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The Episode starts with everyone coming to Panchayat. Mohini says Simran is Bajwas bahu, she has to stay with us, we thought she died alongwith Raman, but she is alive. Amba hugs Simran and says no, she is not mentally fine. Mohini says we will remind her everything. Harjeet says Preet took baraat to us to marry Raj, she is staying in my house, I want Simran to stay with us, she is our responsibility. Mannu comes and says no, she can’t go there, she is not safe there, I want they have some plan behind all this. Mohini says we want to take bahu with respect, and she is seeing plan in it, did you had any problem in our house. Panchayat tells Amba that they can’t do anything.

Harjeet says we will accept panchayat decision. Sarpanch asks Jagan what’s his decision. Amba begs to Jagan. Jagan smiles

and says Simran will stay with inlaws, I have no objection. Sarpanch says Simran has to go to her inlaws, Amba its true you lied to save her from Bajwas, but they want to take Simran with respect. Mohini takes Simran. Raj comes. Mohini says Raj found a good way to take revenge from you. Mannu says this was Raj’s plan. Mohini says so he came to see this. Raj asks what’s happening here. Harjeet pats his hand. Simran shouts. Amba cries. Mannu consoles her. Amrit comes to pacify Amba.

Amba says I was worried for this, they took Simran. Mannu asks how did you think you will save her, you are responsible for Simran’s state, I will never forgive you for this. Amba cries. Mannu says you just wanted Shah post. She goes.

Amrit says I still respect the woman who saved my handicapped my son, who saved my respect from Jagan, so I promise you, I will protect both my bahus. Raj asks Mohini what’s this, its not Simran’s mistake. Mohini says Raman married her, she is bahu of our house, why can’t she stay with us.

Raj says I just know, Raman loved Simran a lot, I can go against Preet, if anything happens to Simran, none will be worse than me. She says I got her along so that nothing wrong happens with her. He goes. Mohini says Raman came in my way and now Preet.

Raj comes home. Mannu claps. She scolds him. She says you did not think once before dragging Simran to panchayat. He says look Preet, I did not….. fine I played the game, I also have right to play game, you made Amrit against me and make her away. She says if anything happens to Simran… He says there is difference between us, we are not so cheap to use a mentally balanced girl, she was my bhabhi. Mannu says there was another girl, lost in love, whom you used and exposed her truth in front of village, none knows what can Bajwas do.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. tania-the fairy

    I want mannu to give a slap to raj.then he will understand.

    How long they will run this track.now fed up of it.

    Really bring mohini s truth out and let raj feel guilty.

    Where are all of friend.why they are not commenting..Satya,FS,Tessy and others.

  2. Hey tania
    How are you
    Yes i did not comment tdy cause i was upset with serial track

    Everytime only fights between them and mohini play and no one understands what she is doing

    I hate nihaal the way he move his eyes n face is untorable -:(

    Why they both can not be revealed?

    1. tania-the fairy

      Hi,tessy.I m fine dear. what about u? yes tessy,the episode is becoming boring day by day.

  3. Hi Tania
    I have stopped watching the serial. Only read updates. Yes this simran track is very disturbing. How can they consider Simran as Bajwa bahu when the marriage was nto concluded between Raman – Simran. I trust RAj to keep a protective eye on Simran. Mohini is now flying high. she will surely commit some blunder which will expose her as killer of Raman! I think i process of lookign after siman RAj – Preet may again come closer. I m not happy with that as we have seen Raj is as abusive by nature as his father!

    1. tania-the fairy

      Hi,Satya.nice to sef you. I also read update sometime than whole episode.just can hope for better epi. Waiting for that.

      1. tania-the fairy

        **see .this auto correct..

  4. I don’t watch, just read the updates.
    It’s getting a little irritating now .

    That mohini n her son ? , what game they up to ?

    But let’s hope that Rohan can help these pavania sisters as raj looks
    completely retard ?

  5. Now raj and preet hate each other.yesterday i liked the conversatn bw raj and preet.waiting for tonight precap.

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