Waaris 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mannu saying Yuvraaj is not a right boy. Yuvraaj comes there. Mannu hides everything. Yuvraaj thinks did Mannu check my bag. He says I will give my shirt. He gives shirt and asks Mannu to give to Bebe. Mannu goes. Its morning, Amba talks to Simran. Simran asks what does this mean. Amba says you want Mannu to participate from Pavaniyas side, but does Mannu want this, he is blind and favoring Yuvraaj, he did not listen to me and wants Yuvraaj to be Shah. Mannu looks on. Bebe comes and takes the pamphlets. She says family does not respect me, but outsiders respect me, they made me chief guest, its good some people obey old traditions. She goes.

Simran says Bebe will decide who will take part. Amba says Yuvraaj will take part. Mannu says you were right about Yuvraaj, I have

some proof against him, but nothing to prove that he is wrong, I m going to find out, once I prove this to Bebe, he will not become Shah, I will not break your trust this time. Mannu goes.

Rohan comes home. Raman says you did not say you are coming. Rohan says Papa called me for competition, he has hope from me that only I can win it. Raman says his ego did not go. Mannu throws stone to sign Raman. Raman meets him. He asks what imp thing did you have to say. Raman says yes, its about Raj. He tells everything. Mannu gets shocked.

Mannu and Raman take Raj to their shade. Raj says I told you Yuvraaj is not good. Mannu apologizes for not believing him. Mannu says its all because of me, my mummy is hurt. Raj sks why. Mannu says Bebe declared she will make Yuvraaj the Shah, its my mistake, I forced Bebe to think Yuvraaj is good. Raj asks how will you rectify this mistake. Mannu says I will correct it by proving truth to Bebe.

The man tells Bebe that this time the chief guest is…. Harjeet says why are you hesitant, tell her I m chief guest. Jagan gets angry. Sushila stops him. Harjeet taunts Bebe for her family defamation. He taunts on Charan’s bad character and asks Bebe who will participate from Pavaniyas, Yuvraaj or Mannu. He says Rohan Bajwa will participate, he is my blood. The man asks Bebe who will come from Pavaniyas side. Sushila says if Bebe decided to make Yuvraaj Shah, he will come in competition. Amba and Mannu look on.

Yuvraaj goes to meet Sushila. She hides and tells Yuvraaj to be careful, Bebe will take his name. Yuvraaj says Mannu is in my hands. Mannu sees them. Yuvraaj says I want Shah chair, I want my prize. Mannu catches Yuvraaj and scolds him. Bebe sees them and shouts Yuvraaj. Mannu says he is fraud, he does not deserve to become Shah. Yuvraaj fools Bebe by acting sweet. Bebe scolds Mannu and says Yuvraaj is Shah, he will participate, when he wins, pind will accept him. Mannu says no, listen to me. Bebe takes Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj smiles.

Bebe declares that Yuvraaj is her Shah, her heir, he will play from Pavaniyas side and win the competition. Amba comes and says Mannu will also participate.

Harjeet says my Rohan will win. Mannu takes Amba’s blessings, and stares at Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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