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The Episode starts with Raavi asking Amba to agree to children, maybe enmity will end, as they have tried a lot before. Gunjan gives water to Raman. Sukhi gives water to Simran. Jagan gets angry. He asks Amba not to ruin Pavaniya’s respect. Amba asks shall I send Simran to Bajwas, if they kill her. Raman says no, none can touch her till I m there, I will take her to city, I will work hard and earn respectful life. Amba says you love Simran a lot, prove it, I will not let Simran marry a coward and run away guy like you, will you tell Harjeet that you want to marry her. Jagan laughs.

Simran says his Papa will kill him. Amba says let him kill, Raman has to give this test. Raman and Simran cry. Amrit asks Mohini to get out of the house and throws her bag. Mohini says its not good to treat guests

like this, Harjeet will get annoyed knowing this. Amrit asks why did you tell him about Raman, he would have killed Raman. Mohini says then you say truth, is Raman there or not.

Harjeet comes home. Mohini says see Amrit ji wants me to leave from this house, don’t know she loves her son or Pavaniyas. Amrit says but you did not get Raman there right. Harjeet says yes, but he is there, I m sure, I will not leave him. Mohini says when Raman was there, why did you not find him. She sees Raj and says did anyone from here send this news. Raj worries. Harjeet looks at Raj.

Its morning, Mannu, Sukhi and everyone wake up and see Raman getting freshen up to leave. He says Amba said right, I told I will take Simran to city and take care, but there is much difference, till when will we run from truth, our families have enmity, and we love each other, so I m returning home and I will face Harjeet, I will tell him I want to marry Simran, I know Simran we did not do wrong. Simran stops Raman and asks will you come back, I will wait for you. Ranjha mera Ranjha……plays……… They see each other. He says I will come back. He leaves. Jagan starts laughing and says you think I will leave him, Amba knows me, I will kill them, till when will you keep me tied. Raavi calls police station and complains about Jagan. Jagan asks what are you doing. Raavi says he beats me a lot, come fast and arrest him. Amba looks on.

Amba asks Raavi to think again. Raavi cries and says I have hope that everything will get fine, I always did wrong, you always did right, I m feeling ashamed seeing children today, now Lord has to support me.

Raman comes home. Mannu comes along and asks Raman to go. Raman says everything will get fine. Mannu says your and Simran’s love is true. Raman enters the house. Mannu awaits outside. Raman calls out Harjeet. Raj comes to Raman and hugs him. Raj sees Mannu outside and worries. Raj goes to Mannu and asks why did you get Raman here, if Harjeet sees you, he will kill Raman. Mannu says everything will get fine, Raman will talk to Harjeet today, he has courage, trust me. Raj says I don’t want to lose Raman. Mannu stops him and says everything will be fine.

Harjeet comes downstairs. Amrit and Swaroop get glad seeing Raman. Raman says I love Simran and want to marry her. Mohini looks on and smiles. Raman says I just came to tell you. Harjeet says marriage will happen when you are alive. He asks Rohan to get his sword. Rohan gets the sword. Everyone worry. Amrit and Swaroop asks Harjeet to stop.

Raj says Raman understands me, Harjeet will not leave him, I will not forgive you Mannu. Mannu leaves Raj and says if we want anything today, we want courage and belief, I will not stop you, see my belief will win today, I also regard Raman as brother, its about Simran’s life, Raman has to face Harjeet today. Raman says fine, if you feel you will win by killing me, then kill me. He sits down. Harjeet keeps sword at Raman’s neck. Raman says if I survive, I will just marry Simran. Amrit and Swaroop cry. Harjeet gets angry. Raman bows down. Harjeet hits Raman. Everyone scream……

Amba says this marriage can’t happen. Simran says I can’t survive. She faints. Doctor says Simran is pregnant. Raavi asks will Raman come or not. Simran says Raman will come. Mannu worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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