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The Episode starts with everyone seeing Harjeet and Raman. Harjeet controls his anger. Raman says I knew your heart is not a stone, I m your son, you are my dad, we love each other. Mohini gets angry. Mannu and Raj look from outside. Raman says I got this courage because of Mannu, I was unable to say this since long, I love Simran a lot, I want to marry her. Harjeet raises sword again. They all worry. Harjeet throws the sword. He leaves.

Amrit and Swaroop ask Raman is he fine, where did he go. Amrit hugs Raman. Mannu smiles. Mohini thinks Harjeet has love for son, this is not good, I have to fill poison in this love. Simran sits sad. She recalls Raman. Amba comes to her. She asks since when is this going on. Simran says since he met me for the first time. Amba says I thought I have sent you to

school to study. Simran says don’t know when he reached my mind and heart, I did not know when we united.

Amba asks what are you saying, they killed Charan. Simran says Raman did not kill him, he is not like his dad, if I don’t get married to him, I can’t live. Amba says this marriage can’t happen, you think he will come back, I asked him to tell his dad, you think Harjeet will let him come back. Simran says marriage is just a name given to relation, my relation does not need any name, we are one. Amba looks at Simran and asks did he touch you. Simran smiles. Amba slaps her and asks her to stop this madness. Simran says I did not feel hurt, its strength of love. Amba gets back and cries. She goes. Simran cries and faints. Raavi and Mannu rush to her. They take her to hospital. Doctor tells them that Simran is pregnant. They get shocked.

Raavi scolds Simran and says you are pregnant, are you not ashamed, you know what you did, you did this with Raman, he disappeared, will he come or not. Simran says Raman will come, he loves me a lot, he is not cheater. Mannu says Raman told his dad everything, infront of me, we have to hide this till Raman and Simran get married. Simran smiles. Raavi asks are you mad, shameless, when Amba knows this, what will she go through. Simran says I love Raman a lot, we just did love, you will not understand, there is much difference between Jagan and Raman. Mannu says but…. Simran says you are young, you won’t understand, the day you fall in love, you will understand what was I saying.

Amrit asks did you not get scared. Raman says there is no fear now. Mohini comes and taunts Raman. Amrit asks her to go. Mohini says I came to see if you are fine. Raman says she asked me to hide in Mannu’s house, who is she, what is she doing here. Amrit says she is clever, she provoked Harjeet. Raman says she should not stay here. Mohini apologizes. He asks her to get lost. She says fine, I will leave. Raj hugs Raman. Mohini leaves her mobile there and goes. Raj says I was scared, I love you a lot. Raman says what did we get by fear, I showed courage today and Harjeet’s heart melted, when you fall in love, you will understand. I will just marry Simran. Swaroop comes and scolds Raman.

She says I can’t permit you for this marriage, Pavaniya and Bajwas can’t unite, I won’t let them unite. Raman says I love Simran a lot, I don’t need anyone’s permission. Swaroop asks are you mad, you don’t know Harjeet, he will kill you. Amrit takes Swaroop.

Raman gets Mannu’s call and says what, behind house, fine. Raj says I will come along. They leave. Mohini records this and hears. Raman meets Simran and asks what happened, tell me. Mannu and Raj look on. Simran signs Raman and smiles. Raman holds her hands and smiles. He says its good news, its sign of our love. Raj gets shocked. Raman says I will not let anything happen to you and baby, I will take care of you two. Mannu says this good news will become sorrowful for Simran if anyone knows this before marriage, you have to convince Harjeet for marriage. Raman says don’t worry Mannu, I just have to marry Simran, I will talk to Harjeet. Mohini looks on and smiles. She says this is good news, baby is going to come, everyone should know this.

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  1. Oh that’s really bad. They are in school and Simran got pregnant. Her mom tried hard to make her study in school and this is where she landed.

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