Waaris 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amba saying you talk maturely, you look lovely, don’t know why I feel like you are like my family. She agrees to Mannu and says you can stay here. She says this does not mean I said yes for marriage, I will test first and then decide for marriage. Mannu says yes, my dad will pass every test. Jai says as you like. Amba goes. Jai asks Sushila to see, daughter helped. Sushila says yes, but be ready, Amba will be impressed easily.

Jai praises Mannu for saving him. Mannu says no need to go much close to Amba. Jai says wait, what’s the matter, I came here to impress Amba, not to do her aarti, what to do, what’s your problem, Swaroop became your Bua in that house, and here you made Amba your mother. Mannu says we should sleep now. Mannu goes to sleep. Jai wakes up Mannu and

asks what’s the matter, why was Amba seeing you like this, we are partners. Mannu says don’t doubt on partner, focus on Amba. Mannu goes to sleep.

Jai sleeps and snores. Mannu wakes up and goes out of the room. Mannu sees the house. Naina jo saanjh……plays……. Mannu recalls Bebe and family. Mannu says Sushila has done all this, I have come back home, I will get Sushila punished.

Its morning, Raavi cries recalling Jagan’s words. Sushila gets angry on her. Mannu looks on. Sushila asks Raavi is it true what Jagan said, I got angry on him that day but kept quiet, my dream should not break, I did all this to get you respectable life, I have to rule here, girl can’t be born. Raavi cries. Mannu asks Raavi what happened, is everything fine. Raavi says yes. Mannu says you lied to me, tell me what is the matter. Raavi says you don’t get in this house matters, your age is to play, go and play. Mannu goes. Jai looks on and says don’t know when Mannu says truth and lies.

Jagan asks Sushila why did you call Jai home, we could have dropped Amba far from home. Sushila says Jai is right guy, have patience. Jagan says fine, I m giving you last chance. Its night, Jai adds something in milk. Mannu asks what did you add in milk. Jai says saying everything is not necessary, go and do your work. Mannu stares at him. Jai says its bhaang, I m also human. He drinks bhaang milk. Mannu sees the bhaang tablets. Jai says if Sushila sees me, she will be after me, we are also humans, we also like to say truth to everyone, you know, you saved me yesterday, thanks. Mannu says fine, sleep now.

Jai says I don’t like to cheat Amba, there is something in her eyes, I trapped girl since years, I feel like I m trapped in love now. Mannu asks are you saying truth. Jai says none can lie after drinking bhaang. He falls asleep. Mannu thinks its good Jai will not do wrong with Amba, I will not let anything wrong happen, I know how to make Sushila speak up. Mannu takes bhaang tablets. Amba comes there. Mannu calls her mummy. Mannu says I mean my would be mummy. Amba says tell your dad that I have to talk, I m waiting on terrace. Mannu worries and says Jai is drunk, how to send him to Amba. Mannu wakes up Jai. Jai asks what happened. Mannu says Amba is calling you on terrace.

Jai goes to terrace to meet Amba. Amba says I thought to take first test today. Jai says I can’t even count my fingers now, she is saying about tests. He says I went to sleep. Amba says you got scared before game started. Jai says no, I m not scared, poems ring in heart seeing you, shall I say english poem. He tells twinkle twinkle little star rhyme….. He says I can get moon and stars for you. Amba says then get it.

Mannu adds bhaang tablet in milk. Mannu says now Sushila’s truth will come out in front of everyone. Sushila sees Mannu in kitchen and asks what are you doing here. Mannu says I have habit to drink milk before sleeping, you drink this, I will make another glass for me. Sushila says great, but I feel heavy stomach today, it can be indigestion, I will give this milk to Raavi. Mannu worries and thinks Raavi can get hurt by bhaang milk, how to stop Sushila now.

Sushila tells the truth. Raavi gets shocked. Mannu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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