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The Episode starts with Jagan asking Amba what will she have now. He picks the food plate and throws again. He says Amba needs no food, does she have to go out and solve people’s problems, no, everyone is angry on her for her big cheat. Raavi says I will respect Amba. She supports Amba. Jagan says Amba cheated us, did you forget everything, your husband could have become Shah, you would have become Shahni. Raavi asks him to think that, I just remember what Amba did for me and my children. She asks Amba to come and have food.

Raj tells Amrit that her place will be in her room, what wrong did he do to keep her bags in this room. Amrit asks do you think I came back for my rights, you insulted a woman and got these rights, I did not come here for you, I came for my bahu. Mohini looks on. Amrit says I

have no son, I will support Mannu. Mohini says Raj is saying right, you stay here, I will take my belongings. Amrit says we will stay in other room and goes.

Mannu thinks I did the thing which Raj could not, I got Amrit in this house. She goes. Raj angrily hits the vase. Raavi feeds Amba and says everything will be fine. Amba gets a call and says you will get money by tomorrow. Jagan asks her why is she worried. Raavi takes Amba.

Mannu says Raj did not like all this. Amrit says I don’t care, I care if you find this right or not. Mannu says I came here because of you, I don’t want to fight by your support, I don’t want to use you like shield, its not right to spoil your and Raj’s relation. Amrit says who said you are using me, I m supporting you, you are my daughter whom I did not get before. Mannu lies in her lap. Amrit hugs her. Mohini looks on.

Raj goes to Harjeet. He asks him to give the rights to Amrit. Harjeet asks what shall I do with Mohini, she won’t go out of my room and this house, I agreed to you as you gave me happiness, you have to understand, Mohini has more rights than your mum, Amrit always supported enemies, she did not do anything for me, Amrit took you and left me, Mohini stood by me, you are saying I make her leave. Raj says I did this for mum’s happiness and respect. Harjeet says I know her well, she always supports Pavaniyas. Raj says I assured you I will make Mannu out, trust me. Harjeet says make Mannu out, I promise to give rights to Amrit.

Raj goes to room and packs Mannu’s bags. He asks her to leave. Amrit holds Mannu. Raj says this is my decision, Mannu can’t stay here, Mannu can stay in any corner of the haveli. Mannu keeps her foot in between and stops him from shutting door. She challenges he will get her back in room. He steps on her foot and shuts door. Amrit asks Mannu to come to her room. Mannu says no, this is my room. Amrit asks her to come. Mannu signs no and takes her bags. She says I will rest here, you go. She sits outside the door.

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  1. Loved the epi.ab Preet kaise entry maarega Raj ke room mein?

  2. Beautiful bonding between amba- rani and Preet-Amrit.

    1. Beautiful bonding between amba- raavii and Preet-Amrit.

  3. one kind of unique serial.love it………………….PRERAJi think it is their plan to expose mohini.and to get amrit right.

  4. Why do I get the feeling this is Raj’s plan to get his wife and mother in the house and his father hands the property & wealth in his name then he kicks his father along with Mohini and her kids?!! Wouldn’t that be a HAPPY ending ?

    1. this possibility of Preet-Raj plan to expose mohini is shared by a few of us. in my opinion Raj should stop thinking in terms of his mother getting back with his father who is sucha n abusive man. He doesn’t even spare mohini when she disappoints him. Harjeet along with mohini and kids thrown out from bajwa house and jagan from pawania house would be a happy ending.

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