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The Episode starts with panchayat laughing seeing Raavi instead Amba. Panchayat says Jagan’s family looks drunk. Raman and Mannu laugh. Jagan asks Raavi what is she doing here. She recalls Baba’s words and says I will not tell you or anyone. Jagan asks her again. She refuses to say. Panchayat asks Jagan to see his wife’s doings, and don’t do this again, else we will get you in panchayat. Jagan asks Raavi to go home. Sushila asks Jagan to come, there is no one here. Harjeet looks for Amba. He sees Amba and goes to meet her. He says you are here, I was finding you there. She says I was here. He asks am I lying, am I mad to go there.

She says you get angry on everyone like this. He says no, its not like that. She says sometimes talk sweetly. She walks ahead. He holds her hand. She gets tensed.

He says I talk sweetly too. Sushila says there is no one, come. Harjeet sings song Meny ishq ka lagiya rog. Sushila and Jagan hear the song and come to see. They see Harjeet and Amba. Jagan says I will call them. Sushila says till you call them, the love birds will fly, click their pics. Jagan says I will go close and click pics. He can’t click clear pics. Harjeet asks Amba how was it. Amba nods. Mannu and Raman laugh.

Jagan and Sushila go. She asks what happened, you got insulted again, I told you Mannu is doing something, you are big fool, I will see that Mannu.

Amba cries and washes her hand. Simran asks what happened. Amba says Harjeet touched me, I can’t bear this, no stranger can touch me, I hate myself. Gunjan looks on angrily. Mannu says don’t lose, if you break, what will happen of us, we are doing this to wash the blame on you, you got insulted because of Harjeet and Jagan, you will get your respect back because of them, this is my promise. Mannu and Simran hug Amba.

Its morning, Amrit serves food and something falls on Harjeet. Amrit says sorry. Harjeet gets angry and stops. He recalls Amba’s words and says its okay, it happens, you serve food to everyone, I will change clothes and come. Swaroop laughs and jokes. Amrit says I think something happened to Harjeet, I m worried for him. Swaroop says you got habitual to get beaten up, this is our plan and he is changing. They smile. Raj hopes today’s plan succeeds, Papa is changing because of Mannu.

Doctor tells Raman, Raj and Mannu that this is sleeping medicine, Jagan is using this to make Bebe sleep, it can be harmful. They get shocked. He asks Mannu to change this with salt water, Bebe can wake up. Mannu thinks to change medicine today. Raj prays Lord to help Mannu. Mannu runs with the medicine bottle. He sees the doctor and collides with him, making the medicines fall. He helps doctor and changes the sleeping medicine bottle with salt water one. Doctor scolds him. Mannu apologizes. He runs and says I have changed medicine, Bebe should get conscious tonight.

Jagan gets bad smell and goes to check. He sees Sushila drinking wine. He asks you are drinking in morning. She says what shall I do, you failed my plan, sometimes we get your wife and your son, don’t say anything. She scolds him. He says enough of lecture, mind your business. He sees doctor cleaning his clothes. Doctor says Mannu collided with me. She asks where. He says outside your gate. She thinks what is Mannu planning. Harjeet gets ready. Raman, Raj and Swaroop talk of Mannu’s idea to fool Harjeet. Raj says we made Papa sure that Amba likes him. Harjeet gets shocked. Swaroop says Harjeet is behaving well with Amrit and Raj, who thought two little kids can fool two big men, Jagan and Harjeet do not know this. They get shocked seeing Harjeet. Amrit gets kheer. Harjeet scolds her and gets angry.

Raman sends a letter for Mannu. Mannu reads letter that Harjeet is coming to meet Amba, we have to make this news reach Jagan, sorry I could not come. Mannu says maybe Raman is stuck somewhere. A man informs Jagan. Jagan slaps him. Man says Harjeet said he is going to meet Amba and asked you to come there if you have courage. Jagan says what does this Harjeet want to do.

Its night, Amba says not today. Mannu says this is last plan, please meet him once. Amba says no, my heart is restless and not agreeing, things will get wrong. Mannu says things will get right. She asks will Bebe get conscious today. He says yes, I changed her medicines, Jagan will get panchayat, I will get Bebe, who will say truth, meet Harjeet just today, then never, I m going to take Bebe, I will meet you there. She prays nothing wrong happens and this drama ends.

Mannu says Bebe you got conscious. Sushila injects Bebe. She says I will rule here now, you failed, I will ruin your plan and come. She locks Mannu and goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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