Waaris 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amba waiting for Mannu. Bebe asks Amba what happened. Amba says Mannu would have come. A man comes to get junk items. Bebe says you checked door ten times, you have not sent Mannu abroad, everyone goes to school, your son is not the only one, go and cook food. Amba makes the food. Bebe says good smell is coming, what are you cooking. Amba says I made Mannu’s fav food. Bebe asks her to give desi ghee halwa to Raavi too. Amba says yes, I made lots of halwa for everyone. Bebe asks Amba where are you going now, will you go to school now, he will come, Bheeru has gone with him.

Bheeru and Mannu come home. Amba asks Mannu how was your first day at school. Mannu is upset and goes to room. Bebe says I think he got tired, he has no habit to go to school. Amba asks Bheeru to come, I

will show what I cooked for Mannu. She asks Bheeru why is Mannu upset, did anyone know anything. He says everything is fine. She takes food for Mannu. Raavi says even my Sukhi goes to school and does not get tired. Bebe says Sukhi does not work hard.

Two girls come to class and guys pass comments. Raman looks at Simran. The girl scolds the guy, and others laugh. the girl says we are studying because of Simran, who wanted to study ahead. The two girls trouble Simran.

Amba sees Mannu slept. Bheeru says I think he slept. She asks is Mannu fine, did anything happen in school. Bheeru says no, else he would have told me. Amba checks Mannu and says he has no fever. Bheeru recalls Amba’s words and says a mum’s prayers always affects, you prayed that he does not like school, you think was that prayer right or wrong. She thinks Mannu is bearing my lie’s punishment and hugs Mannu.

The two girls cut Simran’s dupatta and her dress too. Simran gets shocked and stands against the wall. The girls ask her to hide her body from everyone now, you like to study right. She throw Simran’s dupatta. Raman sees all this. The girls leave. Simran gets worried seeing Raman walking to her. She asks what are you doing, don’t come close, else I will shout and hit you. He gives his bag to her, and says keep this, you can put this at back and cover your body by this. She takes his bag and runs from the class. She gets her book and smiles seeing a sunflower in it.

Raj’s brother asks him to do his homework. Raj asks him a question and says I will do your homework all month. Raj’s brother answers wrong. Raj asks him to check book. His brother gets angry and takes his book back. Simran recalls the incident and sits stitching her dress. Gunjan comes there and asks her to come and have food. She asks whose bag is this.

Simran gets tensed and takes bag. Gunjan says this is not your bag. Simran says I got it in school to keep bags, come we have to help mummy. Amba makes Mannu ready like a girl and smiles. Waaris…….plays…………… Mannu asks her to make her ready first. Amba sees her daughter in Mannu and smiles. She holds Mannu’s face. Mannu asks for bottle. Amba’s imagination ends. Mannu asks what are you thinking, give me the bottle. Mannu leaves with Bheeru.

Mannu and Sukhi are in class. Sukhi fools teacher, and gets caught. Teacher punishes him. Teacher asks Mannu to show book and homework. Mannu says if school is there to study, why shall we go home and study. Teacher punishes him too. Peon sees Mannu and recalls Jagan’s words.

Mannu sits in auto. Driver starts auto. Bheeru shouts for Mannu and runs after auto. Mannu gets kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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