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The Episode starts with Mannu asking Amba to punish her, not Amba. She says I lied and fooled you all, Amba did not do anything. Mannu asks sarpanch to punish her. Amba says you all punish me, Mannu did not cheat anyone, kill me, insult me, I lied for 18 years, I made Mannu Shah, just Amba should be punished. She begs them.

Mannu says you are our pride and courage. Amba says no, you have bear a lot, its my turn now, I should be punished. They all cry. Mannu says if anyone does anything to you, Lord can’t punish me more than that, let me take this punishment, swear on me, we all need you. She asks her to see everyone, they need her, they can’t live without her, I will do all this. She asks sarpanch to punish her.

Sarpanch punishes Mannu and makes her out of pind, she can’t even step in her

house or contact anyone. Amba and everyone get shocked. Amba sits in shock. Mannu says I have a condition. She asks them to promise, that Amba will be kept here with respect, her life will be protected even in her own house. She sees Jagan. She says panchayat will be responsible for this, if this does not happen, Preet will come back. Waaris…..plays…..

Sarpanch agrees to Mannu and permits her to go home once, then stay away from home forever. Mrs. Pahuja asks what about us, we got cheated, they lied to us, we are seen Mannu’s doings, if Gunjan is liar like then, what will we do, tell me. Aman sees Gunjan crying. He says no, Gunjan is my wife, I m her husband, I trust her, I m always with her. He gets Gunjan with him.

Mannu smiles seeing Gunjan. Raj gets Amrit home and gives her a surprise. He says Harjeet accepted us, now we will never go from here, we have come home. Amrit sees her house. Mohini says you have come, we are glad seeing you. Harjeet comes and says Amrit maybe very happy, after all Raj made us proud. He praises Amrit. Amrit asks what did Raj do. Mohini asks don’t you know. Harjeet says Raj ruined Pavaniya’s respect, they are hiding their face now. Mohini says yes, Mannu is not a guy, she is a girl. Amrit gets shocked.

Mohini says Amba fooled everyone till now, Raj exposed Mannu’s truth, but also married Mannu, then left her there. Amrit gets shocked. Mohini says Raj slapped Pavaniyas. Harjeet says he has Bajwas’ blood. Amrit recalls Mannu, and says this girl saved my life right. Raj says yes, that day I got to know she is a girl, not guy, I took Raman’s revenge, she has shot Raman, I have shot her soul. Harjeet smiles.

Amrit says great Raj, no Bajwa has done this work, you made this family proud. Raj smiles. Amrit slaps Raj angrily and cries. Raj gets shocked.

Mannu gets ready. Amba recalls Mannu’s childhood. Waaris….plays….. Amba cries and asks Mannu why are you doing this. Mannu wipes her tears. She says just bless me, your daughter is going to her inlaws. Amba says none will accept you there, they will not let you leave, Raj left you and burnt your mangalsutra. Mannu says but seven rounds took place, marriage happened right. Amba says maybe, but you… Mannu says you always taught me to win, not lose, trust me.

Mannu says I could not become your son, but I will do everything as Preet which I could not do as Mannu. Mannu says my Shringhaar will become my weapon, I will make these bangles a chain for Raj’s hands, my necklace will become rope for him, he will dance on my fingers.

Amba cries. Mannu’s bidaai is done. Mannu leaves from home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Preet has been told to leave her house and the pind but she’s going to her sasural. Don’t the Bajwas live in the same pind, Gaguwal, as the Pawanias?

  2. Wonderful epi.Preet and Amba acting is fantastic.waiting for todays epi.love u Farnaz..

  3. hi
    Exactly the same question in my mind. Bajwas in same pind. Bajwas can’t put a charge of cheating against Preet or Amba. But the panchayat can punish Preet for not leaving Gaguwal. Jagan might begin attacking Amba saying that her protection is subjected to Preet leaving gaguwal. maybe Preet can threaten bajwas for taking raj in front of panchayat for disgracing the pious institute of marriage. Maybe Preet and Amrit may move to Delhi.

    But the episode left me heavy hearted as the people and panchayat insist on punishing Amba and Preet instead of reforming their own mindset. This will only encourage more violence against women.

  4. Ms Bolloywood

    Mannu did not kill raj brother or didi.!
    Maybe preet will expose mohini.

  5. Preet bajwaoke ghar me aaram se rah sakti hai Qki Amrit ab usaka sath degi.
    Usaki ghar me rahaneki sharth yahi hogi ki uski Bahu bajwao ke ghar me rahegi to hi wo rahegi. Rah aur harjit ko ye manana hi higa Qki raj ko uski ma us ghar ke andar chahiye aur harjit ko usaka waris raj chahiye.
    So, end of the story but………start of this story is KUTTO KE GHAR ME SHERANI AA RAHI HAI…….

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