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The Episode starts with Jagan flirting with Swaroop. She laughs and runs away. He asks her to tell Lala ji to refuse for her engagement, I will come your home to marry you. She says first leave your wife, then we will see. She leaves. He smiles. Amba is with Mannu, and thinks of Charan. Swaroop passes by the jungle area and sees Amba. She says so this is the baby, would be Shah, who has stopped my Jagan, you don’t have teeth, your uncle has poisonous bites. Mannu cries. Amba hears him and rushes to him.

She takes Mannu and asks Swaroop to go, what were you doing with my baby. Swaroop laughs and says Shah’s mum should be like tigress, how will you raise him with such low courage. She leaves. Amba hugs Mannu. Swaroop comes home. Harjeet scolds her and asks where were you, why did you come late.

Lala ji and Amrit look on. Swaroop smiles and sees Raj. She taunts on Harjeet and says its like I m some land, not a sister, to just hit on me with an axe. Harjeet raises hand. Lala ji stops Harjeet. Harjeet scolds Swaroop.

Lala ji asks them not to fight now and takes Swaroop with him. Harjeet fumes on Swaroop and throws the toy gun. He scolds his son and Amrit. Swaroop tells Lala ji that he lost much of his weight. He says if girl is with any guy in village, any dad would lose weight by worry, we kept you away for one year so that you get sense, did you go to meet Jagan. She nods. He says if Harjeet knows this, he will kill you.

She says I don’t understand, you should be happy, you always wanted both families’ enmity to end. He says you think whatever you are doing will end enmity, it will increase, there will be bloodshed, nothing will happen of you, Jagan is married. Aunty come sand says so many gifts came from your inlaws, you will get engaged next week. Lala ji says engagement will happen tomorrow itself. Swaroop cries. Lala says explain her…. And gets angry.

Bebe talks on phone and says I can’t hear you. Jagan asks her to hold phone right. Bebe says yes, I m getting voice now. She asks tailor to give clothes on time, we have Mannu’s function tomorrow. Jagan hears her. Raavi comes and tells about Swaroop coming back home, I think men will fight for her, Lalla ji fixed her marriage. Bebe says Swaroop should have got married before. Jagan scolds Raavi and asks her to go and help Amba. Bebe asks Amba to keep milk for Mannu, we will feed Kheer to Mannu separately. She asks Raavi with whom is Swaroop’s marriage fixed. Jagan signs Raavi to go to Amba. Raavi goes.

Amrit tells Swaroop that she made a chunri for her, as they don’t have Bebe. She finds Swaroop upset and says when you marry, your husband will become everything for you. Swaroop says that man is just Jagan for me. Amrit gets shocked and asks are you mad, do you know what you are saying, does Bau ji know this, Harjeet does not know, manage everything, forget all this. Swaroop says I don’t care what anyone thinks, Jagan is just made for me. Amrit says Jagan is wrong, he is married, he will make you servant, not wife. Swaroop says I love Jagan a lot, if I don’t marry him, everyone will be ruined. Harjeet comes there and slaps Swaroop angrily. He scolds Amrit and Swaroop. He holds Swaroop’s neck and says I will kill you. She says do anything, but I won’t do this marriage. He takes vase to hit Swaroop. Amrit stops him. Swaroop scolds her. Lala ji asks them to come and meet guests. Harjeet locks Swaroop in the room.

Harjeet asks Amrit to see Swaroop, else I will kill both of you. He goes. Amrit cries. Swaroop asks Amrit to help her, you married Harjeet, did he keep you happy, I have seen myself, how he made you a servant, I have seen you bearing that animal, I request you, just pass this info to Jagan that I m going to get engaged tomorrow, he will stop engagement, if my mum was alive, she would have helped me, please. Amrit goes out at night and thinks of Swaroop’s words. Amba cooks kheer and talks to Mannu. She hears some sound and a girl’s scream. She gets shocked.

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