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The Episode starts with Raman saying I love Simran. Mannu recalls Raj’s words and asks will you marry Simran, as lovers do. Raman says yes, I will marry Simran. Mannu hugs him and says then everything will get fine, maybe the enmity will also end, we have to be careful. Harjeet asks the men to go and find Raman. Amrit cries. He scolds her. She says maybe Raman does not want to stay here, so he ran away. He slaps her. Mohini comes there and smiles. He asks who are you. She says Banjaran, I distribute happiness in every house. Swaroop asks why did you come. Mohini says I have to talk to Harjeet in private.

Swaroop asks her to get lost. Mohini says if I go today, Harjeet will regret a lot. Harjeet says let her come Swaroop. He asks Mohini to come. They go to the room. He asks her to say. She says

you are young and handsome, but anyone can fool you, first Amba, then Mannu and now your own son Raman. He asks Raman, how do you know him, where is he. She says I will say, but my legs are aching as I m roaming since long, I don’t have food, clothes and home.

He says tell me about Raman, you will get everything. She smiles and says Raman is there from where you got insulted. He says Pavaniya house. He asks how do you know. She says take the entire pind, else they won’t let you go inside. He says how to trust you. She says fine, I will go. He says if your news is wrong, I will not leave you. She says if news is true, even then don’t leave me. He gets angry. Raj hears this and thinks to call Mannu.

Mohini recalls Amba’s words and says you snatched my Jai, I will snatch your happiness, once Harjeet gets Raman there, see he will not leave you Mannu. Simran says where will we hide Raman. Raman says don’t worry, I will run away, Mannu says no, there is no time to run now, you hide in that sack. They hide Raman in the sack.

Harjeet, Swaroop and panchayat come there to find Raman. Jagan stops him and says Raman is not here. Harjeet says you have kidnapped my son. Amba says Raman is not here. Harjeet says let us check house, truth will be known. Jagan scolds him.

Panchayat asks Amba to let Harjeet check house and end matter. Amba agrees. Jagan says how will we let them check house. She says someone lost child, we can do this. Harjeet says your house is small, we will know in 2mins. He asks his men to go and check house well.

Mannu and Simran worry. Jagan recalls Simran’s words. He thinks it means Raman is there, see what I do now. The men say we checked all rooms, he is not here. Harjeet sees Simran tensed and looking at storeroom. He says one room is left.

Harjeet and his men go to check storeroom. Jagan says you want to be satisfied right. He gets a metal stick and says I did not invite you here, but now I will not send you empty hand. He stabs the sack and gets rice. He says Raman will be hiding in any sack, till when will he hide. He stabs and tears more sacks. Simran and Mannu worry. Jagan says Harjeet, this is my house, godown and sacks, but its done for you. Swaroop gets scared.

Gunjan holds Simran’s hand. Jagan goes to the sack in which Raman is hiding. Simran cries. Mannu worries. Jagan goes to stab that sack. Simran cries in shock. Amba gets shocked.

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