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Aru and the Oberoi youngsters are waiting near the garden area.
Shivaay: Aradhya whom are we waiting for?
Aru: My detective.

Rudra: Didi trust me you won’t find a better detective than Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Aru: I know that Rudy but my detective will give you company to handle your long hair creature.
Soumya: But where is that bad fated person who has to bear this dumb Dumbel Oberoi.
Rudra: Hye you shut up.
Anika: Guys go and find some job rather than fighting all the time on useless matters.
Shivaay: Look who is advising everyone Miss. Ladaku (who always keeps fighting.).
Anika: Oh really Mr. Tadibaaz.
Shivaay: Yes really.
Anika makes an annoyed face.

VOICE: What sought of boring circus is going on here.
Aru laughs hearing the voice and turns, Om smiles widely seeing the cute owner of the cute voice.
Aru: Hi Miss. Lafantar.
Ira: Hi Miss. Latalpatal.
Aru frowns. While Ira ignores her and goes to Om.
Ira: Hi handsome.
Om bends on his knees and says
Om: Hi sweetie.

Ira pecks his cheeks and he to does the same with her.
Ira to Aru in her style: Now come to the point Miss. Latalpatal why did you call me here.
Aru: You got to help me.
Ira: And why should I?
Aru: Because I am asking for it.
Ira: Okay how much will you pay me for that?
All look on shocked at her, Aru placing her hands on her waist and narrowing her eyes asks
Aru: What do you want?
Ira: Nothing much just ten Cadbury silks, eight packets of wafers, five juices, four cupcakes, three ice creams and that to with double choco chip, two apple pies, one lunch and one movie.
Aru looks at her with open mouth.

Aru: Oye Miss. Lafantar don’t you think that all this is too much.
Ira stretching her hands and yawning says
Ira: Fine then I will go back to bed and don’t you dear disturb me again this early in morning. Good night.
Aru holds her: Fine fine, don’t show me attitude, you will get all this but my work should be done properly.
Ira: If I will get all this then I will do your work properly only.
Aru: Okay now listen.
Ira: I have not closed my ear they are always forced to hear your Latalpatal.
Aru glares at her.
Ira: Stop wasting my time and come to the point. I have lots of other works to do as well.
Aru irritated: Oh really as if I am free.
Ira in care free attitude: I know that.
Aru glares while rest laugh.
Ira: Who are all these?
Aru introduces her to everyone.
Rudra: So you are the one to accompany me in this mission.

Ira: Klklkl I am not the one to accompany
you, you got to follow me.
Rudra opens his mouth wide seeing her antics, while the rest are busy having their rollercoaster ride seeing the duo.
Rudra: Rudra Sigh Oberoi doesn’t follow anyone.

Ira: Okay then stay here. Moreover Miss. Latalpatal can’t afford to loose me as she is paying me and you have just come in free fund. Like buy one get one free sale.
All burst out laughing while Rudra is all shocked by her words, all are dumbstruck seeing this choti/small girl replying like this.
Om: Hye Miss. Ira, what has happened to you today?

Ira: Nothing due to this Miss. Latalpatal I got to wake up so early and now she is playing KBC with me rather than coming to the point and above that this BB is also irritating me.
Aru: BB???
Ira: Bodybuilder. Okay leave all that and tell me my work.
Aru takes her aside and tells her few things, Ira agrees. Then they come back to the rest. Rudra is annoyed with Ira.
Aru: Okay now you can go and sleep, your work starts from tomorrow.
Ira making a big ‘O’ shape mouth and placing her hands on her hips in a complaining tone says

Ira: HOOO first of all I had to wake up so early in morning and now you are asking me to go just like this.
Aru confused: Then???
Ira: Hmmm. Let’s play something.
Soumya: But What?
Ira: Hmmm. Oh god I have to only think everything here how will I survive so many days with them. Chalo anyways I will only think.
Anika: Even I have an idea.

Ira: What?
Anika: Let’s play antakshari.
Shivaay patting her head says
Shivaay: Do you know any other game else than antakshari.
Soumya: What about dumbshrates.
Aru: Pen paper scissors.
All glare at her as if she is an alien.
Aru: What???
Ira: Please stop your suggestions. You guys are suggesting games that kids use to play in 80’s.
Shivaay: Okay then you suggest some game.
Ira: Ummm. Let’s play pass the phrase.
Om: What’s pass the phrase.

Ira: Look it’s a simple game we all will sit in a row and first person will say a phrase-cum-tongue twister in the second contestants ears the same phrase will be passed to the third player and so on, if the phrase passed by first contestant is correctly spoken by the last contestant then no problem but if the phrase is wrong then every contestant will speak the phrase that they had passed and the one who had passed the wrong phrase would be given a punishment.
Aru: Okay, it’s simple.
Ira: But the punishment won’t. So ready everyone.
ShivAniSoumOm: Ever ready.
Aru: Ready from birth.
Rudra: I won’t play.

Ira in attitude: And why so?
Rudra: My wish.
Om: Come on Rudy stop fighting with a small kid.
Shivaay: Yup! Man, grow up.

Rudra makes an annoyed face.
Ira goes to him and points him to bend but he doesn’t abides, she forces him continuously so finally he bends to her level. While the rest are looking at them trying to figure out that what is Ira now upto.
Ira pulls Rudra’s one cheek and then the another, he makes an irritated face.
Rudra: What are you doing?
Ira innocently pulls her one cheek, then another, she wide opens her eyes and brings her eyeballs near the her nose and then brings her tongue out and finally begins to flutter her eyelashes cutely. Rudra laughs seeing her antics and so does the other, he pulls her cheeks and says
Rudra: What was this?
Ira with a pout.

Ira: Sorry.
Rudra: Okay so I am the captain.
Ira frowns but then making a sad face and bending her head down nods in okay.
Rudra: Fine Miss. Dramabazz one team. He says forwarding his hand and she happily agrees. He stands up while she extends her arms and he takes her in his arms.
Ira: Okay so partner let’s go.
Aru: But where?
Ira pats her head: To play. Sometimes concentrate on what I am saying rather than your latalpatal.

Aru glares.
Om: Okay okay let’s go.

Arrangement: Ira, Om, Aru, Shivaay, Anika, Soumya and Rudra at the end.
Ira spells a phrase in Om’s ear’s and he does the same with Aru and they continue to pass the phrase.
Ira: Okay partner-cum-BB say the phrase.
Shivaay excuses himself to pick up a call.
Rudra: Pinky paste pinks panthers pink pink.
Ira makes a confused face.
Ira: What was this?

Rudra: Sumo only passed this to me.
Ira: Okay fine sumo you say I mean didi you say.
Soumya: Pinky paste pinks panthers pink pink peel pink panther.
Ira: Wrong.
Like this she checks.
Anika makes an innocent face and pleads her and Ira melts down. Just then Shivaay comes.
Ira: Okay Bhaiya you say.

Shivaay: Aan.
Pink pond paste peels pink panther pink pink pack picks pink panther pink pack panther pink.
Ira: No it’s
Pink pond paste peels pink panther pink pink pack picks pink panther pink pack panther pink.
Shivaay: I said that only.
Ira looks at Anika who is pleading her as mistake was done by her only and Ira couldn’t deny her.
Ira: Okay so your wrong.

Shivaay: Shivaay Singh Oberoi is never wrong.
Ira seeing him show attitude to replies with attitude.
Ira: But this time you are. So you will get punishment.
OmRuAniSoums look worriedly at each other.
Om tries stooping her.
Om: Ira let it be.
Rudra: Ya partner please let it go.
Ira: No ways. He will have to accept the punishment.

Anika to Shivaay: Please billu ji don’t get angry.
Shivaay looks at her with raised eyebrows and she gets scared.
Aru: Come on Bhaiya it’s just a game complete the punishment.
The Oberoi’s pat their heads.
Shivaay wasn’t ready to accept defeat at any cost so he said
Shivaay: Okay I will accept defeat is you say these words.
He says asking Ira.
Ira: Okay.
Shivaay: Then say.
All looked scared and worried that what will the great SSO do to this little girl, as his anger was well known and inability to handle kids was also not less known to them. But what came next in their way shocked all of them. Shivaay had bent down to Ira’s level and smiling at her, he sings.

Shivaay: chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaate chini chatori chinikhor
chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor

( Ira gets confused and makes weird faces, while Shivaay tickles Ira and she laughs and then he continues in a way of challenging her)

Shivaay: kitna mushkil yeh gaana zara gaake dikhana

Now Ira tries to sing and it come out to be something like
Ira: chanda chini chamke chaate chaukanna chikhe chor

She laughs out by the end as she wasn’t able to say it properly and looked at Shivaay making an innocent face, while Shivaay laughs at her and then pulls her cheeks. All the Oberoi’s who were shocked seeing Shivaay had now got back their senses. Anika came to Ira’s rescue and helped her to sing by breaking the words

Anika: chanda (she points towards the sky where a very dull moon is still visible)
chamke ( and then through her hands shows the sign of twinkling)
cham…. Cham…..
chikhen (she curves her hand around her mouth signing as if she is sneezing
chaukanna (she widens her eyes)

chiti (she points at the ground like showing an ant)
chaate chini chatori chinikhor
(she repeats it again to make Ira understand the words properly spelling each word so that Ira could understand and repeats the actions as well.)
chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor.

After understanding the words Ira tries to sing
Ira: chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
(she forgets the lyrics so Shivaay continues it for her.)

Shivaay: chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor.

At the end Shivaay claps for her and Ira smiles looking at him and then hugs him, he to reciprocates with great affection.

Rudra then comes to them and swings Ira in the air and putting her down sings

Rudra: khadaksingh ke khadakne se khadakti hain khidkiyaan
khidkiyon ke khadakne se khadakta hain khadaksingh
khadaksingh ke khadakne se khadakti hain khidkiyaan
khidkiyon ke khadakne se khadakta hain khadaksingh

Rudra then poking Ira’s nose and in challenging way says
Rudra: kitna mushkil yeh gaana zara gaake dikhana

Ira sighs being totally confused but then tries it
Ira: khadak khadak ke khadake khidki khadaksingh ka khadke zor.

She makes weird faces on her failure and scratches her head. While all laugh at the way she sung the song. Now Soumya comes to her rescue and helps her to sing.

Soumya: khadaksingh (she shakes Rudra’s head, while he looks shocked with her action and rest laugh seeing this.)
ke khadakne se
khadakti hain khidkiyaan (she points at a window of near by building.)
khidkiyon ke khadakne se khadakta hain khadaksingh (She again rotates Rudra’s head and pats it twice irritating Rudra.)

Ira giggles seeing all this. Rudra shoots daggers at Soumya through his eyes while she makes an innocent face.

Shivaay and Anika hold Ira’s hand and gesture her to sing along and three of them together sing:
chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor
chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor

This time Ira sings perfectly right so everyone applauds her. She looks at Om who is standing at a distance, he approaches her and lifting her in his arms and patting her back sings:

Om: pakke ped par paka papita paka ped ya paka papita
pake ped ko pakde pinku pinku pakde paka papita

Om puts her down.

Om:kitna mushkil yeh gaana zara gaake dikhana

Ira knew that she will again mess up the song but still tries:

Ira: pakke ped par paka papita pakda pinki paki ka kapda kapda

Everyone laughs at the wordings and three of the brothers kiss her cheeks for her continuous cute effort, while she smiles sweetly at them.

This time Aru helps her to sing.

Aru: pakke ped par paka papita paka ped ya paka papita (she says pointing at the trees in the garden)
pake ped ko pakde pinku pinku pakde paka papita (she shows her hands in a way like she is trying to remove a fruit from the tree.)

She repeats for better clarity and Ira follows her words.

Aru and Ira together, Ira follows Aru : pakke ped par paka papita paka ped ya paka papita pake ped ko pakde pinku pinku pakde paka papita

Everyone holds each others hand and then rotating in circle (like ring-a-ring-a-roses), sing together
All: chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor
chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor

All boys: kitna mushkil yeh gaana zara gaake dikhana

All girls: chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor

All together: chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor
chiti chaati chini chatori chinikhor

All laugh and fall down on the grass.
It was after ages that Oberoi’s had enjoyed so much, their happiness knew no bounds.
Ira who was laying down along with all of them, stood up and seated herself on Shivaay’s stomach who got startled first but then smiled seeing Ira.
Shivaay: Now what is this?
Ira: You have to complete your punishment.
Shivaay pats his head: You didn’t forget.

Ira: Is this a maths question that I will forget it.
Shivaay giving in: Okay what’s my punishment.
All the Oberoi’s were shocked as Shivaay agreed and that too so soon.
Anika: Billu ji are you fine.
Shivaay: Why? What happened to me Anika?
Anika: You are not showing any tadi today.

Shivaay: Oh please stop using this language.
Ira pulls Anika’s cheek.
Ira: Why? It’s so sweet and you are really sweet.
Anika smiles at her: Thank you baby.
Shivaay: Oh please this language isn’t sweet at all.
Ira: Fine so today your punishment is that the entire day you have to use this language only.
Shivaay opened his mouth wide, while all were driven into fits of laughter. Shivaay sits holding Ira and then placing her in his lap.
Shivaay: Have you gone nuts Ira.

Ira: Okay don’t use this language and then be ready for double punishment and that one will be even worse.
Shivaay: Like what?
Ira smiling at him: Like.
Shivaay understood that she is upto something dangerous but he takes a chance.
Shivaay stressing on every word: LIKE.
Ira: Like you will have to become murga (hen/ it’s a sought of punishment) for fifteen minutes.
Everyone’s eyes pop out of their socket hearing the punishment and Shivaay is starring at Ira like a child who is being vigorously scolded by his teacher, he’s all scared of her.

Shivaay gulps his own words but then says
Shivaay: What sought of Tadibaazi is this Ira.
Ira smiles and pulling his cheeks says
Ira: Here you go. Smart boy.
Rudra to Om.
Rudra: O think how will Bhaiya look when he becomes a murga.
Both laugh imagining Shivaay doing something of that sought.
Shivaay: Hye you both stop your this tuchi wuchi 2 rupees talks.
OmRu laugh at his words.

Anika: Waah Billu ji you came on line so soon. Wonderful job Ira.
Ira and Anika share a hi-five.
Soumya: Ira why don’t you do something to get this dumb dumbel Oberoi on line.
Ira looks at Rudra, who eyes her with a thinking look, she giggles seeing him.
Ira: I can get him my brain teaser homework and he can do that.
All laugh hearing this.
Rudra: Oh really, don’t forget we are partners.
Ira: Yup! That’s why I am saying one partner will only help his another partner na. (ek partner hi toh dusra ka kaam aayega na.)
Om looking at Aru: Ira why don’t you do something so that your Miss. Latarpatar gets some sense.

Aru glares him, while he chuckles at her.
Ira: Sorry handsome, but no word about my Miss. Latalpatal.
Aru gets happy and hugging her says
Aru: Aww my Shona.
Ira: Ya because few people can never be treated. They stay same always and she is one of them an HDFC.
Rudra: HDFC ? What’s that?
Ira: A bank don’t you know.
Rudra: No what’s it’s meaning here.
Ira: Keep thinking BB.

Ira: Fine it’s time.
Aru: Time for what?
Ira: Breakfast don’t you feel hungry, I am toh hell hungry. Oh you must be full after hearing my talks only isn’t it.
Aru frowns.
Ira: Stop giving me that look. Please I am really hungry. (she says rotating her hand on her stomach with a pleading face.)
Aru: Fine. But what’s in breakfast.

Ira: Nothing. All have gone to Lonavla for weekend and mother has gone to church after leaving me with you and she will return only by evening and till then you will have to bear me.
Soumya: Hye don’t say that we would love to be with you.
Aru: That I will ask you by the end of the day.
Shivaay: Anyways in that case let’s go to Oberoi Mansion we will have breakfast with everyone.

All: Okay.
Ira looks confused at them. Om caring her hair says
Om: Ira sweetie will you come to my house.
Ira with twinkling eyes: Sure handsome.

All enter O.M. Ira was holding ShivKara’s hand and was twisting and turning herself, while the two were holding her firmly because the way she was walking, she could end up hurting herself.
Ira: WOW your house is so big handsome.

Om: Thank you sweetie.
Ira: Who all live here?
Om: We all and accept us five more people.
Ira: Oh! How many rooms are there?
Aru pats her head and mumbles to Anika and Soumya.
Aru: They are gone.
AniSoums gives her questioning look, while she asks them to just silently watch.
Om: Some twenty rooms.

Ira: How many floors?
ShivOmRu look at her.
Rudra: FIVE.

Ira: Do you have a pool?
Shivaay proudly: Yes.
Ira: Do you swim?
Before Shivaay could say anything Anika interrupts
Anika: No he uses that to throw people in it.
Shivaay a bit loud: What?
Ira glaring him with fake anger: Hmmm. You said something.
Shivaay scared: No.
Ira: Anyways what’s the size of your house?
Shivaay: Why?
Ira: GK.
Rudra: Now what’s this GK.

Ira pats her head: You don’t even know this much GK means General Knowledge.
Rudra: Oh okay, but what sought of increment will this information cause in your GK.
Ira getting freed from ShivKara’s grip and coming in front of Rudra and walking backward says
Ira: Simple when I will go back everyone will ask me that where did I go? How was the place? Where was the place? What all was present there? And then if I didn’t know anything then what will I answer them and if I couldn’t answer then they will make fun of me and if they will make fun of me then no one will like it so to get rid of so many problems I am asking so many questions and hence this increment in my knowledge is required.
She finally breaths after saying so much in a single go.
Aru: Relax relax chota bheem (a cartoon).

Ira huffing: Ya I will if this BB is satisfied.
Rudra nods his head: Ya I understood thank you.
He says all confused. Ira shows him a thumbs up.
Ira was still moving back looking at them and was about to hit the wall, when ShivOmRu placed their hand behind her head to protect her, three of them get worried.
Om: Are you fine baccha.
Ira nods.

Om in a scolding tone: What was this you should have seen in front and walked na. This is not done always being in your masti what if something would have happened to you.
Ira innocently: I am fine. Don’t worry.
Her eyes welled up seeing so much affection.
Shivaay who noticed this scolds Om
Shivaay: What’s this Om you are scolding her for useless thing, see she is going to cry.
OmRu look at her and see her teary.
Rudra wiping her unshed tears.
Rudra: Hye partner don’t mind this long hair creature’s words he says anything without thinking. You don’t be upset look if you will cry then even I will get tears.

Ira nods in ‘NO’.
Om: I am sorry princess I just scolded in concern.
He says holding his ears. Ira nods her head negatively and removing his hand from his ears says
Ira: I am not crying, saachi and partner you will also not cry. I promise I won’t cry. Pakka promise.
She extends her arms and three of them hug her.
The girls were noticing them and smiling. Anika was lost somewhere seeing them but soon comes back to her senses.
Om: Okay let’s go in now.
Ira nods. Om picks her in his arms and carries her inside while Shivaay pats her back to ensure that she is fine.

Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi are seated there.
Dadi seeing Ira: Aare who is this kid.
Pinky: And where did you all go this early in morning.
Jhanvi: Ya and that to without having breakfast.
Shivaay: Aare relax relax beautiful ladies, calm down. We all went to meet Aradhya’s detective.
Rudra: And presenting you Aru di’s special detective who has been appointed to keep an eye on O till Aru di will not be here. So I would like to introduce Miss. Ira. A great round of applause please.
All clap for her, while she chuckles in Om’s arms.
Ira: Thank you BB.
Rudra: Your more than welcome partner.

Om puts her down as dadi calls her to come to her.
Dadi: Beta where are your parents.
All look at each other, while Aru quickly says
Aru: Dadi she stays in the foster house adjacent to my hospital.
Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi look at her with a layer of sadness but soon that gets covered up seeing Ira smile at them pleasantly.
Anika to distract everyone
Anika: Come on let’s have breakfast, we all are really hungry.
All nod.
Dadi: Okay come, I will get the food ready for you all, till then you all get freshen up.
All leave to their respective rooms to freshen up, while Ira accompanies Aru to her room.

Aru is looking totally devastated at the little devil in front of her, who in previous ten minutes has left no stone unturned to mess her perfectly arranged room and now that little devil is jumping on Aru’s bed just in order to irritate her more, while Aru is hell angry by her act.
Aru in anger: What the hell are you upto IRA.
Ira cutely: Nothing much, just mission spoil your room. Come on Miss. Latalpatal who keeps room so neat and clean.
Aru: This is my room.
Ira: And presently we are sharing it.
Aru: Ira that’s just for sometime.
Ira: So what till I am in this room I should feel like at home isn’t it.
Aru: Ira please get off the bed.
Ira still jumping.

Ira: No no no no.
Aru moves to the bed to get hold of her but as soon as she is about to hold her, Ira begins to run and Aru chases her outside the room.
While chasing Ira, Aru looses her track and get worried.

Ira was running looking behind when she dashes into someone. And guess what the person is the TEJ SINGH OBEROI. Tej looks at her with his raised eyebrows, Ira looks a bit scared but then she gains a bit courage.
Tej: Who are you?
Ira: Ira.
Tej arrogantly: Who Ira?
Ira: Ira that’s all.
Tej: What are you doing here.
Ira: I came with handsome.
Tej: Who handsome?
Ira scratches her hair as she doesn’t remembers anyone’s name so she decides something.

Ira: Do you know who is the president of America.
Tej with same arrogance: Donald Trump.
Ira: Capital of India.
Tej: Delhi.
Ira: Neighbouring country of Canda.
Tej a bit confused but still with same arrogance: U.S.A.
Ira: Who is the president U.S.A..
Tej: Donald Trump.
Ira: But right now you said he is president of America.
Tej: Because he is.
Ira: And then you said he is president of U.S.A.
Tej: Yes.

Ira: You got to decide whether he is president of U.S.A. Or America, as he can’t be president to both the countries at same time.
Tej: But U.S.A. and America are same.
Ira: Klklkl right now you said that Trump is president of U.S.A. And then you said he I president of America, now you are saying U.S.A. And America are same, then you will say Delhi is capital of America.
Tej: But when did I say that Delhi is capital of U.S.A..
Ira: You said Delhi is capital of India and then you said America and U.S.A. Are same if both are same and Donal Trump is the President then when he comes to India he will be in Delhi and America’s president in India’s capital but in India’s capital India’s own president will also be there and when he will go to America he won’t say that he isn’t president of India as he is the one but when Trump will go he can’t say he is the president but actually he is the president. But the point isn’t that he is a president or not the point is whether America and U.S.A. Are same or not and the point is worth a notice.

She sees Tej who is hell confused by what she is saying and is trying to figure the things out while she silently slips from their making”baach Gaya” face.
Ira after getting away sighs in relief.
Ira: Oh god is this a house or a bhool bhuliya. I think so I will have to call Aki (Akshay Kumar) to help me out.

To be continued…

Aru’s confusion and confession.


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Although I personally believe that addiction is not a way out through any problem but at times people are forced into this menace and having no option left they got to use it as a support. But that doesn’t means that I support this addiction, I just want you to see another side as well because that’s no less vulnerable and through this S.S. I am just trying to show that neither addiction is a solution nor is it a way to escape realty rather it makes thing harder for both the addict and the people surrounding him. Just the way to avoid it is to stay away from this mess as this is a vicious and a magnetic circle, just like a cyclone a person who gets into it has no way to get out.

And I am glad that you oppose this menace. Just one more thing dear these addicts need help from both society and family, so don’t hate them the best you can do is to create awareness at your level, like among your friends and family. And help them out rather than hatting them as your hate will do no good to anyone, but your one step can bring a change that no one could. Boond boond Sa samoondar Banta hai. And thanks alot for commenting and sharing your views I appreciate that you voiced your P.O.V..


Stay happy
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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  1. Shivika22kapoor

    Trust me guys TU has created history today, this their most fastest update. I am hell shocked it has just been five minutes since I have updated this and I have not even left the site and to my surprise the update has already been posted.??????.
    I am totally confused???. TU has given me a 440V ka jhatka?????

    1. Tu is also forced to publish the writings of such an amazing author

  2. Kavya347

    Wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so so so sooooooooooo adorable…..Ira…..wow she is really the little joy-spreading angel. Loved all the scenes…a lot lot lot…that i can’t even Express it.. Firstly, i loved aru and Ira…tje cuties..Oberoi youngsters enjoying with Ira…awww….the tongue twister game…. Really amazing. And Shivaay…wow he finally goy some one to tame him….in today’s episode he was really like a a kid helpless to do anything his teacher will say…haha….And the song….ohhh i just love that song from fanaa. Next, the Beautiful caring bond between Om and Ira… Simply beautiful..and loved it how she calls him as ‘handsome’.and Ira and Tej….haha….Ira is really a smart child…what a scene….The whole episode was like the sweetest thing ever…..How can you just break the records of your awesomeness with every single epi……Love you Shivika……you are really wonderful….Just so so affectious writings…it connects the emotionally, mentally and in every possible way fully to the story. I don’t know how to express what i am feeling right now….all i can say is that…you are a blessed writer with the ability to create tears in the eyes,emotiones in the heart and mind and smile on the lips by your magical words….ty soooooooooooooooooooo much for this sweet epi????

  3. Aditi9

    Wow so cute loved it

  4. Puvi

    Tumne tho hasa hasa muje pagal kar diya hey mei mid night at 2 ‘0’ clock ko Teri ff pada rahi hu aur mei apni laugh control nayi kar payi and I started laughing loudly like mad and didn’t noticed when my family wake up with shock and asking me if I alright or not or should they take and go me hospital is everything or fine or not blah blah they are thinking I am out of nuts see wht u have done u made me really mad??????????????????? vaise hum mad house logo pagal hey shirf Hume Pata lekin aba tho meri puri family Pata chal gaya??????????? ur awesome dear I love u so much ur a wonderful writer ????????????

  5. Wow..it was so lovely and cute and fantastic …ira was awesome..poor Shivaay ??
    Waiting for the next ..

  6. It’s super awesome awesome update !!!!
    I love the way u depict every emotion in ur fan fiction …. IT is like I’m able to imagine every scene
    Ur ff should get an award from tu for the best ff to increase awareness and portray emotions
    Awiting ur next part eagerly

  7. Dheemahee

    Wow Yar awesome one just u nailed it Yar today ??? very very interesting and awesome one Yar I really liked the way ira mixed up with family and the last part when she just Made tej hell confused and all was awesome hope to see such a fabulous sceans in future episodes loved it a lottt?????

  8. So cuteeeeeee….. It’s awesome dear… Plz update soon I am waiting for it…..

  9. LOL …enjoyed the episode… Post next part soon….eagerly waiting

  10. 1. ?telly updates bravo 5 mins really created a history I can’t believe but I have to believe as telly updates can do anything.

    2. Well said @last note my tooti fruity ?? and too ur comments aapki toh ghar ki Baat hai seriously ab Madam KO samjh aagaya .. But mujhe samjh Nahi aata ki tumhari writing per fida ho ya fanna ??????????????? 55 bhog ki treat tera ff kabhi hasta hai toh kabhi rulata hai mujhe toh yeh samjh Nahi aata hai ki yeh rishta kya kehlata hai. …..?love u for this poem ka murder …but seriously this relationship is so clear …first ek dusre ke ff per comments se marte the like hasake ya rulake…ab toh phone calls chats per marte hai..kisi din Sach me mili toh toh oh my Mata ho jayegi….Puvi ko toh ghar walo aur madhouse me pagal announce kiya per jab him saath ek saath honge toh kya hogi baat

    3. ??gosh ab toh words ko bhi paata hai ki W.A.D yaha khula waha madhouse walo ka moo bandh… Kya hai na talented logo ki taadi hi asi hoti hai and u c u have that effect…

    4. IRA – ?mar wane kya aapne aapko mujhe joh iss per comments dungi and yup childhood is the best paata hai childhood ek flower ki tarah hota hai jiss ki apni fragrance hoti hai aapna raang hota hai tender beautiful joh agar ek baar murjha jaye toh phir wapis Nahi aata hai….?

    5. Now again don’t ask me that which is ur favourite scene becoz all are ….chanda chamke….tej ki oh my Mata in short iss choti packet ne bada dhamaka kiya ….

  11. Awesome…..

  12. Yashu

    Superb I n in love wid dis ira waiting for nxt

  13. Yashu


  14. Amazing awesome mujhe apne childhood ki yaad agyi

  15. Kehkasha

    Hey dear…..firstly sorry for being late……

    Then…..TU usually post with this speed……….coz for the max. time i used to post my ff after 12 @ night………and trust me it get uploaded within 5 min…………….or sometimes immediately………..i can say coz i have experienced……..

    Then i loved this update………… more than that i laughed like maniac……..if i tried to tell the part i like the most…then trust me i would end up typing the summary of ur update………i was thinking like………everything in one day………..u know what when i read this today’s morning………….before going to my college…….my mind got completely fresh………and i was in a soooo plesant mood……….that my test went tooo good……….

    Then yup my all the tests r going well…..and thanks for ur wishes……….that’s really sweet of u…


  16. I have checked the page thousand times maybe till now
    Next part pls soon …. Really want it

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? dear I am really sorry to make you wait but trust me I am helpless right now as I am preparing for my exams so I won’t be able to post now. I had posted a promo and apology note I think so you didn’t read it. Here is the link you can go through it moreover I have opened my tu account now after approximately five days or so. SORRY for not posting.

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