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The Episode starts with Raj covering hair with a towel instead wig. He lies to Amba and Mannu. All the women break their fast by rituals. Mannu recalls Raj. Raj asks are you missing Raj. Rohan sees Simran fainting. He holds her and asks her to get water. He feeds water to Simran. Simran thanks him. Everyone sits to dine. Raj talks to few girls. Mannu says I have a request, we want Shahni for Pavaniya, we want Amba to become Shahni.

The man asks how can a woman become Shah. Mannu asks why not, women have more patience and sense, women can do anything, women are not less. Sarpanch says yes, but woman didn’t become Shah. The man says you gave this feast to bribe us, we are leaving. Mannu says if you all support, a new history will be written. The man says no, she is a widow. Sarpanch asks is girl

a heir, only boys can become heir. Amba says sorry, we didn’t mean this, wait. Raj thinks of an idea and takes the doll. Girl asks for her doll. Raj doesn’t give and refuses. The lady snatches the doll and pushes Raj.

Raj asks them till when will they fight for daughters, some day the girls have to become independent and fight for themselves. Mannu says a woman runs country, and we are not ready to make a woman a heir, if we make Amba a Shahni, we will try everything to make a woman independent, mum is first teacher, everyone can get good education, girls will know to fight and not call anyone for help, my mum told same thing many years ago and got permission for Simran’s studies, this will be next step. Amba asks them not to leave food, and apologizes.

Sukhi and others dance on dhol. The girl sees juice drinks and thinks they all will faint in some time. Raj gets shocked when the juice ignites more fire in diya. He tells Rohan about wine mixed in drink, so that Mannu and Amba get defamed, we have to stop them, check who did this, I will manage this drink. Rohan goes to check. Raj dances on baby ko bass pasand hai….He doesn’t let anyone drink. He drinks the juice. Rohan doesn’t get the wine bottle. Raj takes the drinks from everyone and drinks. Mannu gets wine smell. Amba says Pramila got mad, go and make more wine. Raj takes Mannu’s drink and finishes. Raj falls on her.

Rohan gets the wine bottle in bin. He gets a clue. Mannu says thanks for saving us, I understood this has wine. Raj says don’t make me stranger by saying thanks. Mannu takes her. Amba says forgive them. The lady says we liked coming here, we got a lesson here. Sarpanch says Preet is right, we will need time to think to make Amba a Shahni. They all leave.

Amba comes to Raj and scolds for insulting them. Mannu says Pramila saved our respect, she has told about girl fighting for herself, she has done dance and consumed all the wine to save our respect, we have to know who is doing this. Amba apologizes to Raj. Amba tells Mannu what sarpanch said. She asks Mannu to rest now. Raj stops Mannu not to say thanks. Raj says Raj can’t leave Preet in trouble and hugs her. Mannu says Raj…..

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Precap- Raj and Rohan talk about Gunjan friend’s involvement. Mannu might hear them..

    I thought aftet raj get drunk, he may blurt out whole truth to preet

  2. What’s with all these character disguised in such a way that nobody recognises them??
    I love Sukhi’s acting.. he’s a funny character.
    Need more realism most of the storyline is being performed with unchanged poor acting that I’m starting get a bit bored?
    As for Chandaan he’s a criminal so come he gets frequent visitation right and he gets to plot?! I wonder if he bumped into Jagaan??
    Any idea with Rohan- Simran story line?

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