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The Episode starts with Amba hearing a girl’s scream. Amrit meets Jagan and tells her that Swaroop has sent me, she thinks you love her and will do something to stop her engagement, do you really love her, will you marry her. He says I love Swaroop and I hate Haaarjeet even more. Amba looks outside. Raavi waits for her to leave from kitchen. Jagan says if Harjeet’s wife has come to meet me by hiding, then…… He holds Amrit’s hand and says I will not leave you, you have met a real man today. She gets shocked. Raavi says I got a chance now, and goes to add glass in the kheer. Jagan laughs and throws her dupatta. He tries to molest Amrit.

He says Harjeet insulted me in the middle of the market, go and tell him. Amba comes there and sees them. She shouts Jagan and asks him to move away, else

you will lose your life. Jagan gets away from Amrit. Amba gives Amrit her dupatta.

Jagan says tell your husband that you came close to Jagan today, tell him the essence of a real man. He smiles. Amrit cries. He leaves. Amrit hugs Amba and thanks her for saving her respect. She says if you did not come today, don’t know what would have happened to me, you did many favors, you saved my Raj and then my jewelry, woman’s fate is such that people take revenge by her. Amba says no Amrit, I did not do any favor, I m sorry on his behalf, women is not reason of war, women are a medium to end fights, I promise everything will change in this village, my son will change this, there won’t be any fight, riots and enmity, he will fulfill his dad’s dream, no one will become animal to take revenge. Amrit says I wish so, I will leave. Amba asks why did you come at this time here. Amrit says I came to get answers for few questions, I got it. She leaves.

Raavi added glass pieces in the kheer and now Shah ji will eat this, then Jagan will become Shah ji. Raavi hears Amba coming and leaves. She smiles.

Amrit goes to Swaroop and tells her that she has seen Jagan’s true face, he will just make you servant, he has lust and enmity in his eyes. Swaroop does not believe her, and says you are saying this as you are afraid of Harjeet, you are evil to cheat me on pretext of love, I forgot your life is bad, Harjeet could not do anything for you. She scolds Amrit. Amrit says trust me, Harjeet should not know this.

Swaroop says I m not afraid of Harjeet, you are blaming my Jagan, he did not touch me till now, you are saying he tried to molest you, go and sleep, I will think what to do. Amrit says how to explain you, if you can’t believe me, then I don’t think you will ever trust me. Swaroop laughs and says you know its easy to stain a man’s respect, its old trick, I heard Jagan has made Harjeet lost in kabaddi, think if he did not leave Harjeet, then Jagan will leave you in his house, just because Amba got a sickle there, people will laugh on you, keep an eye on me, maybe I will run away tonight, then show your state to Harjeet. Amrit says I can see bad end of this story and cries.

Its morning, The kids think what to write on the welcome board. Biji asks Swaroop to think again, its your engagement today. Swaroop asks her to go, if she is scared. Biji gives Jagan’s letter to Swaroop. Swaroop read it and smiles. Biji asks what did you write. Swaroop says he is going to accept me completely, thank you so much for managing everything. Biji says I m scared. Swaroop says I will just marry Jagan and laughs.

Jagan applies the perfume Swaroop gave him. She smiles reading his letter, he wrote he will make her elope. She sees the red dress and looks happy. Lala ji finds her happy and smiles. He tells Amrit that Swaroop agreed, make her ready well. He goes. Amrit sees Swaroop getting ready and says it will be good if you marry this guy, you will forget Jagan. Raavi tells Jagan that Mannu will die today. She asks why did you wear this clothes, I made same dress as Sukhi. He scolds her badly and goes.

Lala ji asks Amrit is Swaroop ready. Swaroop gets ready and looks pretty. Lala ji says I think she is ready to live her life with a new start, I saw her smiling, she was getting ready. Biji is helping Swaroop run away. Harjeet says its good if she is ready to marry this guy, else I will kill her. Swaroop is running away and gets shocked seeing Harjeet.

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