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Before starting today’s part I will like to clear few things first is that, this and the next episode will be a bit fast forward mode as I didn’t find any point in dragging them but the shot 10 would be a slower part. Second thing is that this part is going to bea bit shocking as it includes one revelation. So be ready for that guys.
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shot 8

The daily schedule of Oberoi youngsters had now started following a unique pattern. Three of the brothers once again began to cook together every morning. Their day use to begin with each other and their respective wives; in previous four months a lot of things had changed, since Aradhya entered their lives another hope came along with her. Anika had began following her previous schedule of being a kumbhkaran and getting up late every morning and Shivaay had to juggle to wake his sleeping beauty.

While for Soumya she had to wake her Dumbel husband which took her nearly an hour every morning. During this time Shivaay use to wake up Om early and both started going for a morning walk, sometimes they had to drag Rudra along but that was becoming difficult day by day. Both ShivKara had a gala time enjoying each others company talking about the entire day’s stuff and what not. Back at home the three brothers use to prepare food and then serve the entire family.

It felt that old days were coming back. Anika use to give Om his medicines every morning and he without any choice had to follow his lovely bhabhi’s orders and if he didn’t, then the next moment itself she would pick up her phone to call ShivRu, Aru and mostly Ira. Then all the youngsters use to go to meet Ira at her orphanage and spend some quality time when she was free after her classes. Ira had introduced them to all the children in the orphanage and their afternoons were occupied playing with all the kids, which was generally missed by Shivaay due to his office and sometimes by Rudra as well. Ira use to keep a good check on Om and his medicines and informed Aru about it regularly. Ira’s all the weekend and holidays were spent in the Oberoi Mansion and shockingly she was in good terms with the Senior most Oberoi I mean the Tej Singh Oberoi.
While on other hand Aru was busy finding clues in London.

She was talking on phone.
Aru: Okay madam. Good job sweetie.
P.O.C.: Over and out.
So how are you and how is London?
Aru: Oh ho Miss. Lafantar London is beautiful. And I am awesome. What happened to you? All okay.

Ira: All okay but I am missing you.
Aru: Oh god! What did you say you are missing me seriously or am I am hearing it wrong.
Ira: Okay fine you continue with your nautanki I am not talking to you.
Aru: Oh ho relax, relax, even I am missing you firstly I came from Cambridge to Rajasthan then from Rajasthan to Mumbai and now from Mumbai to London. Within a short span only I have become a world traveller and here, there is no one whom I know and I keep getting bored for most of the time during day after my work is over.
Ira: Oh so Miss. Latalpatal is filled with complaints today.
Aru making an innocent face: What to do?
Ira: Hmm shall I make you talk to handsome.
Aru: Why?
Ira: Because whenever I am bored he makes me happy with in a second.
Aru smiles: Oh really.
Ira: Yup!
She puts the phone on speaker.

Om: Hi! Aradhya how are you?
Aru: I am good you say.
Om: Well I am fine. Did you find out something.
Aru: Yup! There are few things but I will tell you everything once i come back.
Om: Oh okay.
Ira: Oh god you both even don’t know how to talk. Handsome, Miss. Latalpatal is getting bored she is missing everyone.
Om feels bad that due to him Aru had to go away and he gloomily says
Om: I am sorry Aradhya.
Aru: Aare no no, no need to say sorry Om I am used to all this. Chill man.
Ira: Offo! Here I called you handsome so that you can cheer my Miss. Latalpatal and now both of you have become upset.

Aru naughtily: So now you only cheer us up.
Ira: How?
Aru: Come on sing something.
Ira: If I will sing you will sleep.
Aru: It’s good I will get a good sleep then, so stop making excuses and start singing.
Ira sings and by the end both clap for her and then Aru wishes them and put the phone down.

Om: Who taught you to sing?
Ira: Aru di.
Om: Oh nice, so that means she even sings.
ShivRu who just came right now ask: Who sings?
Ira: Aru di.
Rudra: Oh really.
Ira: Yup! She is an amazing singer. She is the lead singer of “ANGELIC DEVILS TROOP”.
Rudra gets shocked hearing this.
Ira: Yup!
Rudra: O beta Ki so she is the same Aradhya Rajput.
Ira: Yes that’s what I said right now. Why are you so shocked?
Rudra: She is my favourite singer.
Ira: Oh that’s great.

Aru was sitting on her bed with a book in her hand.
What’s happening to me now. I have started becoming mad. All day I keep thinking about Om. Why so?
Shut up Aru and concentrate on your book.
(She was reading a love story. Frustrated she keeps the book aside.)
I have gone totally mad and in that effect only I have started reading love stories dumb me.

Am I in love. Is what all say true. Is love something like you keep thinking about that person all the time? Is love a fairy tale journey? Is love what I am thinking?
Damn it man. This is irritating me like hell. What to do? Shall I sleep. Uurgh… I am not feeling sleepy. Who the hell can help me right now.

She thinks and:
ADHIRAJ RAJPUT (her brother). Who can be a better option then him.
(She calls Adhiraj.)

Adhiraj: Hi! Doctor sahiba how are you?
Aru: Bhai I have a work from you.
Adhiraj: Say na.
Aru breaths: What’s love?
Adhiraj: What is what?
Aru: Bhai what’s love, pyaar, mohobaat, ishq.
Adhiraj: Hye! I know synonyms of love sweetie. I am shocked that you are asking me about love. Wasn’t it a stupid topic for you madam.
Aru: Bhai stop this nonsense and answer me. I am screwed up. And I am damn serious.
Adhiraj: Hmmm. Vaisa toh mohobaat Ki koi paribhaasha nahi hai aur na toh yeh koi question hai jisa define kar sakun. Kisi ka liya mohobaat Romeo Juliet Ki love story hai toh kisis ka liya Heer Ranjha hai. (Generally there is no language of love nor is it a question that can be defined for someone love is Romeo Juliet while for someone it is Heer Ranjha.)

For people like you love is useless, for someone like me love is something that happens only once, for bada papa (Aru’s father) love is for eternity it doesn’t demands togetherness what all matters is truthfulness and devotion, for mummy and papa love is fighting and nok-jhok, for dadi it’s unquestionable belief. For some love is freedom while for others it is a prison. What are you confused about Aru?
Aru chuckles: I asked a simple question what’s love and you gave me family pedigree.
Adhiraj: Aru love is different for every person. What’s your condition sisso?
Aru: How do you know that I am stuck in between something called love.

Adhiraj: That’s not important you tell me about your confusion.
Aru: Okay love guru (both chuckle at that).
Aru tells him everything about her meeting with Om and how confused she is.
Adhiraj: Aru you aren’t confused that whether you love him or not.
Aru: Then.
Adhiraj: You are confused that whether the feeling you have for him is love or sympathy. And if it’s sympathy it will end up hurting you both. So you are just scared.
Aru: No I don’t have sympathy for him in any way ya I do empathize with him, but sympathy no I don’t think so it would be right to call the feelings that I have for him as sympathy. It looks weird bhai.
Adhiraj: Okay so you are confused that the feelings you have for him is just empathy or love.
Aru gives in.
Aru: Ya. Maybe. So what shall I do?
Adhiraj: Nothing. Let the time decide for you. Aru love is like a seed if given proper care only then it will grow into a healthier plant but if in hurry you take decision it may end up being wrong and it will hurt both as Om has already gone through alot in no way it would be easy for him to fall for you. His trust has already been crushed.
Aru: I know. Okay bhai good night.

Adhiraj: Okay take your time but be very conscious I don’t think so he will ever want to fall in love again.
Aru: Yup! Bye.
Adhiraj: Bye.

Aru what the hell are you doing remember what Professor Agastya said
Prof. Agastya (Aradhya’s college professor): Aradhya I know you are sensitive but never get too close to your patient dear, it will always end up hurting you.
Aradhya: Yes sir.

Anyways leave all this and sleep.
Aru sleeps with deep thoughts running in her mind.

ShivOmRu are sleeping together.
Om begins to tremble, his hands and feet both are trembling badly while his face is sweating profusely.
ShivRu get due to the moment that they sensed. Both then wake up Om. Fear has dominated his eyes and face and he is huffing in and out vigorously.
Om: Shivaay… I am not feeling well.
Shivaay: Come. Come with us.
Both ShivRu take him to garden and start chatting about various things to distract him.
It’s then when Anika comes there.
Anika: What happened is everything alright?

Shivaay signals her ‘No’.
Anika: Om you know……………………………
And she begins her story to distract Om.
After a while all go to their rooms and sleep.

@3:00 a.m.
Shivaay was passing by Om’s room when he saw him wide awake.
Shivaay: Om what happened?
Om: Not feeling like sleeping. What are you doing here.
Shivaay making faces says: Anika needed water so she woke me up and asked to bring it from kitchen as she is in no mood to go.
Om chuckles more at his expressions then at words.
Shivaay: Shall we talk.
Om: No it’s okay Aradhya already informed me about temporary insomnia. It will happen. You go and sleep I am fine.
Shivaay: Are you sure.

Om: Ya. You carry on.
Shivaay leaves.
Om from behind: Don’t forget to take water otherwise Bhabhi will throw you in pool.
Shivaay: Very funny Mr. Artist.
Om chuckles.

Om was standing near the balcony when a servant was passing by holding a box of medicine and by mistake he trips and medicine falls down.
Om: Are you fine.
Servant: Yes sir, I will clean it right now.
Om: It’s okay you were going to give dadi medicine go do that first.
Servant nods and leaves.
Om started feeling restless, the medicine’s smell was driving him crazy.
He bends down and touches it with his hands and brings it closer to his mouth. Then he remembers his brothers, his family, Ira, Omika and Aradhya.

Aru rudely: You asked me na why did I take you to hospital today. Every single person there has been abandoned no one has hope of their survival all doctors have even backed off. You know why? I will tell you it’s because the family that gives a person hope of life has only left them hopelessly. You are lucky Om that your brothers have hope they are ready to fight with the entire world for you but you.. you.. (her voice trails due to anger) you can’t value anything. You don’t deserve any love because you can never keep up with someone’s expectations you only know how to be selfish. You are a blo*dy self centred man (she crushes her hair between her hands to calm herself a bit but her anger was at a high today, it had overpowered all her senses.)

You are doing all this for a girl who is no more god knows what is her history, you are so naive Om to care about the one who has left you and not to think about those who are living for you, you don’t even care if your brothers live or die (Om looked at her with utmost anger) What? Don’t you dear see me that way, it’s the truth if you would have ever cared then today you wouldn’t have killed your own brother by your hands. Maybe he is alive from outside but he is soulless now. You were his strength which has been broken into fragments. Let it be you are hopeless Om I am just wasting my time. You just think about your dead love and let the rest die.

Om leaves the place in a rush and goes to his room and closes it with a bang, still the smell of medicine is rising urge in him, he is trying hard to control himself, his body begins to shiver, his anxiety reaches another level and his begins to sweat. He looks around the room and spots a scarf, he ties it around his mouth as tightly as possible covering a part of his nose and sits down devastated near his bed.
Some one sees this from the side window and the person is none other than Shivaay who smiles seeing his brother being patient and trying to control his urge although deep inside his heart his brother’s vulnerability is killing him.

Aru reaches India after about a week or so.
Om: Hi Aradhya.
Aru: Hi.
Everyone greets her and so does she.
All youngsters are assembled.
Om: Aradhya what did you get to know.
Aradhya: Om, Omika is in Casablanca, México, she stays with Mr. & Mrs. Owen and considers them to be her parents and they consider her as their daughter. I have talked to them you can go and meet Omika their.
Om hugs her in excitement.
Om: Thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooooooooooooooo much Aradhya. You don’t know what you have given me. Thank you soooo much.
Aradhya pulling away: It’s okay Om. You need not say thanks. First go and meet your daughter and then you can thank me.
Om nods.
Aru: Don’t you want to know about Riddhima.
Om sternly: Please Aradhya.
Aru: Om she is no more stop hatting her now.
Om looks shocked at her, while she just nods in affirmation.

Ira to get annoyed with Om.
G1: No body cares for an orphan.
M: No it’s nothing like that don’t take me wrong please.
G1 leaves without hearing anything.

M: You didn’t do this right.
G2: I seriously didn’t think that something of this sought will happen.
Man gives her a glare and leaves.

G2: Please listen to me.
G1: No, just leave me alone.

###WO WO WO yup! Guys Ira is not Omika I hope so you all would have understood this by now. I know it’s a zooron ka jhatka but yup! She isn’t the one. Well I know many of you have guessed Ira as Omika but this is not any Indian T.V. Series Ki Mai reeti riwaaz follow Karun ?? so this is another twist in the tale. Seeing all of your comments even I was bit confused so I referred to few people before confirming this part so A BIG WALA THANK YOU TO THOSE PEOPLE (they know who they are?). I am sorry if you didn’t like this twist but trust me you need to wait a bit more and I promise I won’t bore you but for now this was really important for the story to proceed. AND SORRY FOR ALL THE BORING ROMANTIC LECTURE?.

@ KEHKASHA you said that as Om became an addict as he couldn’t save his daughter and in a way his daughter should only be the reason behind him being fine don’t worry she will also be a reason for that let’s see how.

Thanks for reading and if possible please review the shot and
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