well you raised Mannu, I did mistake, I will be careful. She asks do you know what was Dhaniya doing. Dhaniya tells other kinner that she wants to get justice for Mannu, I will become Guru of this group. Kinner says Champa will not leave you if she knows you kidnap kids by giving drug chocolate. Dhaniya says I will get him tomorrow, think of the special place in group if I become leader. She says Mannu will come to me on his own, his mum Amba can’t do anything.

Bheeru asks Amba to go and talk to Mannu, I will wait here, tell truth to Mannu, I will manage everything, if I go to city, you can’t manage alone. She says I m scared. He says but we have to tell Mannu, else don’t know what can Dhaniya do next time. Amba recalls

Bebe’s words and goes to Mannu. Mannu turns away. She says I wanted to apologize, I told you I have hidden something from you, now I feel I should tell you the truth. He says it means Dhaniya was saying true, you lied to me, you always tell me not to lie, its bad thing. She says yes, I have lied a big thing, I did not say truth as I was helpless.

He asks her what did she lie, what did she hide. She says you need to have courage. He says I have much courage, I m not a girl, I m a boy, a man has much courage, tell me what did you hide. Amba runs out of the room to Bheeru. He asks did you tell truth to Mannu. She says no, I could not say, I did not have courage, he thinks girls are weak, and not boys, its about his existence, how can I break his existence, I was not ready to tell him. He says but we have to tell him to save him from Dhaniya. She says yes, I will take him out and maybe its easy to tell him.

Jagan smiles seeing Amba and Harjeet’s pic, and says Amba can’t manage now. Raavi says I know this time, it will be big dhamaka, I will see how Amba shows her face.

Its morning, Bheeru tells Mannu that this time he will get something for him from the city, tell me what do you want. Amba asks Mannu to say. Bheeru says I will get aero plane for you. He asks Amba to give some time to Mannu, don’t scold him. She nods. He tells Mannu that Dhaniya is not right for you. Mannu says you did not like my friendship. Bheeru says Dhaniya is dangerous, she wanted to make you eat medicine and faint, she can’t be anyone’s friend. Amba asks Bheeru to tell Suraiyya that I want to meet her, maybe she can help in Dhaniya’s matter, take care. Bheeru leaves. Amba thinks to tell truth to Mannu today.

Swaroop comes to Pavaniya house. The ladies call her shameless to come again. Swaroop calls out Jagan and asks him to come out. Jagan asks what are you doing here. Bebe asks did you come on same donkey on which we have sent you. Swaroop says no, that donkey has run that day, I came to meet that donkey who lost hospital tender by one rupee, Jagan has thrown money on me, Bajwas one rupee paid that loan. She taunts Jagan. She asks him to see invitation, we Bajwas celebrate victory, we won tender and want you all to come in celebrations. Raavi comes and scolds Swaroop.

She says this time I will beat you with slipper. Swaroop says relax, I heard your fourth month started, don’t get angry else it will affect would be born baby’s mind. She asks Bebe to come and leaves. Raavi asks Bebe to see Swaroop joked on us as we lost tender, we did not catch the thief yet who told tender amount to Bajwas, I will beat the thief with slippers. Jagan tears the invitation and throws it. He goes.

Later, Jagan joins the invitation by tape. Raavi asks why did you get this again, throw it. He says it’s a sign, I had put mark on Swaroop’s face before, it was mark on Bajwa family, and now this invitation got a mark too, I will use this to make mark on Amba’s face, which she can’t erase even if she wills, Swaroop does not know she invited me for Amba’s bad days, we all will go in these celebrations, just do as I say.

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