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The Episode starts with Mannu telling Bheeru that he did homework, but whats the need. Bheeru says its given so that kids study at home as well and remember things well. A car passes by and dirty water falls on Mannu. Mannu gets angry. Bheeru takes him to the car. Mannu sees Raj in the car and recalls his words. He says that boy did this intentionally. Bheeru says what we see is true is not always right, leave it come. Mannu goes to his class and sees Raj. They argue. Teacher comes. Mannu says I did homework, shall I show. Teacher says no, just say biggest planet in solar system. Mannu says wrong. Raj answers Jupiter. Teacher asks Mannu to learn from Raj, and asks Raj about liquid resources. Raj tells about liquid taking shape of container, example water and milk. Teacher asks Mannu not to be with Sukhi.

The kids laugh.

Raavi says today Mannu will die. Jagan gets his gun and says I will kill Mannu today. They get shocked seeing Amba at the door. Raavi tries to explain. Amba did not hear them and ask Raavi to come fast and have food. Raavi says I will come. Amba leaves. Raavi gets relieved, and says I got scared, we got saved.

Teacher takes attendance. More girls join the glass. The boys get happy. Teacher asks them to open some chapter. He explains history. Raman looks at Simran. The girls trouble Simran, and Simran thinks Raman is throwing papers at her. Raman sees the girls throwing papers at Simran. Simran then sees the girls. Raman gets a chalk piece and throws the chalk on teacher. Teacher sees those two girls throwing papers, and asks them to stand. Teacher scolds them and makes them leave from the class. The boys whistle. Raman smiles holding the sunflower. He puts flower in book and asks a girl to pass book to Simran. Teacher sees him and asks him to leave from class. The girl smiles seeing the sunflower. Raman goes out. Raman smiles seeing Simran’s reflection.

Amrit cuts her finger while chopping vegs. Swaroop cares for her and asks what was she thinking. Amrit says I m worried for Raj, don’t know how is his day. Swaroop asks her not to worry. Amrit says Rohan does not let Raj live, Raj has many marks on his heart. Swaroop recalls Jagan and holds her face, and says when there are some marks, hearts get strong, Raj will learn a lot, don’t cry, I m saying true, who else can know better about the marks, I will go out, I have work.

The kids leave as school bell rings. They ask Raj to come and play. Mannu says leave him, he does not move from his place. The kids laugh and go. Mannu leaves. Raj gets sad. Peon asks him to go out and play. Raj walks by support sticks. Mannu sees him. Amba is on the way and see a woman committing suicide. She saves the lady and asks are you mad to die. The lady says you are Jagan’s bhabhi, he wants to snatch a widow’s land, go and stop him if you can. She cries and asks what shall I do, I have one support to live.

The kids come back to class after lunch break ends. Mannu asks Raj will he become friend. Raj asks did you get pity. Mannu says no, Sir told me to learn from you. Raj agrees. Sukhi asks Mannu to sit with him. Mannu says I will teach you what I learn from him, it will be good for both of us. Sukhi likes the idea. Teacher comes and asks them to answer the questions. Mannu asks Raj to help and teach him. Raj teaches Mannu about subtraction. Mannu smiles and says this is great way. Sukhi sits alone. Bheeru asks Mannu why is he happy. Mannu says I got new guy, he helped me in maths, I thought he is bad. Bheeru says you should thank him. Mannu says yes, come. He goes to Raj’s car and does not find him. he leaves thank you note for Raj. Raj comes and asks what are you doing. Mannu says I was pasting note for you to thank you. Raj misunderstands him and says you were applying glue on the stick to trouble me, go from here, else I will beat you a lot. Bheeru looks on.

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