Waaris 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone rushing to Bebe. Jagan calls the doctor. Doctor says Bebe fell down and her spinal cord is injury, she will not get up and her body movements won’t be possible. Mannu says Bebe moved her hand. Bebe gets conscious and Mannu thanks Lord. Bebe shows finger towards Jagan. Raavi and Jagan get shocked. Doctor gives her injection and says now she will get some pain relief. Mannu sees Bebe falling asleep, and asks if she got conscious, why did you give injection. Doctor says I do what is right for the patient. Raavi says yes, just make her fine. Jagan takes doctor out. Doctor asks Jagan not to worry, I will give her medicines, the medicine which I m giving her, she will not come to senses ever. Jagan smiles. He recalls how he told Raavi to go to Bebe. FB shows Raavi asking Bebe

to come and see raavan dahan from terrace. She takes Bebe to terrace. Raavi says I will just come and goes to Jagan. Jagan tells the plan.

He removes the lights and pours oil on the floor, by which Bebe fell down. FB ends. Doctor asks Jagan to give the injection, then Bebe will never get conscious. Jagan sends him and smiles. Mannu rubs Bebe’s hands. Raavi asks what will happen now. Jagan says whoever tried to kill my mum, just leave from this room right away. He stares at Amba. He says your drama is over, what are you staring, I m telling you, you tried to kill my Bebe by pushing her down from stairs. Amba and everyone get shocked.

Amba asks are you not ashamed to say this, look at Bebe’s state. Jagan says you have pushed her, now justice will happen in panchayat. Its morning, Jagan tells everything to the panchayat. He asks them to do justice, Bebe is not able to speak or walk, its all because of Amba, who pushed Bebe and made her fall. panchayat asks Jagan whats the proof, we all know Amba, we did not get any complain against her, why will she do this, tell me. Jagan says because she has wrong relations with Harjeet Bajwa. They all get shocked.

Jagan says my Bebe got to know this, Bebe should have been here, she was going to tell you about her actions, but no, Amba got to know this and pushed Bebe. Mannu shouts Jagan is lying. Amba stops Mannu. Jagan asks Mannu not to be talk between elders. Mannu says you are liar and always lie, my mummy did not do anything, she did not push Bebe, mummy has no relation with Jagan, he wants to make us leave from the house, he has admitted it that he is dreaming to be Shah, he promised that he will leave this dream when Amrit told the truth to Bebe, mummy was getting Bebe down, she did not push Bebe. Jagan says Amba has pushed Bebe, I will see how to get Bebe’s treatment done. Panchayat says let Mannu speak, he is Shah. Mannu says Bebe has punished Jagan, so Jagan is making stories now. Amba asks Mannu to let sarpanch say. Panchayat decides to call Amrit and ask the truth to know if blame on Amba is true or not, they will send notice to call Amrit in panchayat, after that decision will be taken.

Its night, Mannu asks Amba to have food. Amba refuses. Mannu says Amrit has to come to support us like she supported us last time. Amba cries. Jagan gets angry and throws glass. Raavi asks him not to worry. Harjeet will not send Amrit to give statement for enemy. Jagan says he is my biggest enemy, he will say against me, they will come to support Amba.

Harjeet reads the notice from panchayat. A lady comes and Harjeet asks her who is she. He asks servants to make the lady go. She says I m Sushila, everyone knows me, why are you worried, I m Raavi’s mum, I m Jagan’s mum in law. Harjeet says so Jagan has sent you to convince me for giving statement for him. She says no, you say truth, I heard you all fight, I request you to support Amba, Pavaniya family will break, Amba and Mannu united family, Jagan wants to make Amba leave from family, you can save this house from breaking. She keeps some snacks and goes. Harjeet thinks whom to support, Amba or Jagan.

Panchayat asks Harjeet and Amrit about the truth. Amrit lies that Amba had a relation with Harjeet. Amba and Mannu get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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