Waada raha sanam _ twinj episode 3


Hey Guy’s ! Rhea is back πŸ˜€

Episode : 3

Kunj and twinkle both are ready and excited to go for a school picnic πŸ˜„

Kunj goes inside the bus and sits beside Shruti.. ( twinkle’s so called friend and kunj’s crush)

Twinkle comes inside the bus and her blood boils when she sees him with her 😀 ( jealously feeling πŸ˜‰)

T : kunj tu Vaha kyu baitha hai, aa na yaha aake baith..

(Kunj ! Why are you sitting there ? Come sit here na)

K : (Murmuring) Iss ladki ko na kuch samaj nahi aata 😫
(Why don’t this girl understand 😫)

K: nahi ! nahi ! twinkle Mai yaha comfortable hu 😁

(It’s okay Twinkle I am comfortable here 😁)

Twinkle to herself : bada aaya Mai yaha comfortable hu! πŸ™„

( Huh ! Stupid 😬 I am comfortable there πŸ˜’)

Akash enters in the bus and sits beside twinkle ( kunj don’t like him) watching him sitting with twinkle he leaves his place and goes there..

K: Tu yaha kya kar raha hai πŸ˜’ ja kahi aur jake baith 😬
(What are you doing here? Go sit somewhere else 😬)

A: kyu bhai ? Meri marzi Mai kahi bhi baithu!.. Tuje kya ?

(Why Bro ? My choice wherever I sit πŸ˜’ Why do you have problem ?)

T: Maine bola usse yaha baithne K liye πŸ™„

(I said him to sit here)

K: tu Chup rahegi do minute k liye? 😑

(Will you be quite for two minutes 😑)

T: nahi Chup rahungi kya karoge Tum?! πŸ˜’

(No I won’t keep quite πŸ˜’ What will you do ?)

Kunj holds akash collar and says : utth yaha se Maine bola..

(I said get up from here 😠)

A: leave my collar

Kunj leaves his collar and akash goes behind to sit with Shruti..

kunj sits with twinkle ❀❀
{ After half an hour**** Twinkle is ignoring kunj… Her face is towards the window ***}

K: Sunn, baat kyu nhi kar rahi mujse??..( she ignores)

(Hey ! Why aren’t you talking to me ?)

K: acha sorry muje Aise baat nahi karni chaiye thi ( she ignores)

(Okay I am sorry I should not have talked like that)

K: acha kaan bhi pakad liye, ab toh maaf kar de ( she ignores)

(Okay I held my ears also ! Atleast now forgive me)

Kunj holds her hand..

K: Tuje pata hai na mujhe vo nahi pasand Fir kyu usse yaha baithne K liye bola??..!!

(You know na I don’t like him at all πŸ˜’ So why you asked him to sit with you ?)

T: Aur tune jo kiya uska kya?!

(And what you did ?)

K: kya kiya Maine?

(What I did ?)

T: bol toh aise raha hai Jaise Isko kuch pata hi na ho!!

(Speaking as if he doesn’t know πŸ˜’)

Some people interfere : Yaar tum dono toh aise lad rahe ho jaise husband and wife

( Areh! They are fighting as if husband wife )

( they laugh) ( kunj and twinkle ignore them)

T: haath chod mera

(Leave my Hand)

K: kyu choduΒ ?

(Why should I leave ?)

T: sab kuch bhi samaj rahe hai kunj

(Everyone is taking it wrongly)

K: you know i don’t care about people..!! Ab jab tak tu muje maaf nahi karegi tab tak nahi chodunga!!

(You know I don’t care about people !!! So I won’t leave your hand until and unless you forgive me )


Precap : under construction πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

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  1. Shalu Choudhary

    Post soon and episode is good but very short plz make next one long

  2. Lovely episode
    LOved every bit of it..
    Plzz post soon..long one
    Love u

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  4. Himanigaur

    Nice episode!! Pls post more frequently!! Loved it..

  5. Nice episode

  6. Hi rhea sorry for commenting late the episode was so cute abc kunj was jealous of that boy and twinkle was jealous of that gal loved it was rally awsm plsss do post soon yaar can’t wait won’t and unable to wait plss do post soon

  7. Vibhu

    Good to see you back !! Loves the scene
    Post soon

  8. nice one …short one also …
    plz post next soon

  9. SSK

    Nice episode πŸ™‚

    1. Postsoon dear please waiting

  10. Cheena2001Cp

    I love such stories, so pure and sweet!!! πŸ’œ
    This was so amazing!! 😭

  11. When will you post next episode?

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