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The Episode starts with Sushila saying now I will see and everyone else will also see. Jagan comes there. Sushila hides the knife. He asks did you know anything. She says I was talking to Bebe, Amba went to enemy in problem. He says it means, its true. Sushila says what to say, I met Amba, Swaroop got food for everyone, Mannu and Amba are ruining our dreams. Jagan says I told you something is fishy, you did not listen, I heard a story of fox, whose tail gets cut, this is happening with you. She gets angry.

Harjeet asks Raman to give the letter to Amba. Raman smiles. Harjeet says tell her letter is not written like that, she wrote nonsense. Raman says why, its fine. Harjeet says no, letter is not written like that. Raman says why, you will look good if your moustache gets shaven. Harjeet says how

do you know, you read my letter. Raj says I told him Papa ji, Mannu gave letter to me first, I read it, then Raman scolded me and got letter to you, Amba aunty believe you are Pind shaan, there is no one like my Papa. Harjeet smiles. He asks Raman to go and give letter.

Its morning, Simran asks what, why did your dad call mummy at night 10pm. Raman says for bhajan. Raj says but Didi. Raman says call her bhabhi. Simran asks what did you say. Raman says nothing. Raj says Papa ji wants to meet aunty, I saved Raman yesterday. Mannu says this happened so soon, it means we have to start our new plan.

Mannu sees Sukhi. Sukhi sits eating food. Raj understands and signs Mannu. Mannu and Raj talk near Sukhi. Mannu asks Raj why did he get three lollypop. Raj says we will share it, we will share even our toys. Sukhi asks them to share with them also. Raj says no, he is our enemy. Mannu says if Sukhi proves he is with us, not with Jagan, then we can share things with him. Raj says no, I don’t think he can do this. Mannu fools Sukhi and tells something. Sukhi goes. Raj asks do you think he will come at night. Mannu says yes, but the biggest work is to convince my mummy.

Amba says I can’t meet Harjeet at night, I can’t do this. Simran says I will come along, Papa would be watching us and would be glad, as none of us failed, we are still fighting, we will fight till last breath. Mannu says when you go there, Jagan and Sushila will be there with panchayat to prove you wrong, I will go and get Bebe’s medicine bottle, else I can never know about the medicine. Simran asks how will Sushila know. Mannu and Simran smile as Amba agrees. Gunjan looks on.

Sushila asks Mannu what clothes, did Harjeet not send it, i got good food and everyone did acting, you did not take food, and came to ask for clothes, if Jagan knows, it will be trouble. He says yes, but mummy asked me not to ask Harjeet, as she is going to meet Harjeet. She asks what did you say. He says don’t tell Jagan, that Harjeet called mummy at night to meet, so mummy wants to get ready well. She says but why is she doing all this, its not right. He says I don’t have sense, she said Jagan did not leave any way, you can help, as you love and worry for us. She says fine, I will try, I will get Amba’s clothes, wait here, don’t say anything. He waits. She thinks Mannu is fooling me, he does not know me, I will find truth my way and not fall in Mannu’s words, I know who can tell me truth.

Harjeet gets ready. He smiles and says I have something, I will shave the moustache, it will grow again, I will just see what Amba wants, I should not trust Pavaniyas, I can even go bald to get Pavaniya’s sign power. Swaroop says you used your mind right now, woman’s weakness is a true man, who respects woman and does not touch her. She asks him not to try to touch Amba. Harjeet says yes, I know. He leaves.

Sushila waits for Gunjan. Gunjan comes to meet her. Sushila acts sweet. Gunjan asks why did you call me here. Sushila says Mannu stopped you from eating food, I felt bad, so I called you, tell me what will you eat. Gunjan says Mannu thinks he is hero, mummy listens to him, they asked me not to eat anything here, special food will come from Bajwas, Harjeet is coming to meet Amba and will get food also. Sushila thinks Mannu was saying right. She says fine, sit and have some food. She gives food to Gunjan. She asks where are they going to meet. Gunjan tells the place. Sushila thinks to see whats happening.

Its night, Harjeet goes to meet Amba and plays song in car. Meri Sapno ki rani…..plays………… Amba is also on the way. Jagan and Sushila get the panchayat to show Amba and Harjeet. They don’t see Amba. Sushila asks Jagan to come. They see Sukhi doing some weird thing. Jagan gets angry. Jagan pulls his ears and asks why did you not wear clothes, what are you doing. Sukhi says I m setting friendship example. Everyone laugh on Sukhi. Jagan beats him and asks him to run. Panchayat says Jagan showed big proof, come. They all leave. Jagan says how did news get wrong. Mannu reaches the house and thinks to find out Bebe’s medicine truth.

Jagan informs Raavi that Mannu is inside house, shut door and window, I m reaching. Raavi thinks where is Mannu. Jagan reaches home. Mannu’s feet gets injured and he falls. He runs from the balcony.

Update Credit to: Amena

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