Waaris 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Simran crying. Jagan does not get Raman. Simran gets relieved. Panchayat says Raman is not here, is there anything left. Harjeet says we will leave. Amba says I told before also, if anything goes missing in their house, they come here. Jagan says maybe Harjeet sold his son and came here. Swaroop scolds him. Jagan taunts her. Mannu says enough now. Sarpanch asks Harjeet not to trouble Pavaniyas now. Harjeet leaves. Sarpanch apologizes to Amba and goes.

They all go. Amba sees Simran tensed. She goes. Mannu recalls going back and pushing Raman’s sack away. He hugs Simran. He says we have to talk to mummy, we saved Raman. Amba asks Simran where is Raman. Simran says how will he be here. Amba says I m your mum, why are you so scared, tell me where is Raman. Mannu says I will

tell you.

Jagan goes back to storeroom and checks all sacks again. He stabs the sacks to check. He wonders where is Raman. He sees a sack and smiles. Amba says say truth, matter can get bad. Jagan comes there and drags Simran out. He says no one will talk now, I know everything, you will see her doings now. Amba and Mannu worry. Jagan says Raman came to our house as he is having an affair with Simmi, you see now. He goes and calls out Raman to come out, else I will not leave Simran.

He hits beside Simran. Simran cries. Jagan asks Raman to come out. Amba asks him to leave Simran. Raavi says leave her. Jagan says Raman come here, else I will kill Simran. Amba asks him to stop it. Jagan signs them to stop and hear the footsteps. Raman comes out of storeroom. They all get shocked. Simran runs to him. Jagan pushes her and beats up Raman.

Amba looks on. Simran asks Jagan to leave Raman. Raman screams in pain. Raavi holds Simran. Simran asks Amba to stop Jagan. Jagan beats Raman more. Mannu gets on Jagan’s head to stop him. Jagan holds his head and falls down. Simran sits crying. Mannu asks Gunjan and Sukhi to catch Jagan. They drag Jagan and tie him.

Jagan says enemy has come home, you are supporting him. Raavi shouts shut up. Jagan looks at her. Amba sees Raman. Simran says I was going to tell you. Amba slaps Simran. Simran falls down. Amba asks Mannu did you know this, why did you not tell me, if Harjeet got Raman here, there would have been many deaths in this pind, your dad gave his life to bring peace in this village. Raman and Simran cry.

She asks Simran what did she do instead fulfilling Charan’s dream. She calls Harjeet. Simran says stop. Mannu says Simran and Raman want to marry. Amba gets shocked. She stops calling. Mannu says this is the truth, Simran and Raman love each other and want to marry, everything will get fine when both families meet. Amba asks how will everything get fine. Amba worries. Mannu says why not, love can happen with anyone, much wrong happened, love is biggest ointment, maybe this will end our families fight, Papa ji’s dream can also be fulfilled. Jagan looks on. Amba recalls Harjeet and Jagan’s fights. She thinks I know Bajwas and Pavaniyas’ enmity willl take another turn.

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