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The Episode starts with Mannu telling Amba about her plan which will make Bajwas salute her. Amba gets puzzled. Mannu says this is not Mannu’s promise, this is Preet’s promise to you. Waaris…..plays….. Amrit slaps Raj angrily. Raj gets shocked. Harjeet asks what are you doing. Amrit scolds Raj for ashaming her upbringing, did she teach this to him, to get mum’s respect back, you played with an innocent girl’s life. Mohini smiles.

Amrit asks how did you think I will be glad hearing this. Raj says I did not ruin anyone’s life, I have just taken revenge for Raman’s death, Mannu has shot Raman. Amrit says Mannu did not kill Raman. Mohini says its true, I have seen it too. Raj says I have earned this, so Papa has accepted us, we are standing as one family here, its a day of happiness,

why don’t you wish me to get my dad’s love. She says who am I to keep you away from your dad’s love, but Raj, to win your dad’s love, you lost mum’s blessings, if you see your victory in this, then congrats, just remember one thing, parents’ love does not depend on any condition, its plentiful without any condition. She sees Harjeet. Harjeet calls her mad and says your son did such thing that made Bajwas proud, he has won. She says your son won, you get happy, my lap got empty today, I can’t smile, you said true, Raj is your son, he is your blood, he has nothing like me. Raj cries.

She says my son can’t do such fallen thing. Raj asks her to stop and listen to him. Amrit leaves. Mannu comes downstairs. Panchayat, Jagan and family members look on. Waaris…..plays… Mannu takes Raavi’s blessings. Raavi stops her and says daughters don’t touch feet, I understood this later. Mannu wipes Babli’s tears and hugs her. Raavi pacifies Amba. Sukhi says its my sister’s bidaai today. Jagan gets angry. Sukhi plays dhol.

Mohini talks to Lord and says Amrit has come back, I have burnt my blood to stay in this house, if I lose my place in this house then… She hears footsteps and sees Raj. She stops Raj.

She asks him did he come along when he went to get Amrit along, did she not come with you, you worked hard for her. She taunts him. She says I prayed to Lord to send your mum back, Amrit will agree as she is a mum. She says no mum can be annoyed with children for long.

Raj asks her to think of herself and tell her Lord to bless her, as he has come in this house now, he won’t let her live in peace, leave about peace, I will not let you live. He greets Lord and goes. Mohini gets angry.

Raavi helps Mannu in rituals. Mannu’s bidaai is done. Mannu steps out of the house. Maai teri chunariya…..plays…. Mannu recalls Amba. She leaves from home and sees Amrit. Amrit cries. Mannu goes to Amrit. Amrit recalls Mannu’s childhood and blesses her. She kisses her forehead. Sukhi and Babli look on. Amrit says what shall I say, when you were born, I gave first shagun to you from Bajwas side, when Amba saved Raj from falling down, he could not walk that time, now he is playing bad games, he cheated my upbringing, I m sorry, he made my head bow down in shame. Mannu says its not your mistake, will you not bless your bahu. Mannu touches Amrit’s feet. Amrit hugs her. Mannu promises to get Amrit her rights and also get her rights.

Raj sees Mannu getting baraat to his house. She says you did not get baraat, so I thought to come with doli, won’t you welcome me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done Preet and Amrit

  2. I still think that all this is Raaj-Preet plan.
    And I hope it is ❤?

    Throwback to the episide where all this happened.When Harjeet hugged Raj he was recalling how he used to insult her and Harjeet’s attitide towards him.
    But lets see what the writers have stored for us

  3. loved the bidaai scenes.Amrit and Preet relation so different as compared to others in bajwa.waiting 4 today epi and entry of Preet in bajwa house.Keep rocking…

  4. I too think the same thing. Maybe it would be Raj plan alone to make Preet fight against her enemy. Waiting for today’s episode. Excellent Waaris.

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