Waaris 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Jagan resting after the day at work. Raavi cries and talks to him. Simran gets friendly with Raman and shakes hands. Raman gets glad. Mannu asks Simran and Gunjan to come fast, Raavan will burn. Amba says don’t hurry, Raavan won’t burn, where is Bebe. Bebe comes and says I have knee pain. Amba makes her sit. Bebe says no, take kids to see Dussehra, I will ask Raavi to massage legs. Bebe asks Amba to take kids to show Raavan dahan and sends her. Jagan drinks in the room and steals the money. Bebe goes to him and starts scolding. Bebe asks will you steal money now, what days will you show in this old age.

She raises hand and he stops her. He says I did not steal money, I have taken money by farming work, I worked hard and what did Amba do. Bebe argues. He says this is

my hardearned money, I will not let anyone snatch my right. She asks hardearned money, what right are you saying, we are Shah family, its our responsibility, we are not doing any favour. He says what shall I do, shall I go and beg money from Amba, look Bebe, what is mine, I will get it any way, first Charan has sworn that he will unite everyone and now Amba, but I won’t let this happen.

Bebe says you should be ashamed, you are saying this against Amba, who loved you like a mother. He says you should be ashamed to make me work like a mother, you will regret, you have Amba here as you have sent Charan to die. Bebe says I regret for you. You went to ruin Amba’s respect for your benefit, you should have got bigger punishment. Bebe says Amba did wrong decision today to make you stay in this house, I should have kicked you out. He says will I agree if you make you leave, its not easy, I also have right on this house, if you all try to make me leave, I will drag you to Panchayat.

Bebe says so Lord made me stay here at home to see this, I did not go to see Raavan dahan as there is Raavan at my home, I was so wrong to misunderstand Charan, he was Ram, and you are Raavan, you are threatening me to take me to panchayat, now panchayat will decide Jagan, I will go there before you, I will tell you bad deeds, panchayat will make you out of this house, then I will see what you do, you pack your bags and be ready to leave. Jagan gets angry. Harjeet throws Raman’s bags and asks him to leave from the house. He twists Raman’s hands, and says you don’t forget I m your father, that’s why you have all luxuries, I m snatching everything now.

Amba tells her children about Raavan Dahan. Jagan is at home and thinking of Bebe’s slap and bitter words. He drinks more wine and says I will show you Raavan’s avatar and the troubles. He laughs. Amba comes home and looks for Bebe. Raavi says Bebe went on terrace. Amba goes to Bebe and talks to her. She says everything was fine, you should have seen Raavan burning. Bebe says I have seen it at home. She says I will go to my room. The lights go. Amba asks Bebe why is she worried. Bebe says I have to tell you something. She does not see the stair and falls down. Amba shouts Bebe. Everyone get shocked.

Jagan tells in panchayat that Amba and Harjeet have an affair, Bebe got to know this, Amba tried to push Bebe and kill her. Mannu shouts Jagan is lying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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