Hi ? guys! So I am finally back after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong break. How are you all? Well hopefully you all are doing good. So did you guys miss W.A.D. or me chalo in any case it’s all right if you didn’t miss me ? no problem but I missed you guyssssssss alot.
So without any further discussion here we go.
*W.A.D. is story of a drug addict who has entered this vicious circle of addiction due to his past. His life is at pinnacle of destruction and vulnerability when Dr. Aradhya Rajput enters his life. She is an addiction medicine practitioner who is born and brought up in Rajasthan and belongs to a blue blood family, she has completed her education from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. She enters as a ray of hope in Om’s life as his dadu’s best friends granddaughter. She is a lively and carefree person with entirely different view of life. Eventually she discovers that Om is an addict and to confirm her doubts she talks to Oberoi family who confirm her that Om is an addict, slowly she becomes a good friend to Om and helps him to withdraw his addiction. During this time Om tells her about his vulnerable past where his ruthless wife had kicked him to jail feign an accident and accusing him for murder and molestation. Helplessly Om has to leave his six months daughter with his cruel wife Riddhima who miss treats her to avenge on Om. His past shakes not only Aradhya but even Oberoi youngsters. They all decide to find Om’s daughter Omika for which Aradhya decides to go to London. During this time Om faces many ups and downs and witness many hard to do situations which involves a visual interaction with other drug victims, at this time he meets a cute little girl of four of nearly his daughter’s age named Ira who is an orphan and stays in an orphanage adjoining the hospital. Om and Ira bond up well and Ira meets Oberoi family and bonds well with them as well.
Oberoi’s meet Ira and have a gala time.

Ira and Oberoi’s masti continues…
All were present accept Aru and Ira.
Ira reaches the dinning table.
Ira: So who has made the food today.
Rudra: After a really long time Bhaiya has made food today.
Ira: WOW! You know how to make food.
Shivaay: Of course I know how to make food. But now you taste and tell me how is it.
He feeds Ira a spoon of the dish he prepared.
Ira: Yummy! It yumm!
Shivaay to Anika: See, even she praised me.
Anika gives him a ‘Whatever’ look.
Aru comes their.
Aru: Hye! Miss. Lafantar where were you I was searching you all around the house.
Ira dramatically: First you only threw me out and now asking me.
Everyone understood that she is acting.
Shivaay seeing her dramatic avatar chuckles and says: La Rudra Teri behn aagayi. (Look Rudra your sister came.)
All chuckle hearing this while Rudra makes funny faces.
Ira: Aap sab Haas raha ho inhona mujha nikal Diya aur aap sab Haas raha ho. (You all are laughing she threw me out and you all are laughing.)
She shows fake anger. Everyone giggles at her antics.
Aru: Oh ho Miss. Lafantar got angry how sweet, you stay angry and I will do some pait pooja (eat something) till then.
Ira glares her.

Om: Hye! Miss. Latarpatar don’t you dear say anything to Ira.
Aru glares at him, while Ira giggles.
Aru: Oh really Mr. Long hair don’t you dear call me that.
Om: And don’t you dear say me long hair.
Rudra: Aare Aru di do you know that this name tussle is our khandani problem. (family problem)
Aru: Hain? What do you mean?
Rudra: Even our billa and billi use to fight at this.
Aru gets confused: Billa and billi? Who are they.
But her doubt gets cleared as Shivaay throws a spoon on Rudra.
Aru and Ira laugh at them.
Aru teasingly: Billu Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Hye Aru NNNNOOOO.
Ira goes to him and pulling his cheeks says
Ira: Billu billu, kanji aankhon wala billu ji,
billu billu, daadi wala billu ji…
She laughs while doing this and makes the rest also laugh and everyone begin teasing him saying billu billu…
Anika: Aww mera kaji aankhon wala bagaad billa. (Aww my blue eyed wild cat.)
She says pulling his cheeks and sharing a hi-fi with Ira.
Shivaay shouts: GUYS STOP IT.
All look at each other and stop at once hearing him shout but as none could control they again start laughing and teasing him.
Ira in between her laughter
Ira: You know I am reminded of a song I will sing it for you with my own twist. So presenting you Honey Singh’s rap in Ira’s way.
All look at her curiously, while Shivaay knew that it was his beautifully bad day today he would be teased like hell and he can not even say anything as Ira was a small and sweet girl and he was in no way going to scold her as due to her only today his entire family was so happy. So helplessly he gives in.
Ira begins to sing
Ira: Blue eyes hypnotise teri kardi hai mainu,
(Your blue eyes hypnotise me,)
I swear three piece suit Mai tun bomb lagda mainu,
( I swear you look dapper in three piece suit)
{She winks at him and he smiles widely while Anika’s eyes become wide hearing this and rest chuckle at the scenario in front of them.}
Smart brain uff,
Teri cooking karna ki tricks baby lagdi hai killer,
(The tricks you use in cooking, baby trust me you are a killer.)
Oh yeh oh yeh katal Kara teri awesome looks.
(Oh yeh oh yeh, your awesome looks blow me off.)
{Shivaay blushed hearing her praise him, while OmRuSoums hoot and clap and Anika has priceless shocked expressions on her face with her mouth touching the ground, while the rest are smiling whole heartedly hearing her and seeing all the young Oberoi’s happy.}
Anika: Fine, fine, fine, it’s enough Ira, no need to sing further.
Shivaay: Why? Can’t you hear my praise or are you feeling jealous.
Anika: Oh really do you think I will feel jealous of a small kid. No Mr. You are absolutely wrong I am saying so as you will start flying in the air after this and keep irritating me by blabbering your praise.
Shivaay: Well I am praise worthy why are you feeling bad.
Anika throws a spoon at him.
Ira: Oh well I guess that you guys use spoon to throw on each other and do not use it to eat food.
All laugh at her comment-cum-tantrum to ShivIka.
Dadi: Okay okay, you guys have done a lot of masti now eat your food.
All settle at their places.
Shivaay: Ira do complete the song for me after breakfast.
Ira giggles and nods.

Anika hits him with her elbow.
Shivaay: Ouch!
Anika signals him to have his food quitely.
OmRuSoums giggle seeing the two cats.
Ira: By the way kaanji aankhon wala Bhaiya (Blue eyed bro) aren’t you forgetting something.
Shivaay: Umm No.
Ira: Really, Hye snow white (to Anika as she is wearing a white dress) why don’t you remind him of his punishment.
Pinky: Which punishment?
Shivaay gulps hearing that while Anika chuckles and Rudra explains everyone about the punishment he got from Ira of speaking in Anika’s language. All look on shocked.
Shivaay: No no I remember.
Ira and Anika in unison: GOOD.
Shivaay in his mind: Beta aaj tun chup hi reh tera liya better hai. (Dear stay quite only today, that will be good for you.)
It seemed as if Rudra had read his mind so obviously not willing to leave such a golden opportunity to irritate his brother he started finding ways to talk to him.
Rudra: Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Hmmm
Rudra: Bhaiya today you won’t be going to office.
Shivaay: No.
Rudra: So any special plan.
Shivaay: No.
Rudra: Won’t you drink your favourite beverage as well.
Shivaay: Why? Why won’t I drink espresso.
Anika glares at him.
Shivaay changing his words says
Shivaay: Why? Why won’t I be drinking a…a….a…. Saira bano (He says looking at Anika to confirm whether he is saying right and she nods that it’s ok for him, while everyone else chuckles at him)…. Meri maano …. I mean Americano. Right.
Anika: Ya.
Anika: Why don’t we go and have pani Puri from road side today.
Shivaay: Eww.
All glare at him.
Shivaay: I mean I feel michmichi hearing that.
Shivaay glares AniRu.
Soums: Bhaiya then lets go and watch phokaat raja part three.
Shivaay: Oh that third class movie. I mean that tuchi wuchi two rupees movie.
Anika hits him.
Anika: It’s not any tuchi wuchi movie. It’s an Oscar winning movie.
Shivaay making faces: Really.
Om: Shivaay…
Shivaay: No Not you Om please, stop taking my class.
Aru: Oh come on Bhaiya it’s just for one day.
Shivaay: One day you mean an entire OOOOOONNNNNNEEEEE DDDDDAAAAYYY Aru seriously, I really can’t do this.
Ira: Okay (Shivaay sighs in relief) then go and become murga (hen??) their but only after doing fifty sit ups.
Everyone’s eyes pop out and they begin to laugh.
Shivaay: Aare Ira tun toh bura maan gayi yaar Mai bol raha hun na. Mai aaj toh kya sari Zindagi Anika Ki language use karonga. (Hye dear you felt bad, I am saying na I will use only Anika’s language and not only for today but for entire life.)
All laugh seeing the great SSO being scared from a four years old girl. But SSO is SSO, how can he be defeated so easily.
Shivaay sheepishly: Ira can I copy Anika’s style as well.
Ira nods after thinking and Shivaay smiles sheepishly.
Ira: But right now you should have your food and we should not talk while eating. Basic table manners.
All look at her and nod and begin having their food silently, while dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi chuckle seeing the way they all are abiding her words.

Shivaay: AniRuSoums please three of you come here.
AniRuSoums confused: What?
Shivaay throws a Jug full of water on them three of them look on shocked and with mouth wide open.
Anika: What the wuck?
Shivaay: Anika your style as well. Rember.
He says pointing a finger on his brain and winking at them.
He quotes and all start laughing seeing them.
Anika: Oh really billu ji.
Shivaay: Yup!
Anika takes his phone and throws it.
Shivaay: Oh beta Ki! What was this?
Anika: If you can become Anika then I can also become the SSO.
Ira: WOW! Snow white clever move.
Both wink at each other and share a hi-fi.
Ira scans the area and something strikes her notorious brain. She goes near a tap and rotates it. She takes the pipe and sprinkles the water on everyone. All begin to laugh but it was not for long as someone among them wasn’t ready for this at all.
Well that was Om who was afraid of water. He became scared and had shut his eyes tight and began murmuring.
Om: No no no no.
He brought his hands in front of his face trying hard to protect himself and moved backwards to go far from water. All turned towards him and Ira got shocked seeing this and dropped the pipe being scared. Condition of her handsome was enough to scare her out of her wits, she became numb seeing him like this.
While on the other hand ShivRu, Anika and Aru took a scared and trembling Om inside, while Rudra asked Soumya to get Ira in as he could see that she was hell scared.
Soumya went to Ira and shook her to get her out of her trances.
Soumya: Don’t worry Ira.
Ira with trembling voice and tears running down her eyes spoke: Ha.. Hand… Handsome. What happ… Happened to him?
Soumya: Nothing baccha. He is fine. Come with me.
Ira walked robotically with her.

Om was now feeling better and was sitting on his bed, while ShivRu were sitting along with him on bed and Anika was sitting at a distance.
Om: Shivaay, where’s Ira?
Aru: She’s here.
Soumya and Aru get Ira in.
Ira walks to Om all scared.
Om calmly: What happened Ira?
Ira goes to him and holding her ears says
Ira: I am sorry handsome because of me…
Om: Hye nothing happened because of you.
Soumya: That’s what we are trying to make her understand bada Baal wala Bhaiya, but she is not ready to listen and is just crying since then.
Aru: She got really afraid seeing you like that Om.
Om holds Ira.
Om: Ira look at me I am completely fine. It’s just that I am scared of water and as suddenly you poured water on us, I got a bit scared. Nothing much is wrong I am absolutely all right. Look I am in front of you perfectly fine.
Ira was just looking at him nothing seemed to fall on her ears, not even a single word was clear to her. She just hugged Om and began to cry and kept murmuring in between
Ira: I am sorry…. I am sorry I won’t do this again… I am sorry…. I am really sorry handsome.
Om tries to pacify her, he cares her hair and says
Om: Hye! Don’t worry I am fine and no need to say sorry, look I am completely fine nothing happened to me.
As Ira wasn’t stopping Om was also getting restless seeing her crying, it was becoming difficult for him to silence her cries.
Anika made Ira look at her and said very gently
Anika: Baccha look here nothing happened to your handsome, stop crying dear.
But Ira was looking at her with teary eyes and then she shifted her gaze to Aru, who came to her and gently rubbing Ira’s tears off said
Aru: Do you trust me Ira (Ira nods) I am a doctor na (Ira again nods) and your best friend as well (Ira again nods) then I am assuring you nothing will happen to your handsome.
Ira: Paaka promise.
Aru: Extra Paka wala promise. Now stop crying other wise I will not give you 10 chocolates that you asked for.
Ira looks at her and then at Om and cuddles in Om’s arms, while he wraps his hands protectively around her.
Om’s eyes became moist seeing her he hugged her as tightly as possible, seeing her cry made him so restless and all the memories of his doll came back haunting in his head, he held Ira as tightly as possible because somewhere or other he felt that it would be like loosing his doll once again if he let her go. All the spectators looked at the duo and understood their condition. Everyone was about to leave them but Om had held Shivaay’s hand and he gestured both ShivRu not to leave. Both agreed and hugged him from either side. As Aru got up to leave she was stopped as Ira had held her bracelet firmly. Ira looked up at the three ladies and gestured them to come, three of them joined the hug. Anika, Aru and Soumya kissed Ira’s forehead lovingly.
Rudra to change everyone’s mood said
Rudra: Ira you wanted to watch a movie na, say which movie you want to see.
Ira nodded in no as she was no more in a mood to see a movie.
Aru: Aare come on say na which movie you want to see. Usually you don’t leave a chance to see a movie and now showing nakhra.
Shivaay: And that to noor jahan ka nakhrai.
All chuckled at his language.
Anika: Ya let’s see Hritikh Roshan’s movie.
Soumya: No SRK.
Rudra: Hye! We will watch Sallu bhai’s movie.
All together: NO.
Pinky from door: We should watch haari Darshan.
Jhanvi: Pinky they all are kids they won’t watch any of your spiritual movies.
Pinky: Ya ya… Then you only suggest jethani ji.
Jhanvi: Romeo Juliet.
Pinky understandingly: Heer Ranjha
Jhanvi: Nahi, heer ranjha Indian lovers tha, Romeo Juliet Shakespeare Ki novel ka characters hai.
Dadi: Watch Dharmendra or Amitabh Bachchan’s movie.
Rudra teasingly: Oh ho dadi. You want to refresh your young days, when you use to go and watch movies with dada ji.
Dadi: Chup kar khottya! (Keep quite you donkey.)
Everyone giggles.
Dadi: Ask Ira which movie she wants to watch.
Dadi says caring Ira’s face while she smiles and sits on the bed in front of them.
She declared.
Aru: Oh ho Aki haan.
Ira smiled slightly at her.
Om: What’s so special about Aki? Hmm.
Aru and Ira together: He’s our favourite.
Om: Okay relax you two.
Light were dimmed, the room was set, movie was turned on.
All sat some cuddling, some filled with curiosity but all in all, all willing to change their mood.
The movie was filled with all sought of commentary by Anika, Rudra and Aru and at times Ira use to join them who use to get excited.
After movie all went to park and enjoyed. Finally the time came and Ira was dropped to her orphanage. Although no one was happy enough to leave her but they promised to come and meet her tomorrow again.

Next day as per decided Aru left for London.

Aru’s feelings and confusion.

Let’s know about OMIKA SINGH OBEROI OR…..?

I hope so that the chapter was satisfactory and if you liked it then don’t forget to comment.
And Ya few of you have asked your queries in comments section in previous episode which I wasn’t able to answer due to my hectic schedule so here are the answers and ya if you guys still need to ask me something or want to share your P.O.V.’s you guys are more than welcomed. And SORRY for not answering earlier.
Ques1.) Why did Om say ” not Riddhima” at the time when he broke down completely in front of Aradhya?
Ans1.) Well firstly I don’t remember who asked this and secondly this was somewhere in shot 6/7.
Thirdly Om said this as everyone thought that he is not able to forget Riddhima and due to her absence he became an addict to drugs. But that wasn’t true as he hates Riddhima for what she did to him and his family especially Omika.
Ques2.) What is the problem between Shivaay and Anika as Rudra asked Shivaay to give some time to Anika?
Ans2.) Well this was I think so in 4or5 shot I don’t remember properly it happened like Rudra had advised Shivaay.
Well, that was because both Shivaay and Anika are married for one year and were best friends before that as the story isn’t about them so no dragging of their story but the reason behind Rudra saying that was as Shivaay was always busy taking care of Om and had hardly given time to Anika so that’s why Rudra said that but the mean reason to show that was the level of maturity that came in Rudra after seeing Om’s state.
Ques3.) Why did Om bare so much in his relationship?
Ans3.) We all know how Om’s character is shaped, he always respects relations and wants to give them a fare chance. Moreover, as he had left his family and come to stay with Riddhima it won’t be right to leave her as he didn’t want to go back. Plus for the sake of his daughter he kept bearing Riddhima till it wasn’t too much for him.
Hopefully this was satisfactory and I think so that’s it once again I am sorry and yup if you have any other queries you all are more than welcome?.

Thanks for reading
Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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