Waaris 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Jagan threatens Mannu

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The Episode starts with Raj calling Mannu. Simran lies to Mannu. Mannu understands Simran is lying. Simran messages Raj that she is on the way. Mannu tries to look out. She asks Simran did carpenter say anything. Simran lies again. Mannu says it means Simran has lied to me, I m trapped here so that I don’t fill form in panchayat, what shall I do, I never thought Amba will cheat me, why. Mannu acts to fall down. Amba and Simran hear her scream. Mannu cries.

Chandar’s man asks till when will we wait, she won’t come now. Chandar says I wanted to give her equal chance. Raj looks on. Chandar says if I fill form alone, it means I will win. He says Preet knows I will become sarpanch, maybe she got scared, she is a delicate girl, she has to think about Maryada, right Raj, tell me. Raj scolds Chandar.

Chandar asks him to get jalebis. Raj thinks who told this to Chandar that I got jalebirs for Preet at home. He leaves.

Raj calls Jhilmil. The man says she has gone Patiala. Raj says is Preet in trouble. Amba goes to open the door. Jagan stops her. Amba says Mannu is hurt, she is crying. Jagan says you have to stop, she is acting, stand here, I won’t let my game spoil, don’t be mad. Amba pushes him and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing Mannu fine.

Chandar and his goons catch Raj. Chandar taunts him. Simran says you lied and cheated us. Mannu says I should say this, people whom we trust cheat us, you broke my trust. Jagan asks Amba to see, did anything happen to her. Mannu says atleast my mum’s heart is alive, I can forget that she locked me by cheat, do you have fear or belief that I will become sarpanch. Amba stops her.

Amba says if you become sarpanch, Raj will rule in pind, its his plan to use you. Mannu says its better Bajwas manage village than Chandar, I know Jagan and Chandar are not loyal to us, Raj is mine. Jagan asks Amba to stop Mannu, else Raj will take her. The goons stop Mannu at the door. Simran stops Mannu. Mannu asks Amba is this her justice to cage her. Jagan asks them to lock Mannu. Mannu says its imp to fill the form for elections, they will ruin everything. Rohan comes and beats the men. He challenges Jagan. Rohan recalls Raj calling him and making him hear Chandar. Simran says see my lover has come to free my sister from me. Rohan asks Simran to leave Mannu. Simran doesn’t listen. Rohan pushes Simran away. He asks Mannu to go from here, he will manage them. Mannu runs. Jagan stops her and keeps knife at Amba’s neck. He says you can go, but you will find your mum dead when you return. Mannu gets shocked.

Mannu calls Raj. She apologizes and says I can’t leave my mum, I don’t want to become sarpanch. Chandar laughs. Jagan says mum and daughter have much love. Chandar says now she has refused to come, I m going to fill form. Raj worries. Chandar says I m your new sarpanch Chandar, congrats for this. Everyone chants his name. Chandar signs the form and thinks this is my first win.

Mannu asks Jagan to leave Amba. Jagan refuses. Amba says I didn’t know Jagan could stop Preet. Mannu asks are you with Jagan. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This drama is becoming a joke. When is this drama going to end. When is preet and Raj finished ally going to get married?

  2. what a bundle story ……….
    plz shutdown this serial now.


    Tooo much to bear.. team and writers are spoiling show.. all tym devils win and good bears… ????????????
    I thought when i got busy something interesting must have happened but show is heading towards worse..????
    No more about waaris but only revenege and cheat ??

  4. Frosties

    Yep… it’s boring. I’ve missed a view episodes myself but caught up here on purpose because there’s no moral to the storyline!

    1) where is Raj’s father at a time like this?
    2) Preet used to be shah, surely she has contacts and works around to be the top
    3) Amba is weak and the light is on but nobody’s home – dimwit?

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