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The Episode starts with Sukhi being punished by the teacher. Teacher asks about the natural resources. Mannu recalls Amba teaching him about natural resources. Mannu asks teacher shall I say. Teacher says yes. Mannu gets down the bench and takes water glass. He throws water and says water flows from up to down, and can’t go back to glass, it takes shape of container. Teacher says you did this today, if I ask about fire, will you burn the class. The kids laugh. Mannu gets sad. Jagan gives Mannu’s pic to peon and asks him to keep an eye on Mannu, you have to do your work when no one sees him. He gives money and says Bheeru is always with Mannu, be careful, he is clever.

Bheeru waits for Mannu outside the school. He is worried and thinks someone is following. She sees someone and goes to see. He

gets shocked seeing Amba and says you, what are you doing here, I was worried thinking who is following us. She says I came to see Mannu. He says I came with Mannu, don’t you trust me. She says I trust you, Mannu did not stay away from me so I came to see him, don’t get annoyed. He says what will you tell at home, your fear can get his secret out, I m with him, trust me, I m outside his class, bad days are over, Mannu will fulfill everyone’s dream. She thinks to wait, Simran will come. Bheeru says Mannu is fine and signs her to go. She leaves.

Swaroop and Raman reach school. She sees just boys and says I feel you can’t become Ranjha, there is no girl here, everyone said girls will get permission to study after 8th class. He says it was good if I sat with dad. They laugh. Raman smiles seeing a girl. He runs to see her. Swaroop asks him to have tiffin. He gives her a flying kiss. She leaves. Raman goes towards the building to see that girl. Its Simran. Raman’s friend stops him and asks him how did he come to school today. Raman asks his friend to give him a seat and his friend pushes him. Raman falls down and sees the girl stepping inside the class. Music plays……………….

Raman gets up and sees her face. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Hua hai aaj pehli baar…………….plays……………… The guys say a girl in our class and they all smile seeing her. Raman asks his friend to move, and sits. The guys ask Simran to sit beside them and give her seat. She gets tensed. The guy says girls will study in our class, it means more girls will come. Another guy holds her dupatta and teases her. Teacher comes and scolds all of them.

Teacher asks Simran to sit, does she need special seat. She says seat is not vacant. Teacher says you are not getting place in this big class. He asks her to sit at second last bench. She asks so far. Teacher asks her to sit in his chair. She goes to that bench. Teacher asks her name. She asks are you asking me. He says yes. She says my name is Sim… The guy says we have hope more girls will come and laughs. Raman says you made me miss to hear her name. Raman looks at her.

Amba waits for Mannu. Bebe worries for Simran and says don’t know whether any other girl came there or not, she will be alone. Amba thinks I have sent Mannu too, Mannu does not know identity, Mannu has gone for first time, don’t know how is Mannu there. Mannu recalls teacher’s words and is sad. Bheeru goes to him and takes him along. Mannu sees the kids playing and recalls Amba’s words. He thinks Maa said right, I won’t come school from tomorrow. Amba cooks food and thinks maybe Mannu liked the school. She prays for Mannu.

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