Waaris 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Amba locks up Mannu

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The Episode starts with women supporting Mannu. Chandar calls Amba and asks what am i hearing about Preet. She asks did you get scared that she will win. He says you think what you want, stop her from going, else I can’t save her from Raj. She asks what can I do. He says Raj is very mean, he is openly challenging you, he will ruin your name. She thinks I have to stop Preet, i can’t let Raj win. Raj decides a dress for Mannu. She says you love me a lot right. He says no, if you become sarpanch, I will sit and have food at home. They have a moment. He asks her to get ready, I will get curd and jalebi as you are going for a good work. They smile. He goes. She goes to change.

Amba comes there and locks the bathroom. She thinks I can’t let you ruin our respect. She goes. Mannu gets locked. Raj

calls her. He asks Simran about Mannu. Simran taunts him. She says she went to panchayat office. He says how did she go without telling me. He leaves. Mannu finds the door locked. She shouts for help. Simran and Amba hear her. Simran goes and asks are you inside, the door got stuck, i will call someone. Mannu asks her to hurry up. Babli calls Sukhi and tells him how Simran is lying to Mannu. Sukhi asks her to open the door fast. Babli goes to open the door. Amba stops her. Mannu asks did the carpenter come. Simran says I will try again. Babli thinks its fine Amba stopped me, I know how to get Preet out. She calls Raj and says Preet needs your help, Amba locked her, come back fast. Raj says I can’t hear you. Jagan stops Babli and scolds her. She gets scared.

Chandar comes for giving nominations. The man praises him. The villagers support him. Raj comes there and looks for Mannu. He says don’t know where is she. Chandar fills the form. He says we should give everyone a fair change, we should wait for Preet. Sarpanch praises him. Raj asks sarpanch not to shut register, Preet is on the way, she will be coming, there is still time. The man says she would have come by now, what will she do and win election, women have many works, where is she, maybe she is cooking. He laughs. Raj scolds them for their cheap thinking.

Raj asks them to die by shame, its women’s mistake to give birth to men like them. He takes their class. Everyone gets silent. Chandar does drama. He says Raj is right, what’s wrong in this, what if Preet is a girl, does she have no right to contest and try, I m with her, I respect her, she is brave, I will help her, I m proud I m competing her, I will wait for her, she will come, there is still time, right Raj. Sarpanch says Raj if you really want Preet to come here and fill form, get her here. Raj says I will get her. He goes. Chandar thinks Preet can’t win as Amba is in my control, just I will win.

Chandar’s goons catch Raj. Chandar scolds him. Rohan pushes Simran and asks Preet to go, he will see everyone. Jagan threatens her about Amba. Mannu stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. rubbish rubbish and more rubbish. How can a mother be like Amba….is she saving her daughter or purposely killing her. I am thankful that my mother would rather die than give me pain….I have seen her take all troubles on her and supported me even when she did not like the guy i chose for myself. It took time but mother and my husband get along really well now and he waits for my mom to visit us more than his own! Cv’s should not be called creative people rather bakwass thakele and evils writers…..

    1. Horrible serial

  2. I liked waaris so much but now i hate it
    Unnecessary stories they are targeting

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