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The Episode starts with Bheeru looking for Mannu. Mannu is about to eat chocolate. Sukhi comes and asks Mannu will you play with me. He sees the chocolate and asks what are you eating, Amba asked you not to eat anything from outside, I will eat it, give it to me, else I will tell Amba. Dhaniya asks will you like to tell Amba or have chocolate. Sukhi says I can be silent if I get chocolate. Dhaniya laughs and says I will get same chocolate for you, don’t snatch Mannu’s chocolate. Sukhi says till my chocolate comes, I will not let Mannu eat this, we both will eat chocolate together. Dhaniya says fine and goes.

Amba is outside hospital. Doctor calls out Amrit ji, where are you lost, this is govt. medicine for patient, give this to her. She says I told my name Amrit, then how did Jagan get call

for me. She recalls the call and worries. She leaves. Dhaniya gets chocolate for Sukhi. Sukhi says my chocolate is small, I m elder, I want bigger one. Dhaniya says I will get chocolates for you. Bheeru calls out Mannu. Dhaniya hides and says we will play hide and seek. Bheeru goes out and asks Mannu’s friend did Mannu come to play. The boy says you asked him not to play, why will he play.

Sukhi says I will count till 10. Dhaniya and Mannu hide. Bheeru misses to see them. Amba goes to Daima and gets shocked on not finding her. She goes out and asks a man about the ill old woman. The man says I don’t know. A tea vendor tells that Daima has left for village. Amba says no, this can’t happen, if she reaches home before me, it will be big problem. Dhaniya asks Mannu to hide in the sack and eat this chocolate, Sukhi won’t find you. Mannu smiles. Amba is on the way. Bheeru looks for Mannu. Dhaniya hides and worries. Mannu gets in sack. Dhaniya says Mannu ate chocolate and chocolate worked, sack is not moving. Bheeru goes.

Amba says Mannu’s truth can come out and prays. Daima reaches Pavaniya house. Amba sees her and stops her. Daima says you got me home from hospital, I don’t want to die, I will tell your family the truth, Jagan will help me. Amba says I went to hospital and got medicine for you, I m doing all arrangements, I went to your house and got to know you came here, you gave me one week time, I will make everything fine. Daima asks will you take me to hospital, there is no one at my home to take care of me. Amba says you tell truth if I fail to take care of you. She sends Daima back. She says how much will Lord test me, Mannu is alone at home, I will buy something for him, he will be glad, I have to stop him from meeting Dhaniya.

Dhaniya takes the sack and says this boy is very heavy. She gets shocked seeing Sukhi inside the sack. She says how did Sukhi come here. Sukhi caught Mannu and asks him to find him now. Mannu goes, and Sukhi takes chocolate from him, saying I m elder brother. Sukhi eats chocolate and hides inside sack. Amba sees Dhaniya with Sukhi, and shouts what are you doing with Sukhi, I will not leave you, I will tell everyone that you kidnap kids. Dhaniya says fine, tell them my truth, play dhol nagada, I will also say truth about Mannu, shall I say everyone that Mannu is not your son, shall I get him checked, leave Mannu to me, else I will get everyone and then take your child. Amba gets big shock. Dhaniya says I got chocolate for Mannu, but Sukhi ate it, Mannu got saved, till when will you get saved, I had come to take Mannu, you leave Mannu to me, else I will not leave him. Dhaniya goes. Amba asks Sukhi are you fine, get up, we will go home.

Amba gets Sukhi home. Raavi gets shocked and asks what happened to my son. She blames Amba. Amba does not tell Dhaniya’s name and thinks Dhaniya will tell Mannu’s truth if I take her name. She says Sukhi slept at road side, I got him. Raavi slaps Sukhi and scolds him for sleeping on road. Amba calls out Mannu. Sukhi says Mannu was playing with me. Amba goes out and sees Mannu. She asks him where is Bheeru. He says why will Bheeru be with me, everyone make fun of me, why do you send Bheeru with me, what are you hiding, Dhaniya always tells me that you are hiding something. She asks why don’t you agree to me, what happened. Bheeru comes and asks where was Mannu. Amba asks where were you Bheeru, anything would have happened, Dhaniya is bad. Mannu says Dhaniya is not bad, you are bad, you are worst mummy, I don’t love you. Amba cries. Bheeru worries. Mannu cries and runs away.

No Precap in andtv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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