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The Episode starts with Raj misunderstanding Mannu. Rohan tells Raj that Mannu is Pavaniya, if he troubles you, tell me, I will break his legs. They leave in the car. Amba asks Jagan not to take that widow’s land, she is alone and she manages her life by that land. He says I m giving its price. She asks him to think, one payment can’t make her live all her life. He shouts asking her to see. Mannu comes home and gets shocked. Jagan asks Mannu to go to his room, and asks her why is she taking side of that widow, shall I not think of my harvest, we would get profit. Bebe asks Amba not to say in this matter, and look after Mannu, Jagan will manage work. Amba asks Mannu did Bheeru not come. He says he stopped at shop.

At night, Mannu sees Amna sad. She recalls that widow’s words. He asks did you accept

defeat. She says Bebe said right, I should not interfere in this matter. He says it means you lost, you want to become like Papa or not, many tough things come in life, if you run away, people will call you coward. She recalls she has told this to Mannu. She says no, I want to become like Mannu’s Papa. She hugs him and smiles.

Its morning, Raj does not help Mannu in school. Mannu asks for help. Raj calls him thief. Mannu says fine, leave it. Amba tells the widow to use the field and plant potatoes. She puts potato seeds and helps the widow. Jagan and Raavi see her. Jagan says foolish woman, she is going man’s work, I told her not to get in this matter. Raavi says kill her son and she will die, else she will cut all your words. He says just some time more, then Mannu will die.

Peon sees Bheeru and asks him to help. Bheeru says my nephew will come, he will worry if he does not see me. Peon says its matter of five mins, come and help. Bheeru goes with him. Peon signs Jagan. Jagan smiles. Peon rings the bell. Mannu looks for Bheeru, while peon lies to Bheeru and Mannu. Peon asks Mannu to come, Bheeru is calling him at other gate.

Mannu goes. Jagan signs the peon. Mannu says Bheeru is not here, and sees the peon gone. Jagan asks the goons to go and catch Mannu. Mannu recalls Amba’s words and runs back inside the school. The goons run to catch Mannu. Bheeru looks for Mannu and misses to see him. Mannu calls out Bheeru. Bheeru asks him to wait. Goons see Bheeru and goes. Bheeru goes and hugs Mannu. He asks Mannu not to go without saying. Mannu says peon took me there saying you called me. Bheeru asks who was that peon, show me. Jagan gets angry seeing them.

Its night, Jagan tells Raavi that Bheeru has saved Mannu. Mannu comes to hide in their room and asks Jagan not to tell Sukhi. Jagan fumes seeing him and recalls how many times he failed. He hurts his hand holding a knife and says I will kill him today. Raavi says no, and cares for him. Mannu asks how did your hand bleed, shall I get medicine for you, don’t worry. Sukhi catches Mannu and says now its my turn to hide. Mannu asks Jagan is he hurt. Raavi says its fine, go and play. Mannu goes. Raavi calls Sukhi.

Mannu does counting and looks for Sukhi. He finds Sukhi and says now its my turn. Sukhi says I m going out, will you come. Mannu asks why, its night, we will play at home. Sukhi asks him to come. Mannu asks Amba can I go. Amba says no, Bheeru is not here. Sukhi says your Mama is not here, you take Bheeru to school, he sits there, everyone laughs on you, I will win race. Mannu asks which race. Raavi smiles. Sukhi says there is school race, I have to win and make Pavaniya’s name shine, you wait here and wait for Bheeru. He laughs and goes. Raavi says now Mannu will make Bheeru leave him, and then Jagan’s way will get cleared. Mannu thinks how to convince mummy not to send Mama with me.

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