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The Episode starts with Raavi’s mum Sushila coming home. Amba greets her. Sushila says I heard of Charan and could not come, I felt sorry. She scolds Raavi for not valuing Amba. Raavi and her mum sit and have a talk. Her mum tells about her marriage. Mannu comes there. Amba asks Mannu to greet Sushila. Mannu greets her. She hugs him and says he looks like Charan’s copy, he has that Shah nature. She gives him a chocolate. Raavi says yes, come with me to my room now. They go. Mannu asks Amba how did she allow him to eat outside thing. Amba says Sushila is equal to Bebe, I always stopped Bebe from feeding you, she loved you a lot, and today she is in this state, house breaks when elders are not with us. Mannu says Bebe will get up and we will win in panchayat. Amba smiles and says yes. She hugs Mannu.


morning, Swarooo and Amrit cook breakfast. Swaroop says its 7 years and now its time to teach a lesson to Jagan, you have this chance, panchayat sent the notice, see this mark on my face, we can’t let him free, promise me that you will give statement in favour of Amba, you will take revenge from Jagan.

Harjeet comes there and hears them. Swaroop says you here…. Harjeet says I have to go panchayat with Amrit, you go to city and see godown work. Swaroop says fine and leaves. Harjeet asks Amrit is she ready to do as he said.

Panchayat waits for Harjeet. The people gossip and say its war of humanity and enmity, lets see how Bajwa’s bahu saves Pavaniya’s bahu’s respect. Amba and Mannu greet the panchayat. Panchayat says Harjeet and Amrit did not come till now. Mannu prays that Amrit comes and proves Amba right.

Harjeet and Amba come there. Harjeet asks why did you call us here. Panchayat says Jagan is saying Bebe got to know about Harjeet and Amba’s affair and that’s why Amba tried to kill Bebe, is this true Amrit. Jagan worries. Amrit says yes, this is true, Amba had a relation with my husband. Jagan, Amba and Mannu get shocked. Panchayat asks Amrit are you in any pressure, did Harjeet and Amba have an affair. Amrit cries and says yes. Amba asks Amrit what are you saying. Amrit sits crying and says they had relation. Jagan smiles.

Amba asks Amrit not to be scared, your statement is very imp for me, it will stain my character, don’t do this, you are pressurized right, don’t go this. Harjeet asks Amba what are you doing, accept the mistake now. Amba gets shocked. Harjeet says I m a man and got influenced by Amba, but she came to me, she trapped me. Jagan gets shocked. Harjeet says but now I understood family is imp, this won’t happen again. He asks Amrit not to cry and forgive him for his mistake, he will never do this. He holds Amrit and asks them to see, Amrit’s wounds got fresh, if you all allow, we have to leave from here. They leave. Jagan smiles. Amba recalls Harjeet and Amrit’s words. She gets dizzy and Mannu holds her. He asks Amba is she fine.

Amrit comes home and sees Raj tied up. She frees Raj and asks did Rohan beat you. Harjeet says Rohan is my real tiger. He gives money to Rohaan and sends him. Amrit hugs Raj and cries. Harjeet says you are planning against me, I will show Raman that father is a father, I have broken you all. He laughs.

A man runs to Raavi. Sushila shows gifts for Sukhi and Jagan. The man tells Raavi that Amrit and Harjeet agreed that Amba had relation with Harjeet, now Jagan will win. Raavi gets glad and says I will dance now, I will not let Amba come inside house. She sends the man. Raavi asks Sushila is she not happy. Sushila laughs and says I have done all this, I wanted to take revenge, that’s why I went to Harjeet knowing if I show love to Harjeet, he will give statement against Amba. Raavi gets glad. Sushila says I will clear Amba and Mannu from here, just see, its many year old wounds, I got ointment now.

Jagan asks did they know everything now. Mannu says no, Amrit is lying. Amba asks Mannu to stop it and not explain. Jagan asks Amba to stop the drama, now our eyes opened, we know Amba had bad character 7 years before also, she changed after Charan died, we are servant of her and want her sign, she has pushed Bebe, now Bebe is lying in bed, I request you to remove Amba from our business, we don’t want her sign.

Mannu says my mummy is culprit, Amrit said right, I understood my mummy is a liar, she should be punished. Amba gets shocked. Panchayat says Amba should be given to police. Jagan thanks panchayat.

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