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The Episode starts with Mannu and Harjeet’s son getting punished. Bheeru talks to Mannu and asks him not to worry, this is school’s fun. Peon sees Mannu and checks pic, recalling Jagan’s words. Simran returns bag to Raman and thanks him. he says my name is Raman, whats your name. She asks why do you want to know. He says everyone has a name. She says think I m just classmate, I thanked you as you helped me. She goes. He thinks why is she rude. The boys ask Mannu why did he not do homework. Mannu says my mummy asked me not to talk to anyone. The boys feel bad and leave.

Sukhi asks Mannu to come along. Bheeru says you go, Mannu will go with me. Amba worries for Mannu and thinks how long will she hide the secret. She makes oil fall, and prays for Mannu. Bheeru and Mannu walk on the road. A man asks

Bheeru for some address. Auto driver asks Mannu to sit, I will drop you home. Mannu sits sand says let Mama come. Bheeru runs after Mannu. Mannu shouts for Bheeru. Bheeru sees a man with a gun, and takes his gun. He runs after the auto. Mannu shouts to Bheeru. Bheeru goes by rough way and comes infront of the auto. He shoots at the auto and driver runs. Mannu hugs Bheeru.

Bheeru asks who was he, did you know him. Mannu says no. Bheeru asks him not to go with anyone like this from next time and not tell mummy, she will worry. Bheeru thinks who was he who wanted to take Mannu. Bebe makes Amba clean the room and find dead rat which is stinking the room. Amba says I have to cook food for Mannu. Bebe asks her to find rat first. Amba finds the rat.

Mannu comes home sad. Amba asks what happened. Bheeru says his mood is bad. Bebe says he will get fine, your decision to send him to school is right, he will learn to protect himself, how long will you and Bheeru look after him. Bheeru thinks if Mannu knows what happened today, she will worry. Raj goes to help Amrit and she hides her face. He gets sad seeing her face hurt. Her other son Rohan comes and scolds Raj. Amrit scolds Rohan and asks him to leave Raj. Rohan says I will tell Papa and then your other eye will also get red. Swaroop slaps Rohan and scolds him for misbehaving with Amrit. She sends him out.

Mannu cries and recalls what happened in school. He tells Amba that school is bad, teacher scolded me and kids are also bad, I won’t go to school, I will study at home. Amba recalls Bheeru’s words.

Rohan goes to Harjeet and says change Raj’s name to Radha, he is at home and doing woman’s work all day, you know what happened today, mummy was teaching him stitching work, Raj is afraid to go to school. Amrit gets tensed. Rohan goes. Harjeet asks Amrit to come to him. He asks what was Raj doing, you are teaching him tailoring work, Rohan is right, Raj will go school from tomorrow. She says but his legs. He holds her face and says if I see Raj at home, I will make him wear girls’ clothes. She cries. Raj looks on.

Amba cooks food while thinking. She thinks to cook dal for more time, and keeps cooker on stove. She gets away and cooker explodes. Bheeru, Mannu and everyone come there and worry for Amba. Bebe asks Amba if anything happened to her, who would raise her daughters. Bheeru says maybe Amba was thinking, Mannu refused to go to school. Raavi asks what, Sukhi never got tired of going to school, I mean if Mannu does not go school, how will he become Shah.

Amba asks Mannu did he lose, will he not go to school, I felt you will study well, I told wrong that time, I thought to keep you always with me, there will be many problems, if you run away, you know everything will call you coward, you have to become like Papa, who always won, you have to go to school. Mannu says I will go school and become like Papa, I will win and show. She hugs him and asks him to sleep. Raavi smiles seeing them and thinks Amba made work easy, no one can save Mannu this time.

Raavi asks is this the plan. Jagan says I will kill Mannu today. She gets shocked seeing Amba at the door. Jagan gets shocked too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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