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The Episode starts with Mannu saying, no, this is not place of cheat, its place of our friendship. She cries and says yes, I did not tell you truth. Raj laughs and says if you kept friendship, you would have told me truth, you have such big truth that you are a girl, you kept big enmity, you proved you are a Pavaniya, and always regarded me a Bajwa. He goes. Mannu cries.

Pammi says I don’t like this color, we will buy designer lahenga. Mohini scolds her ad asks her to wear it. She gets a call and asks did call happen. The man says its done, Amrit won’t be seen here. She laughs. Pammi thinks she got mad.

Mannu comes home at night. Jagan and Amba see her. Amba says you got Aman and Pammi’s engagement fixed. Mannu says 24 hours did not get over till now. Jagan says what did you do till now,

engagement is happening there, what will you do in some hours. Mannu says I know what I m doing, I will cancel marriage. Amba says now you can’t do anything, Jagan is right, we will manage, its about Pavaniya’s respect, we have no time. They leave.

Mannu cries and goes to room. She cries and thinks of Raj. Raj sits drinking and thinks of Mannu. Mannu imagines Raj. She cries. Judaai……plays……….

Its morning, Mannu gets ready and ties pagdi. She thinks to convince Raj, he is my only friend, now everything is clear, he is my secret keeper. Jagan says we will manage everything, you don’t need to do anything, what’s in your pocket. Gunjan says I spoke to Aman, he said he will talk to Aman. Mannu hides the fake beard. She says I m managing, I promised and will fulfill it, I will break this marriage. Amba says matter got worse and leaves with Jagan.

Jagan sees Mannu going and follows. Mannu changes his avatar and leaves. Jagan thinks he is Bajwas’ planner. Mannu goes. Jagan thinks something is wrong, I have to find is Mannu connected to him. Mannu gives lemon water to Raj. Raj asks if this has poison then, I don’t eat anything by those I don’t know. Mannu says yes, you don’t need me, you don’t trust me, you will always be my friend, friends keep each other’s secret, can I have hope from you, will you keep my secret.

Mannu asks him to drink it. Raj says I don’t need you, I can manage myself, go from here. Mannu asks him to shout aloud, we came here to break this marriage for Gunjan, you leave from here. Raj says don’t be mistaken, I m doing this for myself, this is my house, I have to take revenge from Mohini. Mannu says so Lord united us as our motive is same, keep annoyance on side and listen to me, when Amrit reached there, it was some planning, not any accident. Raj gets shocked. The man tells about Mohini. Raj says I have to teach lesson to Mohini. Mannu says I will support you. Raj leaves.

Mannu says you won’t stay annoyed with me for long, one day you will understand my helplessness, till then I will support you. Mohini thinks why did Mrs. Pahuja come now, when engagement is in evening. She steps in cow dung and scolds Mannu. Pandit says its abshagun, how can we make such lady’s daughter bahu of Pahujas, I kept cow dung here, its pure, engagement can’t happen today. Mohini says wait, is there any solution. Mannu signs pandit. Pandit asks Mohini to apologize to cow dung.

Mohini agrees. Harjeet comes and asks what. Mohini says nothing. She apologizes to cow dung. Harjeet goes. Pandit says you have to apologize thrice, then this abshagun will end. Mannu says she can apologize to other things, I have an idea. Pandit says stop, this is your last apology, you will apologize to someone. Mohini asks why, I did not hurt anyone’s heart. Mannu says I have a solution, you apologize to Rajveer to end abshagun, else how will engagement happen. Mohini asks but why. Mannu says you kept him away from home for long. Mohini asks when did I. Mannu says I mean he kept here to prepare your daughter’s marriage, you are the reason to keep him away from home, apologize. Mohini apologizes to Raj. Mannu thinks maybe Raj will forgive me now. Raj sees Mannu.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Precap- Raj is angry on Mannu. He call her cheat. And Manu tries to explain and both fall on bed..

    Show is getting interesting day by day.. i hope Raj understand mannu soon

  2. yes, It’s a very interesting show. I think Raj will soon understand Mannu’s helplessness and both will be together. Such shows should be shown at least twice a day.

  3. Nice track is becoming interesting

  4. sardar ji is superb.Judaai song scenes r superb.

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