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The Episode starts with Bebe telling Amba about mahurat to start solid food for Mannu. She asks Amba to make kheer. Raavi gets glad. Jagan comes home and is angry. Amba says Jagan could not get seeds, so he is angry. Jagan asks her to go to market and do work on your own. She says you had a fight there, I heard you won the bidding, but your focus on fighting with people, so bidding got cancelled, its Jagan’s mistake. Jagan says that’s why I m saying, I won’t do any work, you are Shah’s mum, do anything you want. He goes.

Raavi goes to Jagan. He gets angry and looks for his shirt. He says no clothes are proper, whats all this. She says such a big oil stain, I don’t know will this go or not. He asks her to do anything and harm Mannu. She says Amba is always with Mannu, what shall I do. He says

I will stab Mannu and kill the Shah. She says not this way, everyone will know, I will say how to do this, we got this chance, Mannu will be eating kheer as first solid food, that should be his last food.

Harjeet talks to his sons and shows the toy gun. He plays with them. He sees Raj crying and not able to walk. He gets angry on Amrit and Raj. She asks did you get anything for Raj. He says I have nothing for him. He talks to his elder sons and says your Bua is coming here, welcome her. Simran does head massage to Bebe. Bebe tells Amba about the hakim who saved Mannu. Amba says yes, he is angel for me. Bebe says he died yesterday. Raavi smiles and says now I have to send Mannu to that hakim. She grinds some badam, and asks Amba to feed it. Amba throws it and says I will make cook food for my son myself. Raavi says you are behaving like we are Mannu’s enemies. Amba says when did I say, I said I will cook food for Mannu. Bebe says Amba is Shah’s mum, she is doing right for her, she can’t trust anyone after that Dai.

A man comes and greets them. He shows the clothes and asks them to select for Mannu’s first solid food feeding function. Raavi likes the silk dress. Bebe jokes on her. Bebe chooses clothes for Mannu. She asks Amba why is she seeing colorful clothes, she is not suhagan now. Amba says no, I was taking for Simran and Gunjan. Bebe says no need to buy for daughters, their fate is such, just buy clothes for yourself and Mannu. Raavi says you can’t buy anything for girls, so take anything else for Mannu. Amba goes.

Amba gets her old dress and asks the man to make Simran and Gunjan’s clothes from it. Lala ji is happy and tells someone that he has just one daughter, he is wishing her to get married to your son, I will talk to her and fix engagement date. Harjeet says I will do my sister’s marriage in grand way. Everyone go out to welcome Swaroop. A lady comes and says Swaroop did not come, she met her friend on the way, she will meet them and come, don’t worry. Lala ji says I know where she went.

Swaroop goes to the lake and sees Jagan swimming. She stares at him. Jagan comes out of the lake and wipes himself. Swaroop keeps a knife at his neck. He says Swaroop, you came back. She says Pavaniya has still manhood left. He gets angry and asks her to leave, else she will be killed, why did you come back after a year. She says I was just seeing, are you still the same. She laughs. He holds her close and asks her to see, he still has power. They romance. He says you left me at final moment. She asks what would I do, Bau ji got to know, now I have come, don’t leave me, tell me, will you hold me. He holds her close and hugs her. He says no one can make me leave you now. She says you have held even your wife, that’s why I left, I wanted to see, can you leave Raavi or not, and check your loyalty, is it to her or me?

He says dogs are loyal, I m tiger, be with me, I m going to become Shah soon, then I will change everything. She shows the perfume she got for him, and says about becoming Shah, what about Amba’s son, your Bebe announced the baby will become Shah. He says no one becomes king by announcement, the baby will not become Shah. She asks shall I trust you then. He holds her and pulls her earring. She gets hurt and calls him a dog. He throws the earring in the lake and jumps in the lake, to get her earring back. She worries seeing him not coming back. She gets shocked seeing him getting her earring from the lake. She smiles. Jagan comes to her. She hugs him and asks did you get mad, if anything happened to you then….. He says who can jump in river for your earring, he can die or kill anyone for your love, don’t raise any question on trust again.

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